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Terrence Howard Gets Love Fom His Alleged Estranged Wife + Lee Daniels Praises Serayah's Hair & Her "Middle America Appeal" Inside The EMPIRE Season 2 PREMIERE

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So much for Terrence Howard heading to divorce court.  Find out what we learned about the "Empire" actor while inside the hit show's premiere night, plus what your faves told us on their big night about hair, auditions, and more...

Well isn't this interesting?  TheYBF.com partnered with "Empire" sponsor Lincoln to hit the golden carpet recently for the hit show's season two premiere.

Despite courtroom proceedings and divorce documents that were signed, sealed and delivered that say Terrence Howard recently divorced his third wife Mira Pak, Mira was front and center on this past weekends golden carpet at her husband's big premiere.

Terrence recently attempted to debunk "rumors" of the divorce by posting happy pics of the couple and their new baby to his Facebook page--something he rarely, if ever, does.

Now, they're out and about on the town as if everything is all good.  Terrence has a show to promote, afterall, and all that bad publicity was allegedly hurting his on-screen time

We even caught the two acting lovey dovey at the Carnegie Hall premiere:

 photo IMG_8158_zps9hg2cvrg.jpg

Terrence was sweating profusely, so his boo helped him out a bit with a wipe of her hand.

 photo IMG_8140_zpsgu3hje2l.jpg

After the carpet and after the screening of the first episode of season 2 (which is a roller coaster of a doozy from opening scene to end scene), the entire cast took the stage for a lively panel discussion.  And we mean LIVELY.  From Gabby Sidibe describing her hilarious dinner with Lee Daniels before she got the job, to Terrence Howard's colorful description of every member of the Lyon family, the cast had the room on fire.

Director Lee Daniels also revealed something interesting about the naturally curly Serayah, who plays Tiana Brown on the show.

 photo IMG_8288_zpsbyefpjwg.jpg

Both Serayah and Lee Daniels revealed that Serayah rocks her own hair at all times and it was required for the role. Serayah revealed, paraphrasing, "I grew up hating my big curly hair and didn't know that it could be beautiful.  Lee showed me how beautiful it could be."

Serayah told the story about how Lee told her NOT to straighten her hair when she came back the next time.  And he made sure the entire Carnegie Hall room knew that is all Serayah's hair....she doesn't wear weave and he won't allow it from her.

Why?  Because, he says, she's the show's connection to the middle America audience.  Lee insisted that Serayah was more "acceptable" to middle America than Ta'Rhonda and Gabby Sidibe, so she is the connection who draws them in.

Yes, more than a few of us cocked our heads to the side trying to figure out if this was a compliment or not....but it was just one of the eyebrow raising statements Mr. Daniels made that night.

Check the video below at the 38:00 mark:


Still, the panel was fun and lively with the entire cast singing 'Happy Birthday' to Taraji, Terrence describing the Lyon family as crazy as $%^* and a few other things.

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Check the gallery below of the red carpet arrivals, plus video from the cast's big night!


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