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A Black Woman Has Been Selected As Lead Prosecutor In Ahmaud Arbery’s Case + More Updates

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Georgia’s attorney general announced district attorney Joyette Holmes as the new lead prosecutor in the murder case of Ahmaud Arbery. She’s the fourth since the young black man was killed in February while jogging in a Georgia neighborhood. More inside…

Georgia’s attorney general tapped a new lead prosecutor in the murder case of Ahmaud Arbery.

Joyette M. Holmes – a black female from Cobb County in the Atlanta metropolitan area - is the fourth prosecutor assigned to the case since the 25-year-old was gunned down by two white men two-and-a-half months ago while out jogging. By the way, she’s the first African-American to serve as district attorney in the district.

Joyette will oversee the prosecution of Gregory McMichael, 64, and his son Travis McMichael, 34, who were charged with murder and aggravated assault after a video of them pursuing Arbery in a pick up truck and then shooting him dead in a Brunswick, Georgia street surfaced online last week.

Right now, the US Department of Justice is considering whether to also pursue federal hate crime charges against the father-son duo. Joyette supersedes Tom Durden, who reportedly requested to be replaced by a prosecutor with a larger staff citing the case's growth 'in size and magnitude.'

"District Attorney Holmes is a respected attorney with experience, both as a lawyer and a judge,' state Attorney General Chris Carr, a Republican, said in a statement. 'And the Cobb County District Attorney's office has the resources, personnel and experience to lead this prosecution and ensure justice is done."

A video of Ahmaud's murder was captured on video and leaked almost three months later. The person who recorded the murder said he did because he thought it would HELP his friends and he's now receiving death threats.

The man who recorded Ahmaud's death - William "Roddie" Bryan - says he now fears for his life. He claims he wasn't a part of the murder, however, Greg mentions Roddie tried to block Ahmaud from running but was unsuccessful. Peep the clips below: 



The friend believed the footage would clear the McMichaels of any crime, because if Arbery 'had just froze... he wouldn't have been shot.' The McMichaels have claimed that Arbery was a burglary suspect - but no thefts had been reported in the neighborhood for seven weeks before they shot him.

Brunswick District Attorney Jackie Johnson reportedly blocked police from arresting the pair, because Gregory McMichael had worked in her office

However, the pair were arrested at their home in Brunswick on Thursday after the leaked footage of Arbery's shooting sparked widespread outrage

The McMichaels have now been charged with murder and aggravated assault.

President Donald Trump called video footage of Arbery's shooting 'very disturbing', while Joe Biden says it showed he was 'killed in cold blood' Lee Merritt, a lawyer for Abery's family, stated: 'These men were vigilantes, they were performing a lynching in the middle of the day' Hundreds gathered to protest Arbery's murder Friday on what would have been his 26th birthday.'

The father-son duo claims they were trying to make a citizens arrest and killed him because Ahmaud attacked them during it (similar to Trayvon Martin/ George Zimmerman defense). You can only make a citizens arrest in GA if it’s because a felonious act occurred. And in Ahmaud's case, no crime was committed.

The person who called police on Ahmaud said he did so because Ahmaud was wearing "saggy pants."

The Daily Mail reports:

DailyMail.com tracked down the alleged eyewitness who saw Arbery entering a family home currently under construction on the Satilla Shores neighborhood in Brunswick, Georgia.

He decided to alert police via a non-emergency number because the unidentified 'intruder' had 'no business' trespassing on the unfurnished property for several minutes around 1pm on February 23. Asked why he was so suspicious about Arbery, he told DailyMail.com: 'He wasn't out for a jog, put it like that. You don't go jogging wearing saggy pants, saggy shorts.'


New video of Ahmaud checking out a construction site has surfaced:

Ahmaud being inside of that construction site is not burglary or a felony. The owners of the home also confirmed Ahmaud didn't do anything wrong or take anything from the site.

As for the community:

"Now, it's honestly not safe," said his attorney, Elizabeth Graddy. "It's supposed to be a place for comfort and peace. And now, it will be forever associated with this tragedy."


Photo: Cobb DA's Office

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