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A$AP Rocky Addresses Upcoming Verdict During His 1st Concert Since Being Released From Swedish Prison

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A$AP Rocky hit the stage for the first time since he was released from a Swedish prison and he addressed the verdict in his ongoing assault case that's set to come down this week. Find out what he said, plus see who he brought out on stage during his set inside...

A$AP Rocky hit the stage for the first time since being released from a Swedish jail earlier this month. The Harlem native's first U.S. show since his release was at the 92.3 Real Street Festival held at Honda Center in Anaheim, California last night.

It was a big night for the "F*ckin Problems" rapper and he brought several of his rap friends to join him on stage to celebrate during his first post-prison concert, including Tyler the Creator, YG, and A$AP Ferg. But, the highlight of the night came when the "Pretty Flacko" rapper addressed his ongoing assault case in Sweden.

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“Y’all know how happy I am to be here right now, I wanna say this though. When I was away—hold the mosh please, this a sentimental moment!—what I experienced was crazy," he shared with his fans. It was a scary, humbling experience but I’m here right now. God is good. People who ain’t even f*ck with me felt sympathy. People was praying for me, that uplifted me when my spirits was low. I can’t thank y’all enough, man, that was crazy. Hip-hop never looked so strong together.” 



Rocky thanked his fans for keeping him in prayer and said he hopes he doesn't have to go back to jail once the verdict finally comes in (above).

"I know y'all were praying for me. I'm gonna need you to keep praying for me. Hopefully with God's will, I'm not guilty and (expletive). I get the verdict on Wednesday, so I need you to keep praying for me. Hopefully I don't have to go back to jail or anything like that, nothing crazy."

"I don't have anything against Swedish people, because it was Swedish people who rioted outside the police station."

"This is an unfortunate event and I'm just trying to stay blessed, man," he said. "I hope that I'm not guilty, so pray for your boy."

Peep his full speech below at the 18-minute mark below:

The NYC rapper (real name Rakim Meyers) and his two co-defendants - David Rispers and Bladimir Corniel - were allowed to leave the country ahead of the verdict that's set to be announced on August 14th. Rocky and his homies pleaded not guilty to the assault of a man that the rapper said was following him and his crew while he was in Sweden on tour.


Check out more clips from his show below: 









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TheYBF.com recently caught up with Justin Reese, star of Bravo’s “Southern Charm New Orleans," and he sounded off about Rocky's international court case. Specifically, the alleged treatment of the rapper while he was in custody.

Not only is Justin Reese a reality television star, he knows a thing or two about the law as a personal injury attorney and he also knows the ins-and-outs in the sports world as a sports agent.

"International law is completely different. Their constitutional rights are completely different, so it would be really difficult for me to comment on that because I don't know all of their laws," he told TheYBF.com.

However, he has studied Internatinal law and he told us that Swedish prisons are some of the best in the world.

There were reports that orginated from Rocky's camp that said that the rapper was suffering "inhumane conditions" during the weeks he was held behind bars.

"I tell you what though, if you're going to get locked up, Sweden is one of the places to be locked up in," Justin dished.


"It might be that one [prison] in particular, but I've actually seen some stuff when I studied some International law. We [the United States] actually can take a page out of their prison reform system because of all of the programs they have and how things are set up. There's less violence in their prison system and there's more trades being learned. The recidivism rate is super low, and so is the chance of repeat offenders."

Very interesting.


A$AP Rocky and his two co-defendants are set to go before a judge in Sweden in two days - August 14th - for the final verdict. We'll keep you posted.

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