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AUNTIE-CHELLA VERZUZ BATTLE: Patti LaBelle & Gladys Knight Serve Up Soul & Sequin, Demand Brandy & Monica To ‘Work It Out’ + Dionne Warwick Pulls Up

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What a time to be alive to witness two TRUE legends celebrate one another and their music. Patti LaBelle and Gladys Knight gave us the soulful VERZUZ Battle (aka AUNTIE-CHELLA) we needed. And they made sure to send a message to singers Celine Dion, Brandy and Monica. Get it all inside…



A VERZUZ Battle with two living legends: Patti LaBelle Gladys Knight.

We knew when Patti walked out with the vintage Louis Vuitton luggage set and shoes (letting folks know who the ORIGINAL diva is up in this piece) we already knew how this night was about to go. Two lifetimes of incredible hits, vocals and performances brought us to this moment, and we could hardly stand all of the Black Excellence oozing through our screens.

Folks had endless jokes about the iconic singers using technology to participate in the Verzuz Battle (dubbed AUNTIE-CHELLA), but co-founders Swizz Beatz (who also celebrated his birthday yesterday) and Timbaland made sure the legends didn’t have to worry about a thing when they pulled up to The Fillmore in Philly. All they had to do was put a on show for the masses that streamed live on Instagram and Apple Music last night. It was the perfect post-church event. Oh, and Ciroc was on deck as well.

It was more of a lovefest than a battle between the ladies as they went hit-for-hit. Both singers made a splash on the music scene in the 60s and have tons of hits to choose from, which was probably the hardest part of the whole battle – choosing which songs to perform.  When Patti can slay follks with ABC's from "Sesame Street", you already know it's a legendary AF battle.

It was all love between the Empress and the Godmother of Soul. They openly shared their love for one another and even sang each other’s songs during the set.

Check it:

When Patti sang “If You Asked Me To,” she made sure to point out the fact that HER version came out before Celine Dion’s recording. No real shade to be honest. Facts are facts.


Auntie Patti was having a BLAST:



After Gladys sang her hit track “License to Kill”- a track from the James Bond film – she encouraged people to NOT kill anyone.

"I aint giving you license to do none of that mess,” Auntie Gladys said.

Now, y’all know how your auntie always spilling tea and be telling everyone’s business. Well, Auntie Patti & Auntie Gladys were on that vibe last night.

At one point during the battle, the singing legends encouraged singers Brandy and Monica - who battled last - to squash whatever beef they have going on between them.

“Brandy, Monica? Y’all go ahead and work it out,” Gladys said as Patti agreed.

Of course, that sent Twitter into a frenzy:

The Grammy Award winning singers continued to go through their catalogs, including hits “Midnight Train to Georgia” (plus the remix) and “Lady Marmalade,” before a surprise guest popped up:

Legendary singer Dionne Warwick made an appearance to perform two songs, "That’s What Friends Are For” and “Superwoman” to close out the event. Check it:

We were NOT readyyyy!

Over a half of million viewers tuned in to see the musical greatness that transpired last night. In case you missed, you can check it out below:

Also, below are a few clips of Patti and Gladys talking about the battle before it went down and the other battles they tuned in to:


Yessss.  Gladys Knight performed "Love Overboard" on the hit TV series "A Different World" where Whitley and Jaleesa performed with her. Peep the classic moment above.



Peep this throwback clip of Patti, Gladys and Dionne talking about love above.

As always, the Internet was undefeated when it came to the VERZUZ memes and we've got them for you below! 

Photos: Jamie Lamor Thompson/Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock.com

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