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Ryan Destiny & Keith Powers Have A Detroit-Style Baby Shower In Big Sean's 'Single Again' Video

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Real life couple Ryan Destiny and Keith Powers flex their acting skills in Big Sean's "Single Again" visuals. Peep the video, plus what Sean tweeted his ex-Jhene Aiko (who's featured on the track) inside....

Big Sean enlists actor Keith Powers and fellow Detroit native/actress, Ryan Destiny, as the leads in the music video for his latest single, "Single Again," which dropped this week. By the way, Big Sean's ex-girlfriend Jhene Aiko lends her vocals for the track. Yes, he tapped his ex to sing on a track about being single again.

The video takes place in the rapper's hometown of Detroit, Michigan and features Sean in the middle of a pretend cheating controversy that seems to be weighing heavy on the community, both on social media and in real life. The video opens with a quick shot of Ryan and Keith's baby shower, where Keith rocks an all-too familiar baby shower uniform: Burberry button up, jeans and designer glasses. The video then cuts to various areas in and around the city of Detroit, including a signature shot of the Renaissance Center, which is highly visible in the background.



As the video continues, local news reporters attempt to get to the bottom of the cheating accusations by asking bystanders questions around whether or not Sean is guilty of the cheating allegations he's accused of. While Keith believes in Sean's innocence and agrees with Detroit comic Haha Davis that "black men don't cheat," Ryan sides with her girls and is convinced that there's no way Sean could be innocent of this cheating crime. Because of their different beliefs about Sean's innocence, the two decide to go their separate ways, which is clearly not an easy decision for either of them. Hmm...art imitating life, perhaps?

After having a discussion with her girlfriends while getting her hair braided (in typical beauty salon fashion) Ryan decides to put her and Keith's differences behind her and the two reconcile, just in time for their baby shower.

Watch the full video below:


Big Sean tweeted his ex-Jhene Aiko, professing his unconditional love for her:



It's nice to see they ended things on good terms and didn't turn to social media to bash one another.


Photos: YouTube Screenshots

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