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[UPDATED] Rumors Of Big Sean Cheating On Jhene Aiko On Oscars Night Upstaged Only By Black Twitter's Reactions

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Rumors that Big Sean has cheated on Jhene Aiko have hit the net, and Twitter is freaking all the way out.  Get into the funny AF responses and how Nicole Scherzinger is allegedly involved inside...

UPDATE: Big Sean and Jhene deny all of this:

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Twenty 88 might be no more if this rumor about Big Sean being on his F-boi ish is true. 

According to TJB, the Detroit rapper hit an Oscars party with Nicole a couple weeks ago, and his ethereal bae Jhene wasn't anywhere near here for it.  They're rumored to now be on the rocks after he was caught cozying up to another celeb chick at a party.

The site reports:

[Big Sean and Nicole Scherzinger] both attended an Oscar Awards after-party together and were cozied up together sitting at a table in VIP.

We’re told no cameras were allowed inside the bash, but the pair (Sean and Nicole) were allegedly sitting next to each other, hugging and flirting in VIP.

They were all over each other and they looked really comfortable around each other. They looked like they were a couple.

Apparently, someone told Jhene, who got majorly pissed and confronted him about it.

What we do know is, Jhene has coincidentally unfollowed Sean on social media.  It doesn't necessarily confirm the story, but where there's smoke, there's likely fire. Sean still has his pics with Jhene up on his accounts though.

Twitter is going nuts over the potential break up.  Folks have zero chill and sides are being taken.  Check it below: 


Y'all are a mess.


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