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6 Things That Must Be Addressed During The 'Real Housewives Of Potomac' Reunion

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The first part of "The Real Housewives of Potomac" reunion just aired and there are some things that we want addressed in the following parts.  Like...



What in the World is Wrong With Katie Rost's Wig?

As many antics that unfold within the prairies of the Potomac, nothing compares to the spectacle that sits atop Katie Rosts’ head. We don’t care if Michael is competing in a butt grabbing contest with ‘The Black Bill Gates’, if Katie and her lopsided lacefront are there, all eyes on her.(Full disclosure: That wig she rocked on the finale episode def got an A for effort.)

The friend and former housewife returned to the scene this season with a bang but not like a straight bang, more like a topsy-turvy-toupee. Not only are we thrown off by this seemingly synthetic situation, but the idea that no one ever makes much mention of her mop makes us wonder what’s really going on.


So we did what any esteemed journalists would do and went to her twitter page where the wonky wig-wearer wrote, “Ik, I'm putting it all out there, I shaved my head last december and I was in that one and a half inch zone of new growth, I also bleached my hair blonde when I shaved it, so I went with wigs and clearly I fucking FAILED”.

At least you know boo. You also would have looked stunning with a fresh fade or a small pony though.  While we’re disappointed by the lack of good wig makers in the Maryland area, we’re glad to see Katie has a good sense of humor and now that we think about it, her off-centered wig matches her offbeat personality. She deserves a champagne glass all her own - not Katie of course, her wig. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to see either of them as Reality Tea reports the two were not invited. Tragic, because chick became the real MVP at the end, TBH.

Has Candiace’s Mom Had to Pop Her with a Purse Again?

Violence is never the answer, but you gotta admit, the little black girl in you got flashbacks when it was revealed ‘Cryin Candiace’s’ mom Dorothy had popped her with that pocketbook. Some will argue that the Princess of Potomac deserved it in a season full of fallouts and fork-flinging.  Others will say Mommie Dearest needs a wire-hanger-hit herself for breeding such babyish behavior.

Either way, we’ve gotta know what has become of the mother-daughter, ‘domestic violence’ duo. Have Candiace and her husband Chris moved out? We saw they paid the other half of the rent that one month. Who has the upper hand? And is that hand holding a Dooney & Burke?

Whose Side is Monique Samuels On?

Usually, the side of the couch the Bravo producers sits you on reveals your allegiance, but with "Not for Lazy Moms" Monique, you never know.

While everyone seems to stir the Potomac pot, Mama Monique does it ever so slyly. We don't know if it's the essential oils or the fifty-leven goddess braids that engulf her head but homegirl is stealth with her shade. As long as she brings that same now post-baby hormonal energy she brought at the ranch when she threatened to drag Candiace “pregnant and all”, does it really matter which side of the couch Ms. Monique sits on?

Do the Darby’s Dab in an Alternative Lifestyle?

Ashley Darby’s husband Michael has grabbed more than a few butts this season, he’s also grabbed the attention of the ladies, wondering if the 59-year-old businessman is bisexual. But the Real Housewives of Potomac aren’t the only ones curious about the couple’s relationship status, the nosy inquiring minds at home want to know too.

An open relationship seems to be the only logical explanation for all of Michael’s "mishaps" this season. First Juan’s sausage, then the alleged brush with the cameraman’s peen; these can’t be coincidences. And while in reality, it’s none of our business, Ashley has been quite transparent about her life since joining the cast in 2016 and we can’t understand why a spirit as free as hers would lie about something so liberating...unless, she’s waiting for the reunion. Dun-dun-dunnnn.

How Will Robyn Wear Her Hair?

Hearing about Robyn and Juan has become a total yawn. Even though he is fine AF.  She says the same thing every reunion, “I think we kind of are moving in that direction where we’re blah, blah, blah…” So until he re-pops the question, we’re not checkin’ for Robyn’s man. Even though, again, he's fine AF.  The main thing we’re checkin’ for is Robyn’s mane.  Because no one castmate switches up their hair quite like Ms. Dixon. She can wear it long, short, pink, purple, pulled back in a wig, it doesn’t matter. We love the way this domestic diva experiments with her hair and can’t wait to see what style it’s in this reunion season.

Where the Hell is Sherman?

That’s it. That’s all we wanna know. He came in with the slickness and left with the quickness. Was it the cameras? His “horse face” ex wife as Gizelle calls her? Or was it all just a ruse? You know how the housewives do - borrow a boyfriend for the sake of a storyline?

All we know is Gizelle’s girls loved him and we were looking forward to seeing whether being boo’d up was enough to tame the wild Gizelle Bryant. Either way, we’re sure the question of Sherman will resurface during the reunion. Mainly becasue the finale hinted that Gizelle has already reunited with the UNLIKLIEST of people.  And we already think we know who....


Part 2 of the "RHOP" reunion airs Sunday, September 22nd at 8/7c on BRAVO.

Photos: Mike Ware @mike_ware27

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