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YBF INTERVIEW: Nas' Daughter Destiny Jones Gets “Lipmatic” About Her Lip Gloss Collection & Acting + Dishes On Boss Moves VS. Daddy's Help

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Destiny Jones is busy making moves and carving out her own lane in the cosmetics industry, outside of being the daughter of famed rapper Nas. After releasing her brand new spring collection from her Lipmatic lip gloss line, the young entrepreneur chopped it up with TheYBF.com about being a young boss, her dad's involvement in her business, and she offered some great advice to other celebuspawns.

Find out what Destiny told us about all of those things and more inside….

Life as a rich celebrity kid seems like it would be all about endless shopping sprees in Beverly Hills, extravagant luxury vacations, hanging out with friends all day and damn near having the world at your fingertips. While some of this is true for the daughter of Queensbridge rap legend Nas, that’s not ALL this 20-year-old is doing.

Yes, Destiny Jones loves a shopping trip down Melrose that ends with sushi with her bestie, but she’s also all about her business as she heads her very own organic lip gloss collection.  She affectionately titled it Lipmatic, a play off of her dad’s classic Illmatic album.

The youngin' chopped it up with TheYBF.com about what inspired her to launch her own lip gloss line, which she credits to beibg a self-proclaimed “lip-gloss-a-holic.” So how did Destiny turn what started out as an obsession into an actual business?

“For about a year I would have different ideas, but it wasn’t until I thought of the name for it that I was ready to move forward,” she told TheYBF.com. “I thought of Lipmatic, so I told my dad and when he heard the name I think that’s when he got excited about it and we just kind of took it from there.”


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Now, Destiny’s Lipmatic lip gloss is available for purchase at Lipmatic.com for $14 per lippie. And she also has a special where if you purchase 4 lippies, you can get them for a $50 package deal. Right now, Lipmatic is solely sold online but she hopes to bring it to retail soon.

You can’t be the daughter of a Hip Hop entrepreneur and not learn a thing or two about how to grind and hustle.  So how involved is Papa Jones exactly? Destiny says,

“If I have any business questions, he will help me, but other than that he lets me do it all myself.”

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As she gears up to introduce more fab shades from her collection, the YBF chick called up her cousin - “black•ish” star Yara Shahidi -- to model for an upcoming campaign. (Peep a few behind-the-scenes shots HERE). When asked what it was like shooting with her little cousin, she tells us,

“It was great. Yara is such a doll. As soon as I saw her, I knew exactly what color. It was important that we made her look 15. She just looked so adorable. It was actually fun working with her. And when we would shoot together, we just kept looking at each other and laughing, so it was just natural working with her.”


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In a previous interview, Yara revealed she had no idea her cousin Nas was a big rap star, but Destiny on the other hand knew her dad had star power since she was born. She spilled,

“I was painfully aware that my dad was a star. I remember being 4-years-old and seeing him on the cover of every single magazine and I would be like ‘Look, that’s dad!’ And my mom would be like ‘Shh! Quiet.’ My whole life...I just always knew.”

So who would Destiny like to see her new lippies on? The usual suspects you could probably guess: Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez and Kerry Washington

Outside of launching and expanding her lip gloss collection, Destiny also revealed she’s gearing up to enter the acting realm, much like her cousin Yara. She told us she has been studying hard as she perfects her skills before she heads out on auditions. 

Destiny revealed this surprising info about her intense acting preparation:

“I have acting class usually in the evenings. I take two acting classes a week and they are 5 hours, so I have 10 hours of acting class a week. You have to do homework for it everyday for a hour. It’s super intense, but I think I’m getting a lot better in my skills. I definitely didn’t want to jump into acting when I’m not at my best. I wanted to be as trained as possible. And I definitely need to do more as far as like vocal lessons and dance classes just be all the way around trained. I definitely want to go into acting and start going on auditions.”

As for her dream debut role, the NYC native said she would love to play an African princess or star in a role as a strong, empowered woman. We love to hear that!

As much as Destiny has going on, it’s clear she's changed from her wild child teen days (the days her father rapped about on his "Daughters" track). We pressed her about it but she says there simply isn’t much time for boys. And even if she does find time to entertain a few, she has never let them meet her father. She stated emphatically:

“I have not introduced my dad to any boys. EVER. Right now, I’m just doing me and I’m not dating anybody.”

Smart.  Destiny, who celebrates her 21st birthday next month, offered up a few words of wisdom to other children of celebrities who are trying to create their own lane. And it was quite profound. She said,

“Stop comparing yourself to your parents. We’re NOT our parents. We’re our own people and even though they’ve set a great example for us, we have to be our own person and make our own lane. If you spend your life trying to imitate them and be just like them, you’ll always be second.”

Great advice.

It appears Ms. Jones knows exactly what she wants out of life.  We wish her nothing but the best and can’t wait to see if she rules the [beauty & acting] worlds.  Imagine that.


Photos: Bri Romano



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