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Big Tigger's Celebrity Weekend

Celebs hit D.C. this past weekend to party it up for Big Tigger's Celebrity Weekend. And YBF was on the scene for all the events:

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The weekend kicked off with T.I. performing at Love nightclub. More celeb pics when you read the rest...

So Halle Dated A New Kid On The Block?+An Update On The Lil Wayne Car Lawsuit Situation

Some pics of Halle B. have surfaced today from backstage at the New Kids On The Block tour back in 1990:

Apparently she was dating NKOTB member Danny Wood and she was constantly spotted backstage at their concerts in 1990. Throwback fab indeed.

YBF Exclusive: The Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Bravo's hit tv show (one of my faves) The Real Housewives is now hitting Atlanta. Previously they did 3 seasons of The Real Housewives of the OC and just showed the finale of The Real Housewives of New York Season 1. Not one black Housewife was ever featured on any of the 4 seasons total. But now, after rumors of this new season have been going around for a while, it's official that Bravo is bringing the show to Atlanta. And 4 out of the 5 Housewives are YBF chicks. Sources associated with the show have given YBF some exclusive inside info and pics of the cast. They just wrapped the season last week and a few of the Housewives were spotted at a private party for Ed Hartwell a few nights ago. Meet The Real Housewives of Atlanta when you read the rest...


So Lil Wayne hit up Love nightclub here in DC a few nights ago for a concert....in rare form. YBF DC correspondent Nicole was on the scene and caught Weezy in all his syrup-y glory. Apparently Weezy didn't even hit the stage until 1:30am. Too bad he was supposed to be on a little after the doors opened at 7p. I hear the patrons were extra pissy about the bootleg lateness...literally. Someone in the audience actually peed by the stage and Big Tigger (who was hosting the event) had to call them out. Still, I'm told Wayne gave a hot performance (for a dude that high) for about an hour while Snoop from The Wire and other celebs kicked it on stage with him.

Birdman came out on "Stuntin' Like My Daddy" and they did a couple more songs. Then semi-violence erupted when someone in the crowd threw a water bottle at Wayne. He screamed out, " Which one of you b*tches threw that bottle at me? It's alright though, they threw stones at Jesus. " He proceeded to say how whoever it was couldn't even admit they did it but it was cool...as someone from his entourage put a blue bedroom robe on him. He made like he was about to exit then came back and said he forgot something, at which point the DJ played Whitney Houston's " I'll always love you". WTF material indeed. Dude is killing me with the Jesus comparisons. More pics from the concert when you read the rest...

YBF EXCLUSIVE: Usher & Tameka Raymond File For Separation!

Remy Ma Takes An L Today+Alicia Keys Set To Hawk Vitamin Water For $50 Mill?

YBF EXCLUSIVE: Chrihanna Parties It Up!

Chrihanna's up to their lovey dovey kiss kiss again. Chris Brown hit up his birthday party here in D.C. at Love nightclub Saturday night and of course had his girl Rihanna in tow. The YBF was on the scene and caught the two lovebirds in action:
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YBF NY correspondent Nicole reports that the two looked obviously together and all over each other. Rihanna never left her lil boo's side the whole night and they both looked to be having a great time. Chris was on his feet dancing the entire night and even did a pole dance for the ladies during his "Take You Down" performance. Cute. Check out the rest of the pics when you read the rest...