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TISSUES, PLEASE! Watch Tisha Campbell Surprise Her Long-Lost Half Sister On ‘The Real’, Meets For The First Time

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Tisha Campbell had an emotional first-time meeting on “The Real” when she met her long-lost sister, Ellen Lindsay. Watch their soul-stirring moment inside…

Grab your tissues! This one is a tearjerker.

A woman named Ellen Lindsey was a guest on “The Real” to open up about her journey on finding her long-lost family after learning she was adopted last year. Ellen was contacted by investigative genealogist Pam Slaton, who informed her she was adopted. She came on the show thinking she was going to discuss her encounters with Pam and meet a sibling she learned existed after a DNA test, but she was in for a bigger surprise.

“I never knew. For 49 years, I never know that I was adopted,” Ellen said.

Guest-host Tisha Campbell served up the biggest surprise when she revealed SHE was her half-sister. Turns out, Tisha had been working with Slaton for “several years” trying to track down her long-lost family member.

“I hope you like me. I’m your sister,” Tisha told Ellen before breaking down in tears and embracing her.

“Are you really my sister?” Ellen asked.

“All this time, you been watching Martin and that’s been your sister!” host Loni Love chimed in.

During the show, Ellen learned she had a blood brother named Dewan (we're unsure about the correct spelling). Dewan, Tisha and Ellen all share the same father, Clifton, but Ellen and Duane also share the same mother – a woman named Laverne (who has passed away). Dewan first learned about his full-blood sibling, Ellen, when he was 18. Tisha didn’t find out about her half-sister until she was 33.

"Dewan is first born. Then my mother (Mona) got pregnant with me and he (Clifton) married my mother," Tisha explained. "Then you came and [your mother] Laverne never wanted to give you up for adoption. She cried on your birthday every single year. You look exactly like your birth mother."

"She knew she couldn't give you the life with just being a single mom that she really wanted to give you and she had to give you up for adoption," Tisha continued. "And before she passed away, we wanted to find you so that you guys could meet and he's been searching since he was 18 years old for his sister," she added.


Peep the emotional clips below:

After the show, Tisha hopped on Twitter to reflect on the experience:







Aww! What a story.  Ellen met a full blood sibling she knew nothing about. Looks like they'll have an amazing sibling relationship among them from here on out.

Photo: Robert Voets/Warner Bros. Television

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