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Man Who Allegedly Tried To Kidnap Woman Off NYC Subway Claims It’s Not What It Seems, Says He Was Trying To Help Her

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The man who was caught on video allegedly trying to kidnap a woman off an NYC subway is telling his side of the story. Do you believe it? Find out what he said inside...

A Bronx man named Sonny Alloway made headlines after he was accused of trying to kidnap a woman off a subway car in the Bronx. The incident was caught on camera and went viral on social media. Hours after the alleged abduction, a video of the man getting beat up by people in the Bronx surfaced online. Someone called the cops while he was getting beat down by vigilantes and he was eventually arrested.

The 48-year-old man was charged with unlawful imprisonment for the alleged abduction and ended up being released. The reason? Bronx district attorneys deferred prosecution to allow for more time in building a case.

Folks caught up with the man in the Bronx and he’s now sharing HIS side of the story. He claims the woman featured in the video told him she needed help, so he asked her what’s going on. By the way, in the beginning of the viral video, you do Sonny and the woman conversing while on the subway. He said the woman told him the man next to her was holding her hostage, so he suggested she get off the train. He said she told him if she tried that the man would beat her up, so he suggested he would help her off the train.

”So then when I scooped her off, she started screaming, ‘Help! Help!’” he explained. “I’m like ‘why this b*tch screaming help?' So I sat there. You see on the video I sat there. So then, I left. So then the dudes on the block were like 'Why you try to rape that chick?' I was like ‘That was a grown crackhead that was wildin’ out.’ So then they tried to jump me or whatever. They took me to the precinct, they cleared my name and now I’m free.”



The father-of-five, who lives alone in the Bronx, explained to the NY Daily News that the video isn’t anything like what it appeared to be. He said he was trying to help the woman and that he’s NOT a sexual predator:

“I mean, let’s really think about that: I’m going to carry her from the train station over here, kicking and screaming, and no one is going to notice that?" Alloway asked rhetorically. “That’s usually what happens in the world. You just go with the video and you take it for what it is.”

Sonny said he was attacked several times following the incident and he ended up having to go the hospital. Nothing majorly serious, just some bumps and bruises. Now, he wants to have a “rematch” with the people who beat him down because of the viral video.

“I definitely want to put a boxing match together. Any of them who wants to step in the ring with me, if they can knock me out they’ll get $5,000.”


There's another clip of the man with the girl he allegedly tried to kidnap and someone who may or may not be her father. It's unclear when this video footage was captured, but they definitely ran into each other following the incident:

“I’m pretty sure that people who know me know that this is bull,” he declared. “Everybody who knows me will tell you, I go out on trains and give away scarves, gloves. I gave her some gloves,” he said.

Social media is now almost split after hearing his side of the story. Upon first seeing the video, some believe the interaction appeared to be have been a kidnapping, but after hearing his side of the story, others claims they could see what he's saying could possibly be the case as well. What do you think?


A video of the man singing about looking at underaged girls has surface. Check it above.

Photo: @hocus45th

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