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WHAT'S REALLY GOOD? Remy Ma Seen Wearing An Ankle Bracelet After 'LAHH' Co-Star's Assault Allegations

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What's good with this ankle jewelry on Remy Ma's ankle? We're not sure, but we hope it's not what we think it is. More inside...


A week after "Love & Hip Hop" star Brittney "Bri" Taylor took to social media with a black eye to accuse Remy Ma of of hurting her, the mom/rapper has been spotted rocking what looks like an ankle monitor.

The "Melanin Magic" rapper posed it up alongside her hubby Papoose, her homie Fat Joe, and singer Tony Sunshine during a baseball event at Yankee Stadium and you can clearly see an ankle monitor attached to her leg.

It's unclear what exactly happened, but Brittney claims she was assaulted backstage at the Pretty Lou Benefit Concert Tuesday at Irving Plaza in NYC before Remy was slated to join Fat Joe on stage. And it had something to do with an alleged domestic violence situation incident involving Rem's stepdaughter Dejanae (Pap's daughter) in Miami during spring break.

“What happened with me and Dej in Miami is I saved her—I saved her life, and [Remy] got aggressive [when Brittany told her at Irving],” she said.

“She was like, ‘That’s not what I heard,’ and she punched me in the face.”

After the alleged assault, Brittney (who had a black eye) went to the hospital and filed a police report, which led to cops reportedly investigating Remy, who is currently on parole after serving six years in prison for attempted murder. Maybe since there's an active investigation on her while she's on parole is why they decided to make her wear an ankle monitor.

When Bri first came out with the accusations, Rem's camp said "there's no validity to this story."


Let's hope it's not for the sake of the Golden Child (real name Reminisce MacKenzie).

Before all this drama popped off, Rem checked Bri during a "LAHH" reunion episode:

Photos: @iamtonysunshine

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