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C-Murder's Lawyer Files To Get Homicide Conviction Overturned After SECOND Key Witness Recants Testimony!

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C-Murder, rapper and brother of Master P, is currently serving a life sentence behind bars, but it looks like he could possibly be getting out soon. Get all the details about the two key witnesses who have come forward to recant their testimonies inside...


Nearly a decade after rapper Corey "C-Murder" Miller was sentenced to life in prison for a fatal shooting, new evidence has surfaced that could possibly get him out. The new information definitely raises questions about whether C-Murder had anything to do with the murder in the first place.

Not one, but TWO key witnesses have publicly come forward to recant the testimonies they gave during the murder trial for the rapper in 2009. At the time, they both made claims that C-Murder was the man who pulled the trigger that killed 16-year-old Steven Thomas inside a nightclub in 2002.

In separate affidavits, the witnesses - Kenneth Jordan & Darnell Jordan (who are not related) - made claims that detectives in the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's office pressured them into identifying C-Murder as the gunman.

In a handwritten letter sent to the 24th Judicial District Court on Monday, Darnell Jordan explained how detectives tricked him into naming C-Murder as the trigger man.

"I am certain that Corey Miller did not shoot Steve Thomas," 35-year-old Darnell Jordan wrote. “I just want to tell the truth and clear my name.” He was a bouncer at the now-closed Platinum Club where the shooting occurred.


Less than a week earlier, Kenneth also recanted his testimony. In the affidavit, Kenneth gives details how detectives pressured him into naming C-Murder with threats and promises that he'll get to "go home."

“I know that the individual who I saw shoot the gun was not Corey Miller,” 36-year-old Kenneth wrote in a signed affidavit. “I want to right the wrong that I made all those years ago. I can no longer live with knowing that Corey Miller is sitting in jail for something he did not do because of my fabricated statement.”



Kenneth said detectives coerced him into naming C-Murder as the shooter by threatening to charge him for the death of his then-recently deceased newborn child. Before C-Murder's retrial, Kenneth told police the original statement he gave was wrong, however, they still forced him to testify.

The HuffPost reports:

Kenneth Jordan now says that, despite his sworn testimony, he did not see Miller shoot Thomas. He says Jefferson Parish detectives didn’t question him until a year after the shooting and then threatened him with a decade behind bars for impregnating a 16-year-old girl.

“The JPSO officer approached me and offered me leniency in my criminal case if I agreed to cooperate and give them a statement implicating Corey Miller,” reads Kenneth Jordan’s newly signed affidavit. “I told the JPSO officers that I saw the shooter and the shooter was not Corey Miller. However, the officer pressured me to lie and say it was Corey Miller, all while holding criminal charges over my head.”

He said the officer went so far as to coach him on creating his original account.

“I was distraught and scared,” Kenneth Jordan claims in the affidavit. “JPSO officers told me that if I testified against Corey Miller I could ‘go home’; they told me what to say; they fed me facts about the fight and details about the DJ and the dance party, none of which I really knew.”

C-Murder's attorney Paul Barker is now working to have the jailed rapper's conviction overturned.

“On countless occasions, Mr. Jordan told members of law enforcement and prosecution that his 2003 recorded statement to the JPSO officers was not true, that the person he saw commit the shooting was definitely not Corey Miller, and that he did not want to lie under oath about Corey’s involvement,” Barker wrote in the court filing. “At no time during the 15+ years of proceedings in this tortured case has the state once disclosed this information to Mr. Miller himself, or to Mr. Miller’s attorneys.”

f true, this screams crooked system!

“The entire conviction was based on the testimony of these two witnesses and we now have affidavits recanting both of those testimonies,” Paul Barker told HuffPost. “We can now essentially impeach the state’s entire case. There’s nothing left for them to hang their hat on.”

After C-Murder found out about the first witness (Kenneth) recanting his testimony, he spoke to WDSU from prison sharing his feelings about it.

"I want him to know I’m not upset with him. I’m proud of him. And me and my family, and my daughters. My daughters, we thank him. For real. This is a life-changing moment," he said. 

"I'm not gonna lie. These last 16 years have been a definite struggle. I've been snatched away from my family, separated from my kids, from my career, everything. And I just want it back. My heart hasn't smiled since I've been locked up for 16 years, and I just want them to know that my heart is smiling," C-Murder continued.

C-Murder's lawyer has has petitioned the court to vacate the conviction and order a new trial. C-Murder has maintained his innocence throughout the entire process and his family, including Master P and his son Romeo Miller, want him out of jail NOW:



Another key witness in Corey Miller’s case has come forward to recant his testimony Last week, a man named Kenneth Jordan admitted he lied under oath during Corey Miller’s trials, after cops threatened him with arrest. "I remember that they asked me if Corey Miller did the murder. My very first statement to them was Corey Miller didn't do this. They tricked me, I wasn't signing the photo to ID the shooter. I signed it because they told me to. They got me to ID Corey Miller’s picture and sign it," Darnell Jordan continued. Darnell Jordan claims he did not want to testify at Corey Miller’s first trial, so he skipped the state of Louisiana and headed to California. But police caught up with him, shackled him and shipped Jordan back to New Orleans. Darnell Jordan claims he was sequestered in a hotel for a week, when a detective (Donald Clogher) finally came in and forced him to sign a statement with words he maintains he never said. According to Darnell Jordan, he was not able to fully tell his side of the story in court, and claims he saw the gun flash come from the opposite side of the room where Corey Miller was standing, meaning the rap star could not have been the shooter. The bouncer said he also frisked Corey miller, who was free of any contraband, including a gun. During the second trial, the police came to Darnell Jordan's mother-in-law's house with their guns drawn. Darnell Jordan says he was sent to solitary confinement in jail for a few days, and then sent to another hotel room, where he was not allowed to speak to anyone but his wife, as the trial took place. Lawyers for Corey Miller have maintained that each one of his trials has been tainted by shady prosecutors, unreliable witnesses and a juror who admitted she was pressured to find the rap star guilty. #freecoreymiller #innocentman

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My Uncle C has been serving a life sentence behind bars for something he didn’t do and today the whole world knows he’s innocent. The witness recants his testimony and says he was pressured into identifying the “famous rapper”. Good or bad, one thing I know about life is that we may not understand everything, but everything happens for a reason and although we all aren’t treated as equal we must keep faith. GOD’s strongest soldiers are given the toughest battles, just look at Joseph story in the Bible! My uncle Corey was just being prepared for his real blessings! The devil tried to break this family apart, but we only got stronger. I rarely cry, but today I have tears of joy. | #GodsTiming #FreeMyUncleC

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We'll keep you posted if/when C-Murder is granted a new trial.

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