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WHOA! Paul Mooney DENIES 'Violating' Richard Pryor's Son After Bodyguard Drops Bombshell, Richard Pryor Jr. Speaks Out

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Richard Pryor's former bodyguard dropped a bombshell accusation, claiming fellow comedian Paul Mooney "violated" his son Richard Pryor Jr. when he was a teen, resulting in the late comedian allegedly ordering a hit out on Mooney's life.

Now, Mooney and Richard Jr. are responding to the accusations....


A former bodyguard of late comedian Richard Pryor dropped some bombshell allegations that has sent shock waves through the masses.

During in interview with Comedy Hype, Rashon Kahn made claims that Pryor offered him $1 million to have his former friend/comedian Paul Mooney killed after he learned Mooney had allegedly "violated" his son, Richard Pryor Jr. They were once friends, but ish went left when this alleged incident happened.

Kahn, who's gearing up to release his memoir "Everything Wasn't Funny," shared details about how Pryor and Mooney's relationship went downhill after he found out Mooney allegedly molested his son, who was a teenager at the time.

"Paul Mooney had f****d Richard’s son by that time and he violated," Kahn said. "That's any man if you violate their children like that. Paul took advantage of the situation."

Kahn also said Pryor offered $1 million for someone to murder his former friend for allegedly sleeping with his son. Kahn said when Pryor first mentioned the hit, he thought Richard Sr. was just talking reckless because he was high. He said he asked him about it again the following week and the late comedian said he was serious.

Peep the clip below:


Following the allegations being made public, TMZ photogs caught up with Richard Pryor Jr., 58,  in NYC and they asked him about the alleged sexual assault and the $1 million bounty his father allegedly put out on Mooney.

TMZ: Is there any truth that you and Paul Mooney had a sexual relationship with Paul Mooney?

Richard Pryor Jr.: Well whatever happened in my life, it happened when I was young. way before the eighties.

TMZ: Was it a consensual relationship?

RPJ: How could any relationship be consensual if I was a teenager? No.

TMZ: Paul Mooney’s denied the claims. Do you have anything you want to say to him?

RPJ: I really have nothing to say about the situation.

TMZ: Were you aware of the alleged hit your father put out on Paul Mooney?

RPJ: Uh…no. I’m done. Thank you.


Paul Mooney claims all of the accusations are LIES. His publicist reached out to TMZ and told them "there is no validity to Rashon Kahn's statement as it relates to Mr. Paul Mooney."

Mooney then whipped out receipts of a timeline to prove his innocence. He said the timeline of events don't add up, "especially since Richard Sr. and Paul were hanging out as late as 1999."

The rep told TMZ, if Mooney had put out a hit on his life for allegedly molesting his son, then there's no way they would have been cool and hanging out together in 1999. And they pulled up a picture of Richard Sr. and Mooney to prove it. The picture of them together was taken 20 years after the alleged incident.

The rep continued to shoot down the accusations:

The rep also points out that Richard Pryor Jr. does NOT name Paul Mooney as his alleged abuser in the clip we posted. She's right, he doesn't say Mooney's name.

RPJ never gave us a specific age, but afterward his rep told us it was definitely "under the age of consent" when we asked about Kahn's allegation pertaining to Mooney. It should be noted though, Richard Jr. didn't name any names on camera, so it's unclear who he's talking about here.



Richard Sr.'s widow, Jennifer Lee Pryor, said RPJ told her and a group of people that Mooney sexually assaulted him during a luncheon held after Pryor's funeral, which she claims to have on tape.

Jesus, take the wheel!

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