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Wendy Williams Gets Her 'Flirtation' On With Master P & Romeo, Invites Them To Dinner After The Show

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Wendy Williams got her flirt on with Master P and his son Romeo Miller on her daytime talk show. See the father-son duo put her in a "Miller Sandwich" and more....

Master P and his son Romero Miller are hot on the promo trail for their upcoming movie, I Got The Hook Up 2. The father-son duo are making rounds in NYC and they recently stopped by the "Wendy Williams Show" to chop it up with the daytime talk show host.

After reflecting on a past experience where a young Romeo called Wendy out for wearing wigs back in the day, the 54-year-old talk show started drilling P about his love life. First, she asked him about a woman named Medina who she ran into recently. She claims Medina spilled some tea about hooking up with the Hip Hop mogul, but P (or Percy, as Wendy called him) wasn't ready for the love life questionnaire.

"Nothing. You're surprising me," P responded while laughing.

"She surprised me. I ran into her Summer Jam and she's like 'Yo, yo, yo. Me and P...' and all of a sudden I'm like 'OMG, he's coming to the show.' What do I say? What do I do?"

"Just say 'Hello,'" he responded, while grinning.

Wendy asked him what was he doing (referring to his relationship status) and he asked her what was SHE doing. She then invited him out to dinner. A friendly dinner though since she claims she's currently off the market now.

Romeo chimed in, sharing how girls he be trying to talk to really be after his pops. And that's when Wendy got her flirt on, confirming their dinner "date" for the evening. Romeo seem more into that his dad, hopping up off the purple couch, to sit next to Wendy while putting his arm around her shoulders.

"You don't have to tell me twice," Romeo said.

That's when they put her in the "Miller Sandwich" and P made a joke about a threesome.

Check it below at the 5:30-minute mark below:

After the show...

 photo 15859736-7231913-image-a-42_1562750446382.jpg

Wendy (with her security guard), Master P and Romeo were seen leaving the studio together:

 photo MasterP21.jpg


 photo 15859744-7231913-image-a-1_1562748773475.jpg

 photo 15859746-7231913-image-a-22_1562749977675.jpg

 photo 15859722-7231913-image-a-44_1562750490616.jpg

 photo 15859724-7231913-image-a-39_1562750369587.jpg

 photo MasterP2.jpg

 photo MasP.jpg

All this comes after the "doctor bae" reveal she made earlier this week.  Her hot girl summer continues. 



Photos: Backgrid/Splash/MEGA/Facebook

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