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LEGAL WOES: Stevie J INDICTED For BAILING On $1 Million In Child Support

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"LAHH ATL" star Stevie J is facing some serious jail time now that he's been indicted for owing over $1 Million in child support.  More inside...


Move over Teresa Guidice, another famous reality star might be headed to the slammer. You'll recall that we told you about "LAHH ATL" star Stevie J failing a string of mandatory drug tests (10 tests in 6 months), which were part of his bail for an outstanding child support case .  And now there's more bad news.

Going back to that outstanding child support case (he owes $1,107,412 for 2 kids), a grand jury had decided to indict him. Stevie will be arraigned on the charges in NYC on Feb. 10th.  We wonder if Mona Scott will send Joseline Hernandez and the LAHH camera crew over to the courthouse to film the shenanigans. You know they never miss a beat over at LAHH HQ....

TMZ reports that Steve is currently doing a 30-day stint in a rehab facility, because of the failed drugs tests we just told you about. SIDEBAR: His social media manager has done a good job of making it appear like he's still out and about (check his Instagam account and you'd never know he was in rehab).  We really hope he gets the tools he needs to pull his life together.

We'll be watching....


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