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Get Ready To Bounce ‘Dem Shoulders! Ronnie & Shamari DeVoe Perform Their New Single & It's...Interesting + Shamari's Ultimatum That Got Ronnie To Commit

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Ronnie and Shamari DeVoe served up a rather interesting performance together. Ya gotta love these two.  Get into their shoulder bouncing set and more inside....

So New Edition has a new edition...couple's edition.

"Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Shamari DeVoe and her hubby/New Edition & BBD singer Ronnie DeVoe have created their own group, Me and Mari, and they're currently on the promo trail to chop it up about their relationship - yes, the open marriage was real - and their new music.

Yesterday, the couple appeared on "Windy City Live" to perform their new single, "Love Comes Through" and....yeah.

It was---

Well, not bad bad. It's hard to put into words. They started their performance with a shoulder bounce dance move.  We wonder what Uncle Brooke Payne would have to say about this routine.

And the vocals weren't that stellar. They both can sing, but this performance just wasn't their best, to say the least.

See for yourself below:



After their performance, the "marriage ambassadors" sat down to chop it up about how they met, marriage counseling and more. Check it:


The DeVoes dropped in on Angela Yee's "Lip Service" podcast with producer Rico Love to chop it up about sex, love, and marriage.

The BLAQUE singer said she knew immediately she wanted to marry Ronnie, however, he didn't feel that way. It took him THREE years to even commit to being her boyfriend.

They said they met at an afterparty for MTV's Icon Award ceremony for Janet Jackson in 2001 and had sex the first night they met.

The couple dished on their open marriage being a storyline on "RHOA." They said they knew it would eventually come out, but they didn't know it was going to come out the way it did. Before going on the show, they said they asked God to show them a sign if they should do the show in the first place. They said he did and he opened doors for them to be on the show.

Before Shamari nabbed her official girlfriend label, she was paying for his flights and helping him pay his bills. Oh?  Yup, when she first met Ron, Shamari (who was 21) was the breadwinner. We have our own thoughts about that, but it seemed to have worked out for THEM in the end.

This was during BLAQUE's prime. So, after 2.5 years, she gave him an ultimatum. Ronnie said they were already together every day and taking trips so she needed to be "rewarded" and that's why he committed to her. He said everything she gave to him should be rewarded, so he gave her the OK to be in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship.  They eventually got married.

Whatever works for them, as we can see they're madly in love.  Different strokes for different folks, just make sure everything is ALWAYS mutually beneficial...

Peep their interview above.

Photos: Jamie Lamor Thompson / Shutterstock.com

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