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R. Kelly Pleads NOT Guilty Before Judge Denies Bond Release On Federal Sex Crime Charges + Kelly's Lawyer Says He's 'Obviously Disappointed'

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R. Kelly appeared before a judge today to plead not guilty, however a bond release was denied. Kelly's lawyers shared details at a press conference after the singer's court hearing. Get it all inside...

R. Kelly appeared in federal court in Chicago today days after he was arrested on several sex crime charges. He reportedly was shackled at the ankles and wearing an orange jumpsuit during the hearing.



The Grammy Award winner learned he would NOT be getting out of jail anytime soon after a U.S. District Judge Harry Leinenweber ruled that he will be held without bond, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. The singer entered a not guilty plea.

Federal prosecutors called the singer a "danger to the community, especially to minor girls." They argued that Kelly's high-profile status makes him a flight-risk and he should be released on bail. They also said he has the "unique ability to influence and intimidate witnesses and victims, and that continues to this day." So yeah, he's stuck behind bars.

Prosecutors argued that house arrest doesn't eliminate the risk Kelly poses to minor girls. “The defendant can entice girls to his own doorstep, he doesn’t have to leave his home to do that,” an attorney told the judge.

The prosecution also argued that the person in the newly obtained sex videos is R. Kelly.

Kelly's lawyer, Steve Greenberg, argued in court that Kelly does not pose any of the risks prosecutors laid out.

“Unlike his most famous song—'I Believe I Can Fly’—Mr. Kelly doesn’t like to fly,” Greenberg told the judge. “How could he flee? He has no money. There’s no evidence that he’s a risk to minors at all at this point.”

Wow. Did he really just use one of Kelly's song titles to argue why he should be released from prison? Oh.

As for Kelly being a threat to minors, Greenberg said all of the allegations made against his client date back to the 90s, and that "there's no evidence that he's a risk to minors at all at this point." Greenberg also said there's no evidence of witness tampering. Bruh.

Kelly's girlfriends - Joycelyn Savage & Azriel Clary - were in attendance, as expected. It was reported they would speak during a press conference after the hearing, but they decided not to:





Joycelyn and Azriel recently released a video to prove they were not kicked out of Kelly's Trump Tower apartment, despite reports saying they had got evicted. However, they reportedly have been cut off financially.

Kelly's lawyer Steve Greenberg held a press conference after the hearing, revealing the singer is being held in 24-hour solitary confinement.

"He's obviously disappointed. He's in 24-hour solitary confinement—essentially it's the hole—because that's the safest place for them to house him," Greenberg said after R. Kelly was ordered held without bail today. “He has no TV. It’s largely inhumane.”

Peep the clip below:



The court hearing comes days after federal prosecutors in New York and Chicago issued federal indictments against the singer. He's facing 18 combined counts of alleged sexual crimes against 10 victims. Last week, the "I Believe I Can Fly" singer was arrested while walking his dog outisde of his Trump Tower apartment in Chicago on a 13-count indictment, which includes child pornography, enticing a minor into illegal sexual activity, and a conspiracy to obstruct justice.

In New York, prosecutors unveiled an additional indictment after his arrest on charges of racketeering and violating the Mann Act, which prohibits anyone from transporting individuals for any criminal sexual activity.

Kelly hasn't been arraigned on the NY charges yet. Prosecutors said that'll happen sometime between now and September 4th.

By the way, "Surviving R. Kelly" was nominated for the Emmy for Informational Series or Special.

Photo: AP Photo/Matt Marton

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