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Legal Fab


Tyra Banks Gets Restraining Order+Clarence Thomas' Wife Demands 20-year-old Apology From Anita Hill

TV mogul Tyra Banks was recently granted a restraining order against a deranged stalker.  Find out the deets inside, plus what happened when the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas called Anita Hill last week.... 


Vivica Fox's Photoshoot For "Today's Black Man" + Foxy Brown Skirts Federal Charges

YBF chick Vivica Fox recently sat for a photoshoot for Today's Black Man and we have a few of the flicks for you.  Also, we have a legal update regarding Foxy Brown when you go inside...

LEGAL WOES: Ne-Yo & Jennifer Lopez Hit With Lawsuits + Missy Elliot Urged To Cancel 1st Performance In Israel

All kinds of legal drama going on lately. Ne-Yo and Jennifer Lopez will be making appearances before the judge for being “no-shows” for scheduled events while Missy Elliot has an online boycott against her performance in the Middle East.

Deets on all the legal drama when you read on…

Lil Kim Sued AGAIN!+J-Hud Loves Being A Size 12...And New York Clowns The J-Hud/Punk Engagement

Right in the heels of Lil Kim getting her Bentley repossessed and being sued by a publishing company for taking the advance money but never writing the books as promised, she's being sued AGAIN. And this time it's by her own people-Brooklyn Entertainment company. The lawsuit accuses Lil' Kim of breaching a one-year contractual agreement by demanding a more lucrative deal. And they're suing for $2 mill including money she owes to them because they invested hundreds of thousands in her with no return. Damn! Jennifer Hudson's speaking out about the Hollywood pressure to be a size 2 or smaller. She says her size 12 is what's poppin' and she A-OK with it:
"I just don't let people impose their insecurities on me. They may have a problem with being a size 12, but I don't," the curvy singer-actress tells PEOPLE. In fact, in a sea of size-2 celebrities, Hudson enjoys standing out. "What makes them different? They all look the same. But you know Jennifer when you see her."
Work it out then Jenny. The HBIC New York's take on the Punk/J-Hud engagement when you read the rest...