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Weekend Tidbits

Chris Rock has made a documentary about "Good Hair". One of his daughters asked him “Daddy, how come I don’t have ‘good’ [meaning Caucasian] hair?” So he made a trip all around North America to document what black girls and women go through for their hair.

Morning Tidbits...

It's here.  Beyonce and Idris Elba's new poster for their Obsessed movie is out.  And she's rocking the fab black Valentino peep toe bow tie pumps I just copped a few days ago myself.  Loves it. The gorgeous Chanel Iman is covering the new issue of Page Six magazine.  And here's some excerpts:
On her frustrations at the difficulties that models of color face in the industry: “It’s not just black girls. It’s ethnic girls in general: Brazilian girls, Hispanic. You really don’t see a lot of Asians either. A lot of designers think that if every girl on the runway looks exactly alike, then people will come to the shows and buy the clothes because they won’t be focusing on the models….It’s not even just runway either… us ethnic girls should be getting a lot of the covers too! I would love to be on half of the campaigns these [white] girls are booking, all looking exactly alike. It’s not right. It’s not fair.” On rumors she has been involved with Kanye West, rapper Tyga, and singer-producer Ryan Leslie: “I’m young and I’m dating. But I’m not gonna say any names. There are special people in my life but nothing serious. Just having a man in general is a job! I have one job; I can’t have a second. I’m the type of girl that if I have a man, I want to be a good girl-friend and be there for them and take care of them.” On her close relationship with Tyra Banks: “She keeps it real. She tells it like it is. She’s really been a great mentor for me.”

Fab chick indeed. Marc Jacobs is really killing me with these skirts.  He and Kanye are parading around Paris right now for Men's Fashion Week.  And Kanye's showing off the red Louis Vuitton shoe he just designed. More pics when you read the rest...

Taraji P. Henson & Viola Davis Are Oscar Nominees!

A MAJOR congratulations to YBF chicks Taraji P.

Weekend Fab

Looks like Adrienne Bailon's rocking a new look for the weekend.  She died her hair brown (probably her original color) and is matching her lipstick to her hot pink Balenciaga bag.  Not a good look.  She was spotted leaving Bar Deluxe in Hollywood along with some celeb friends. Christina Milian was there--and even brought along her mom and sis. Lakers baller Lamar Odom was spotted taking home some chick.  Interesting as he had to miss Thursday night's game because of a knee injury.  But he surely found a way to go to the club instead. And Donald Faison was spotted leaving with his girlfriend Cacee Cobb.  I'm honestly surprised they're still together this long... More pics when you read the rest..

Afternoon Tidbits: Tyra Goes Shopping, Fantasia's Home Issues Continue & Mo'Nique's New Movie

Tyra Banks was spotted out shopping in Beverly Hills yesterday rocking all black : Tyra's holding down her CGU status nicely these days. Mo'Nique has a new movie coming

J.D. Lunches Without Janet+Sex And The City Sequel's A GO

Jermaine DUpri was spotted lunching at The Ivy in LA without his main chick Janet yesterday: Looks like a possible business meeting going down.

Morning Peeks: Beyonce, Mariah, & 50 Cent

Looks like Sasha Fierce will be landing on Gilligan's Island...to play Ginger Fierce.  Word has it that not only is a movie studio working to bring the 70's hit show "Gilligan's Island" to the big screen, but they've tapped Beyonce to play the swimsuit rocking vixen Ginger.