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MEET ME AT THE ALTER: “Jagged Edge” Member Kyle Norman Says He’s A Changed Man & MARRIES Woman He Choked Out

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Jagged Edge member Kyle Norman is a married man now. He recently got married to the woman he choked and forced to swallow her own engagement ring during an altercation back in January. Get the deets on their wedding and how Kyle has turned a new leaf inside….

This past January, Jagged Edge member Kyle Norman was arrested on aggravated assault charges after he allegedly forced his fiancée Marrika Maria to SWALLOW her engagement ring. Now…they’re married!

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Kyle, who's currently making a comeback on the music scene with Jagged Edge, claims he’s a changed man and that he no longer drinks, do drugs and has started counseling to help with his issues. In an exclusive interview with Rolling Out, the R&B crooner talked about owning up to his mistakes and feeling regret for what he did to his partner saying,

“Fellas, we as men have a problem with our apologies. If you make a mistake, own up to it and man up! That’s what I had to do to get my queen back. I apologize to my brothers of Jagged Edge, to my family, my wife and my fans and anyone I let down. I let myself down and my family, and for that I apologize. And I got myself some help. I don’t drink or do drugs anymore and I have changed my entire way of living and thinking. It’s never too late to change. I am just happy she has given me this opportunity to spend the rest of my life with her showing her how much I really do love her. I’m giving her all the hot sauce she wants [smiles].”

Putting the past behind them, Kyle and Marrika decided to “meet at the alter” for an impromptu wedding at the Suite Food Lounge ATL surrounded by close family and friends recently.

After undergoing several surgeries due to the injuries she sustained from the attack, Mrs. Norman said Kyle is the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with and believes he will never put his hands on her again. Hmph. She’s also in the process of writing a book for battered women, a term she recently embraced to help other women get out of bad situations. She told the publication,

“Crediting my deep prayers and talks with God, my deep love for Kyle and conviction that Kyle really does love me and has vowed not to place his hands on me ever again. I am not listening to the naysayers who keep trying to say he doesn’t love me and encourage me to leave. I will admit, I am in a lot of pain every day, physically. I am on several different pain medications which keep me up. I am not able to get more than three hours of sleep. I’m attending counseling three times per week and I know in my heart that God will help me get through this. I’m blessed to be alive and still have the love and support of my familyl I am finding it easier each day to shun the haters that leave me text messages and voicemails.”

Wow...well congrats to them. Let's keep our fingers crossed he learned his lesson....


Photos: Jonell Media PR for Steed Media Service via Rolling Out

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