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CHANGING THE GAME? No. 1 Prospect Jalen Green Dodges The NCAA To Join The NBA’s G League

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Jalen Green – the No. 1 high school basketball prospect – could potentially change the game after he bypassed playing in college to join the NBA’s G League. More inside…

Jalen Green made a move that could potentially change the game for prospect NBA players to come.

High school senior Jalen Green - a potential No. 1 overall pick in the 2021 NBA draft – opted to bypass playing basketball in the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) to sign on to a newly created developmental program in the G League. He was reportedly considering to play at either Auburn or Memphis, but felt this was the best move for him.

Jalen hopped on IG to share the good news:

According to sports sources, the California high school star will receive $500,000 (possibly more) and a one-year developmental program outside of the minor league’s traditional team structure.

Jalen is the first participant to join the program and his move has already influenced other players to do the same. A day after he signed his contract, Isaiah Todd - also a top prospect - decided to take the same route. And it is expected in the coming weeks that more top players will do the same.

The program offers an alternative for players who decide they don't want to play in college. Per the NBA rules, players can’t enter the league until they’re 19-years-old, so if they don't go to college, they’ll go overseas to play professionally for a year to develop (like LaMelo Ball did). The NBA feels that’s counterintuitive.

"We have kids leaving the United States -- Texas and California and Georgia -- to go around the world to play, and our NBA community has to travel there to scout them," G League president Shareef Abdur-Rahim told ESPN. "That's counterintuitive. The NBA is the best development system in the world, and those players shouldn't have to go somewhere else to develop for a year. They should be in our development system."

In the G League program, Jalen will have the opportunity to accelerate his on-court development as he learns NBA-style basketball alongside veterans of the professional game while focusing heavily on life skills development.

On the flip side, if Jalen decides he wants to go to college, the program provides him with a scholarship to do that.

“We haven’t made it a secret recently it is our intention, although we still need to work out the details with the players association, to return to an entry age of 18,” NBA commissioner Adam Silver said. “So I see this is an interim step for our top-ranked high school seniors because ultimately they will likely come directly to the NBA. That doesn’t mean once they do they still won’t spend time playing and developing in the G League. Currently in the NBA over 50 percent of active players in the NBA have spent time in the G-League.”

If more players decide to take this route, then it could possibly end the NCAA. Players will have the option to get paid to play (unlike in college) and be mentored by some of the league’s greatest players before entering the draft. If top players are joining the G League, then that leaves little talent for the NCAA, which will result in the program losing money and potentially end.

Photo: Jalen's IG

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