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SWIPE RIGHT? George Zimmerman Is Tirelessly Trying To Find Love Online, Keeps Getting BLOCKED & BANNED

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George Zimmerman has been creating fake alias on dating apps to bag chicks, but thankfully he keeps getting blocked and banned. The latest inside...

George Zimmerman is really out here trying to bag him a woman via dating apps.

Zimmerman - the man who was acquitted in the death of unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin six years ago, has been posting up fake alias on the dating apps, like Tinder, in an effort to find him a "mature woman" and "carefree fun."

On Tinder, the 35-year-old was going by the name "Carter" and describes himself as a self-employed consultant and a graduate of Liberty University. His profile also says he enjoys hiking, fishing, the outdoors, takeout from Longhorn Steakhouse and - here's the kicker - he would prefer to avoid “large crowds.” No surprise there. Screenshots from his Tinder profile where grabbed by Creative Loafing Tampa before his account was taken down.

He tried to make his profile as appealing as he possibly could, sharing several pictures of himself, one featuring him shirtless (ugh), one of him in a cap and gown, and another one of him all smiles with his dog. This guy...

Now, Tinder has banned Zimmerman from their platform. A spokesperson confirmed in a statement that his profile has been removed.

“At Tinder, we take our users’ safety very seriously and our team has removed this profile from our platform,” the statement read. “We utilize a network of industry-leading automated and manual moderation and review tools, systems and processes — and spend millions of dollars annually — to prevent, monitor and remove bad actors who have violated our Community Guidelines and Terms of Use from our app.”

This isn't the first time Zimmerman has been booted and banned from dating apps. Back in February, he was booted from dating app Bumble TWICE. In his Bumble profile, Zimmerman referred to himself as a "jury consultant" with only a high school education, who loves cake pops.

The New York Post reported Bumble sent them an email confirming they took his profile down for violating their terms of service.

“George Zimmerman was blocked and banned in December 2018 when we first discovered his profile,” the service wrote to the news organization. “We have blocked and banned him again after we were informed by our users that he had created a new unverified profile.”

It's also reported that Zimmerman was using OKCupid as well under the name "Jorge."

In a message he sent to a woman on OKCupid, he wrote, "Hi! You're very pretty! I'm fairly new on here. It's led to a few cool women and some great dates. One of my best dates was going ice skaing for my first time ever. I busted my ass quite a few times, she burst out laughing each time and the ice kept me from bruising. What's your best/funniest first date been?"

The person responded back, "There isn't a special app for, like, you and Casey Anthony? [the woman accused of killing her daughter]"

It's possible someone could be using his pictures and is trying to catfish women. IF it really is him, he has a lot of nerve.  Who's swiping right on Zimmerman in the first place though?  


Photos: Getty/Tinder Screenshot


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