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TWEET & DEFEND! Chris Brown, Cardi B. & More Reach Out To Help Bullied Kid Who's Going Viral

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When a Knoxville, Tennessee school kid went viral this weekend after telling his emotional bullying story, both everyday people and celebs starting offering up words of support and taking action.  See what Chris Brown and others said inside...

How horrible!

We all have heard how much a problem bullying is both online and offline, and now, little Keaton Jones is another face of the movement to make it all stop.

Keaton's mother posted a video of her son after school recently asking why his classmates are bullies.  He was bullied tot he point where he wouldn't eat lunch, because kids would pour milk on him and make fun of his looks to the point where he is shaking and crying.

It's sad to watch, but seeing athletes, actors and people around the net stand up for what's right is definitely a good thing.  Some people have even set a plan to go up to the school on Tuesday and meet up with little Keaton.

Chris Brown posted the video and words of support:

And other YBF celebs are also speaking up:

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What Breezy said.  F**k bullying.


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