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Kim Kardashian Attempts To CLAP BACK At The Relentless, Proper Dragging She’s Receiving After Appropriating ‘Bo Derek' Braids

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Culture vulture Kim Kardashian West was thirsting for attention and she’s getting it. She’s being called out ONCE AGAIN for culture appropriation after posting up flicks of her “Bo Derek Braids” –her words, not ours. Peep the dragging and her clap back inside…


We JUST slid into 2018 and haven't even gotten comfortable on the couch yet and Kim Kardashian West is up to her culture vulture ways. She's causing a stir on social media, but not the kind she likes.  Or does she?

This chick CONTINUES to steal from black culture, put her spin on it and then try to act as if she discovered something new or is doing something groundbreaking. Or in this case, give credit where it's not due.

These "new" braids she debuted are not "Bo Derek Braids." And no, we don't care if Bo Derek rocked them in an iconic film.

But, you can't tell her that though.



A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on


The nerve of her to credit a white woman as the originator of these braids that black girls and women have been wearing since the beginning of time. Yes, actress Bo Derek rocked these braids in the 1979 film, 10, but she's not the first to do it. Kim, these are not "Bo Derek Braids," they are called cornrows or Fulani braids. Take notes.

As expected, Black Twitter dug in her a** as they should: 







After she was served up a history lesson, she decided to clap back, tweeting:



Girl, bye.


She also was posting up the thirstiest of thirst trap pics all day long to show off her new braids, with at least one pic fully topless and bare breasted. 

At this point, these incessant naked IG pics are even beneath a chick like her.  Do.Something.Else. 

But since Beyonce was getting all the attention this weekend with her Grammy fabulousness, we already knew Kim was going to coincidentally swoop in trying to "break the internet." Doing the most with the least.

Damn, is Kanye West not giving his wife enough attention?

 photo kimBO2.png

 photo kimBO3.png

 photo kimBO4.png


Former reality star Deelishis, known for flaunting her ASSets but gets crap for doing so, took her to task.  She explained that if a BLACK woman had posted up this nude flick it would be critiqued totally different:

 photo kimdeelishis.jpg

Where is the lie?!

And how long have we been saying this EXACT thing on this site? We'll wait.

Even Lindsey Lohan is confused by it all: 

 photo kimBO5.jpg

Kim's response tho. Teeheeee.

Comedian Lil Duval also offered up a male's opinion on Kim and her thirst trap flicks:




A post shared by lilduval (@lilduval) on




Photos: Kim's IG


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