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The Cycle 10 ANTM Chicks Are Here+Ludacris Opening A Restaurant+Rihanna Pimps Chris Brown's Jacket

They're here.  Tyra didnt even give her producers a chance to do a damn thing before she made them start working on Cylce 10 of America's Next Top Model

Mariah's New Album Cover+Celebs Party It Up In The Bahamas+What You Been Doin' YaYa?

  Just like I leaked right here last week, it looks like Mariah's first single will indeed be "I'm That Chick You Like" which she has shortened to "That Chick".  And it looks like L.A. Reid got his way.  Above is the cover.  She's def on the comeback tip.

Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kanye, & Ciara Kick It Courtside+Missy's "Ching-A-Ling"+It's A Boy For Monica+Other Fabness

The Roc crew hit up the Nets vs. Sonics game last night: Bigga and Kanye all looked laid back and fab.  Well B looked extra fabulous simply because of those hot ass Louboutin boots.  And where's Alexis these days?   I hear all three were very much into the game and laughed and chatted it up the entire time.  And I also hear damn near everybody in the place--including the players--were in awe over Beyonce and would damn near drool at her feet.  I'm mad they haven't gotten used to seeing her at the games after 3 or 4 years now.  Apparently when the players were supposed to be in the huddle, they were all up in B's face chit chatting and peeping her.  Chick might end up getting hated by the fans like Jessica Simpson is now if she's not careful.  Still fabulous nonetheless.

"I Don't Get On The Internet" My Ass+Other Fabness

Beyonce said a while back she hates getting on the internet and rarely does it.  And barely knew how.  But she seemed hella into it the other day: Jay and Beyonce on their laptops She and Jay got their Apple on.  How strategic of them. Jay and Beyonce on their laptops Jay and Beyonce on their laptops Jay and Beyonce on their laptops Yeah I'm assuming she's on the internet because this is a gossip site and it's what I do.  And what.  And I put 5 on it she was reading some foolishness about her ex Marques Houston and the Stokesgate scandal.  Because I had that same exact look on my face while reading that ish too.  And please stop with the over-sensitivity on a gossip site.  It's just not that serious.  Y'all know I gots love for B.

Who Is Kenny Irons & WTF Is He Rocking?+Eddie & Tracey's Wedding Pic+Exclusive Clips From The Season Premiere Of The Wire

Because I know we're all just sitting here tapping our fingers, twiddling our thumbs, impatiently and anxiously awaiting the Eddie/Tracey Wedding Publicity Shoot photos: There's one to wet your whistle.  People magazine will exclusively release the rest of he set in their January 11th issue.  People and OK! kill me with all these build ups of CELEBRITY EXCLUSIVE WEDDING PHOTOS!! that no one EVER gives two sh*ts about.  Now had this been Eddie and Johnny Gill...I would have been camped outside the Time Inc. offices wishing somebody would cut me in line to get these photos.  But whatev.  Congrats to the happy couple.

Beyonce Does Armani+Ciara Hits The UK Streets+Tamia & Mel B. Make Appearances+J. Holiday, Lupe, & MJB Hit The Tube

Beyonce was in Milan yesterday doing a photocall for her Armani Diamonds campaign:  With Armani himself.    Hot look.

J-Hud Hits The Streets Sans Makeup+Celebs Hit Up The BMI Atlanta Party+Chris Brown's "With You" Remix

Jennifer Hudson was spotted out in the streets of LA last night:

Clearly she left the makeup at home but she still looks cute. Aside from the deer in headlights look...