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Ex-Cop Amber Guyger - Who Killed Botham Jean In His Dallas Home - Found GUILTY Of Murder

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Former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger has been found guilty of murder after fatally shooting accountant Botham Jean inside his apartment. We love to see it.  Details inside....

After shedding white tears on the stand during her testimony, former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger has been found guilty of murdering her 26-year-old neighbor/accountant Botham Jean.

Amber testified that she went into Botham’s apartment because she mistook it as her own after a long shift. She thought a burglar broke into her home, according to her testimony. The 31-year-old former Dallas police officer said she “feared for her life" and that’s why she shot Botham, who was chilling inside his own apartment, eating vanilla ice cream in his living room before he was killed.

According to CBS News, the jury heard closing arguments from attorneys for the prosecution and the defense. After it was all said and done, the verdict came back guilty of first-degree murder. Watch Judge Tammy Kemp read the verdict below:



Cheers broke out in the hallway outside of the courtroom after the verdict was read. Botham’s mother threw both arms up in the air after hearing the guilty verdict. Another woman started to shout in praise, but the bailiff quickly chastised her.

According to CNN, jurors were given the option of finding Amber guilty of manslaughter, which is a lesser offense carrying a 2-20 year sentence, but they convicted her of murder. She now faces up to life in prison.

The jury heard testimony from Amber and the officers who responded to the scene that night. They have also heard testimony from neighbors who live in the apartment complex and an investigator who testified about how common it was for residents to wind up on the wrong floor of the South Side Flats where Guyger and Jean lived. The 9-1-1 call Amber made was played during the trial and the sexual messages were read that she sent to her married partner, Officer Martin Rivera, minutes before she killed Botham Jean.

Dallas News explains the scene after the verdict was read:

More than two dozen bailiffs lined the courtroom and the hallway outside. Patches on some of their uniforms indicated they were with the tactical unit, though they had no extra gear.

At one point, one bailiff asked another whether they had enough people to keep order. "No," another responded. The crowd in the hallway after the verdict was boisterous but not unruly. When prosecutors walked out, people gave them a round of raucous applause and cheers.

In the hallway, Guyger's mother was shaking. Guyger left the courtroom about 15 minutes after the verdict. She'll be back when the sentencing phase of her trial begins about 1 p.m.

Now, we just wait for the sentencing.  That phase begins this afternoon.

Photo: AP Photo/Botham's FB

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