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The Black Delegation Reminds Omarosa We're Not 'Her People' After She 'Resigned' From The White House (But Supposedly Was FIRED & DRAGGED Out!)

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The White House and black folks everywhere finally agree on one thing - Omarosa Manigualt Newman's gotta go.  After news of her firing and dragging out of the White House took over, she's telling another story...

UPDATE: The Victim queen responded to Robin Roberts' "Bye Felicia" comment in a text message to Inside Edition saying, 'That's petty. It’s a black woman civil war.'

UPDATE 2: She also did an interview with Deborah Roberts at "Nightline" and David Mur at "World News Tonight."  They both air tonight, but she says in the preview that "Donald Trump isn't racist.  He's racial."


Y'all know it takes an act of Congress for us to even mention this chick around these parts.  But this is close enough.

Black folks everywhere said a collective "Girl, BYE!" when news that Trump's chocolate cheerleader was the White House surfaced.  And folks weren't just sipping the tea on the fact it was announced she was leaving on January 20th, but there's another pot of piping hot tea about HOW she's leaving.

White House Correspondent April Ryan, who has a brief & shady history with First Lady Newman, chimed in minutes after news hit the net that chick was resigning.

April basically said 'Not so fast,' because there's WAY more to the story.

Your girl, the "Special Assistant to the President" and Director of African American Outreach, was fired, allegedly.  She was also literally DRAGGED out of the White House kicking and screaming after she threw a Black Ink Crew-style fit after said firing, allegedly.

Peep April's tweets and story:


WH correspondents from CBS, People Magazine and Daily Mail all confirm almost exact versions of this story from their own sources.  And since the former Trump employee has shown her ass on MANY occasions this past year alone (remember that NABJ foolery where she popped off on blacks and her horrific reaction to the crowd at the NAN Women's Brunch?).  So none of this is difficult to believe.


Trump himself literally said 'Bye and thank you for your service' (like we all said he would do eventually after she campaigned so hard for him):

Tragic. As if any of us knew what she was actually doing at her "job" anyway.


 photo OMARH_zpspmxbk9gj.jpg

That brings us to this morning when the now three-times-fired-by-Trump employee took her non-talents to "Good Morning America."  She wasted no time for a chick who supposedly still has a job till January.

She then proceeded to do the predictable: Play victim about the things she saw and the way she was treated as the only black woman in the White House.  She just couldn't take it anymore, so she "resigned" effective mid-January. She also said she would be "telling her story soon" to "her people".  Oh.

The former "Apprentice" villain, who arrived and left with her "pastor" husband, said the firing rumors are all false, and are a result of April Ryan's "personal vendetta" against her.

That's interesting, since the Secret Service confirmed they've already been advised to snatch her White House pass:




Here's her full interview, or whatever you want to call it:


Twitter & IG were on 100 with the dragging, both before and after her "explanation" interview this morning.

 photo 844x1500.jpeg.80c47e21672b4b28afdc81857641f258_zpsbueurbgv.jpg  photo 844x1500.jpeg.afaf453ae57b45bda26c59c54639d759_zpsbrksxkdw.jpg

Angela Rye exhibited enough petty for all of us in response:


Even Robin Roberts, probably the most neutral and nicest reporter in media, looked like she'd had enough. Chick even let out a whole "Bye Felicia."



Happy Birthday to ME #ShesBeenAroundMeToLong

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*closes our own coffin*



Merry Christmas from Pastor John Allen Newman & Lady Newman

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