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Pastor John Gray Explains The 'Faith Leader Meeting' With Trump Where Another Black Pastor Called 45 'The Most Pro-Black President We've Ever Had'

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Pastor John Gray is speaking out after he and a group of black pastors met with Donald Trump yesterday and got dragged for filth for it.  Especially since one pastor even hailed 45 as the "most pro-black president in our lifetime." Oh? More inside...

The Saints and Aints are on fire today after a group of black pastors met with Donald Trump for yet another "faith leaders meeting", aka photo op. Trump sat down with a group of inner-city pastors from all over the country during a White House roundtable last night that reportedly focused on prison reform efforts.

Trump fed them his lies, per usual, telling them that his administration has been working hard to help prisoners re-enter society and find work after serving a prison sentence.

"When we say hire American, we mean all Americans," Trump said.




The conversation took an interesting turn when black Ohio pastor Darrell Scott, who was an early Trump supporter, dubbed 45 as the "most pro-black president of our time."

"This is probably the most pro-active administration regarding urban America and the faith-based community in my lifetime," Scott told the group, adding, "This is probably going be ... the most pro-black president that we've had in our lifetime."

Come again? Then, he goes on to attack President Barack Obama, because you know folks can't get their point across about 45 without bashing the actual most pro-black President in the meantime.

"This president actually wants to prove something to our community, our faith-based community and our ethnic community. The last president didn't feel like he had to," he added, saying of Obama: "He got a pass."

Check it: 



And what pass was that? Maybe we missed something because Obama was dragged relentlessly EVERY SINGLE DAY of his presidency simply for trying to make the nation a better place. Which is far better than what we can say about Trump and his racist, classist and gas-lighting rhetoric. Whether you agreed with Obama's policies or not, you can't take away the fact that he wanted a more unified nation. We can't say the same for Trump.

Also, we hear Pastor Scott is allegedly on Trump's payroll, so there's that.

As expected, black folks are dragging these pastors on social media, just like they did when Kanye West, Steve Harvey and more black celebs took a seat at the photo-op table with Trump.


South Carolina megachurch pastor and tv star John Gray has been catching backlash for praying with Trump during the meeting. Now, he's responding to the drama letting folks know that God instructed him to attend the meeting, and that he did so for the greater good.


He also made it clear that he was not the pastor praising Trump during the meeting.  Oh, and he made sure to turn his comments off on the Instagram post. Check it:



Optics. It’s never about what it is. It’s about what it looks like. My wife @grayceeme told me “If you go, no one will hear what you say. They won’t understand why you’re there. And any good that could come out of it will get lost in translation.” Wise words from a loving, discerning wife. I had not one thing to gain by being there. Not. One. But I asked the Lord when I was asked to be present in this initial meeting about potential prison reform-that could greatly end up benefitting many people who look just like me-Lord, Do you want me in that room? My first mind was no. The pain of so many is too real. The hurt. The isolation. The sense of disenfranchisement. The real hate that has bubbled to the surface of the national discourse. I myself have been vocal about my personal disagreements with key policy decisions of this administration. I have everything to lose. Credibility. Reputation. Every natural inclination says stay home. Don’t get played. But I did the one thing I can’t shake: I prayed again and asked God. Do you want me in that room? My attendance gives the answer. My heart was pure as was my motive and intention. But the pain of those who have been hurt is real. And I would be a dishonorable man not to acknowledge that. But I will honor what I believe was the mandate on my life to be there and available to God should He choose to give me voice. This post is in no way attempting to invalidate the visceral reaction of those who can’t imagine why I would be in the room. The question becomes who did Jesus turn away from? This said, I went to this meeting to listen. And I do pray for comprehensive prison reform so people can have the second chance they need. And I also understand the pain and questions. May my heart translate beyond the optics. (OH YEAH, the pastor who said the current president was the most pro-Black president ever WAS NOT ME-so get that STRAIGHT) love y’all. This post is closed to comments. This my heart. It needs no commentary. #swipeleft

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While he wasn't the one who made the comment about Trump, he damn sure didn't speak up or challenge him in that moment. Silence speaks volumes too.

Pastor Jamal Bryant, who was not there, weighed in on the meeting:



Thoughts on these pastors meeting with Trump, again?


Photo: AP


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