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YBF POLITICS: Louisville Urban League's Lyndon Pryor Talks REAL Justice In Breonna Taylor's Case, Voter Suppression & Sports - What It Will Take?

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Natasha and Louisville Urban League's Chief Engagement Officer, Lyndon Pryor, discuss the need-to-know updates in the Breonna Taylor case, the next steps we should expect (or not expect) from Attorney General Daniel Cameron, voter suppression in Kentucky and beyond. Plus, they get into racism at universities and their handling of Black student athletes and the Covid crisis. MUCH to discuss.


It's not everyday you can reunite with college classmates and friends whom you started your career journey with.  Natasha chops it up with her fellow Texas A&M University (TAMU) alum Lyndon Pryor, Chief Engagement Officer of the Louisville Urban League, about EVERYTHING and anything happening in the social justice space right now.  The Louisville Urban League is on the forefront of making change, so we want to know exactly what they're doing and how we can all get involved.

It was announced today that Attorney General Daniel Cameron is set to present Breonna Taylor's case to a Louisville grand jury possibly next week, and he is expected to speak on their findings as soon as their investigation wraps.  According to NBC News:

The Kentucky attorney general is preparing to present evidence from the fatal police shooting of Breonna Taylor to a grand jury as early as next week, according to two sources familiar with the matter.


Once the grand jury makes a decision, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron is expected to make a public announcement to share his office’s investigative findings and the grand jury’s decision on possible indictments for the three officers who fired their weapons that night.

Will Breonna Taylor's killers ever be brought to justice? Are all of the protests and uprisings making an impact in Louisville? Will the rampant voter suppression be addressed in time for the November 3rd election? When is the next election for a new Kentucky AG? Should collegiate athletes be paid, especially if they're forced to play during these Covid times? How can working parents get help as virtual school is back in session? All is discussed!

As both made it through the tough conservative landscape of TAMU as two of the VERY FEW tough and non-conservative folks in their political science classes, it's the perfect time for Natasha and Lyndon to bring their experiences and expertise full circle and talk about all the things.  Including what friends like him - who were front and center for the whole pivot - really thought when Natasha threw deuces to law school to focus on TheYBF.com.  Ha!

Lyndon holds a Masters Degree in Higher Education Administration and has joined the Louisville Urban League as their Chief Engagement Officer after several years of experience in University student affairs and student development.  He manages the Youth Development and Education Department and the Health Education and Policy Department, in addition to all League communications. So, he has the perfect insight and expertise to speak on all the uprisings happening on the ground in Kentucky around justice, school and voter suppression.

We love first hand info from those dealing DIRECTLY with hot button social issues daily, and that's what we're getting here.  How do we REALLY get social justice in every aspect that matters?  Let's talk about all that ish!


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