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The #HotBoys Lost Points When 'Black Ink' Honcho Ceaser Got Arrested In Brooklyn - Find Out What He Did!

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Oop! The #HotBoys just lost some points! "Black Ink Crew" honcho Ceaser Emanuel was arrested in Brooklyn over the weekend. Find out why inside...

The Hot Girls are up! Thanks to Ceaser.

"Black Ink Crew" boss Ceaser Emanual (real name David Emanuel) was arrested in Brooklyn for some illegal driving situation.

According to reports, police officers allegedly spotted the tattoo artist run through a red light and failed to yield to pedestrians while driving through a residential neighborhood in Brooklyn. Cops pulled him over and asked for his license. He allegedly handed the officer a license with the name "Emanuel Thomas."

Not only that, the date of birth was off by a good eight years. The fake ID said he was born in June 1971 when he was actually born in 1979.

Ceaser also didn't have a valid insurance card, so they threw him in handcuffs. He was charged with misdemeanor false impersonation and other traffic violations. It wasn't long after his arrest that he hopped on IG, posting pics of himself (above).

Welp. It's def promo for the show being that "Black Ink's" 8th season premieres this week. We wonder if the cameras were rolling when he got arrested.

We'll find out when "Black Ink Crew New York" returns Wednesday, August 14th at 9/8c on VH1.


Photo: Ceaser's IG


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