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VIGILANTE JUSTICE: Man Arrested For Attempting To Kidnap Woman Off NYC Subway, Bronx Citizens Supposedly Whoop His A-- Before Arrest

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A man tried to kidnap a woman off an NYC subway, and the incident was caught on camera. Before he was arrested, some vigilantes in the Bronx beat him down.   See video of the attempted abduction, the culprit getting beat down and more inside…

We don't condone violence, but sometimes, we just get it.

A deranged and demented man dressed in all red tried to kidnap a woman off a subway car in the Bronx. And it was caught on camera. Check it:



In the clip, you see a man pick a young woman up off the No. 6 train at the Morrison Ave.-Soundview/Westchester Ave. station. It reportedly happened around 2:30 AM Monday (December 30th). It appears he was talking to her before he grabbed her as she sat next to a man, possibly her significant other or family member. When the train stops and the doors open, the man picks her up and she starts yelling.

“No! What the f*** let me go! What are you doing? Let me go!," she yells in the video. He gets her to the bench where she was able to get back on the train and alert the person she was sitting next to.

Thankfully, the woman was able to get away from the kidnapper - with NO help from anyone else. Sadly, the person filming never even flinched to offer a helping hand. 

People are no strangers to crazy occurences - and even violence - on trains in NYC.  But this time was particularly disturbing.

Hours later, another video pops up on Twitter showing who is supposedly the same man - in a different outfit - getting beat down by vigilantes.



“You like raping little girls? You f****** rapist!" a man is heard yelling. He got bruised up but nothing serious. Peep the clip above.

Someone called the cops and he was later arrested. According to reports, he's a 48-year-old Bronx resident named Sonny Alloway. He was charged with unlawful imprisonment for the alleged abduction. The woman has not been located by police yet. Alloway has a criminal history including a previous arrest for drug possession and assault.

Be careful out here ladies! And men, do BETTER!

Photo: Twitter Screenshot


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