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Blac Chyna Reportedly Gets JACKED For $200K & It Appears To Be An Inside Job!

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Yikes! Someone reportedly robbed Blac Chyna for a whopping $200,000 and police believe it may be someone close to her or her fiancé Rob Kardashian. More inside…


Oh no!

It’s being reported Blac Chyna was robbed for thousands of dollars after someone broke into her safe. And law enforcement believes it could be someone close to the Lashed owner or her fiancé Rob Kardashian.

TMZ reports a robber stole more than $200K in cash and jewels from a safe inside Chyna’s home in Tarzana over the weekend. The thing is, there were no signs of forced entry, which leads police to believe someone close to either Chy or Rob may be the culprit.

$200K? Hmph. Lashed sales must be up and her hosting gigs must pay well.

Rob, who often stays at the home with Chyna, reportedly made the discovery and called the cops.

It’s interesting to note, news about a sex tape involving Blac Chyna and her ex-fiance Tyga is currently being shopped around. News of a sex tape being shopped around popped up today, so we wonder if the robbers also grabbed the tape. Chy’s lawyer Walter Mosley told TMZ if anyone releases the alleged tape, she will be suing, so whomever it is better lawyer up.

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