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THE THIRST IS REAL: Tupac's Alleged Ex-Girlfriend Is Trying To Sell His D*ck Pic For Thousands

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 photo tupacparty.jpg

A woman who claims to be Tupac’s ex-girlfriend has put his d*ck pic up for grabs. Deets inside…

Everyone is looking for a quick come up and they’ll do so at anyone’s expense.  ANYONE'S.

A woman claiming to be the ex-girlfriend of the late Tupac Shakur claims she has a picture of his genitals and she’ll be auctioning it off for some cash.

 photo tupacpenis1.jpg

According to TMZ, the explicit picture (seen above) was taken during a house party in Marin County, California back in the 90s. Apparently, Pac had a thing where he liked to show off his manhood no matter who was around. That night, the woman threatened Pac saying she was going to take a picture of his penis if he didn’t put it away. In true Pac fashion, he didn’t care and left it out, so she snapped the pic.

Now, she’s looking to bank thousands. She will reportedly sell it privately to a rock ‘n’ roll auction house and she’s looking to get $7,500 for it. If they don’t agree to the amount, then it's said she will sell it to the highest bidder.


She also plans to sell other pictures of Pac at the party that you can see here.

If the auction house doesn’t buy, would you??


Photos: TMZ

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