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Ayesha Curry's Struggle Milly Rock & Struggle 'Hot Girl Summer' Definition Has The Internets In A Tizzy

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Girl, whet?


We know Ayesha Curry's playlist mainly consists of Christian Rock and Kidz Bop, and the only thing she's catching this Hot Girl summer is the Holy Ghost, but come.on.  Why she has the internet in a tizzy now inside.

Ayesha Curry was busy at one of her restuarants yesterday when she decided to give the internet more ammunition to come for her.  We would say this may be why she felt black folks didn't "embrace her" when she first came to America from Canada, but that would be rude.



While joking around, she hit what appeared to be the Milly Rock.  Folks went all the way in.  Then, her recent explanation about what a Hot Girl Summer is doesn't help either.

Before you throw your hand up at this basicnesss (we actually like Ayesha, usually), Meg Thee Stallion handled it.

Let's just let all the hot girls and lukewarm girls live.


Photo: Ayesha's IG

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