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UPDATES: Tameka Posts Pics Of Cinco In The Hospital With His Brothers To Show His Progress + Chris Brown's Rep Says Seizures Brought On By Stress & Negativity

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Looks like Usher V is getting back to normal.  And his mom Tameka Raymond is posting picture updates to let everyone know his progress.  Check out what's going on inside, plus Chris Brown's seizure explanation....

Cutie Usher V is resting up in the hospital and is expected to get out in a few days, according to reports.  And his mom Tameka, after losing her request for emergency custody of her and Usher's two sons, is still keeping it positive.  She posted the above pics of her sons Ryan, Jr. and Naviyd chillin' with their brother in the hospital saying:

Don't ask me about the box cut on @rg2point0 w/his hyper brother. #KidNPlay #OldSchool #Family #Myhearts


 photo ScreenShot2013-08-11at101325AM_zpse20c11cb.png

And it seems like Cinco is more concerned with "Fresh Prince" than anything else:

Woke up cheerful, happy and hungry. Watching Fresh Prince... What does he know about the Fresh Prince? Intense face. Lol

Cute.  Glad to see he's doing A-Ok.  But Tameka has more fights on her hands.  She returns to court August 27th for a full custody hearing.  And she and Usher have been battling it out over child support payments since before this pool accident.

TMZ reports Usher filed docs earlier this month asking to pay a lower rate than his $8,000/month child support payments for Usher V & Naviyd.  Why?  Because he and Tameka never re-adjusted the payment requirements since Usher gained full primary custody of the kids.  So he feels he's been overpaying for the last 7 months, and wants to lower that ish.


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And as for Chris Brown, he refused treatment after his seizure on Friday.  But now, we've learned why the seizure happened in the first place.

Breezy's rep told Us Weekly that it happened in the studio Friday morning and it was a non epileptic seizure (NES) brought on by stress.  The rep added:

"His doctor tended to him this afternoon and attributes the NES to intense fatigue and extreme emotional stress, both due to the continued onslaught of unfounded legal matters and the nonstop negativity."

That explains why Chris threatened to quit the music biz just a few days ago saying it would make mainstream America happy. 

Meanwhile, Chris just shot his "Love More" video featuring Nicki Minaj.  And he was spotted above doing a technical scout of the location. 

Keep ya head up Breezy.


Photos: Tameka's IG/RivetingEntertainment's IG

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I hope chris brow feels

I hope chris brow feels better <3 <3 <3 -TeamBreezy

I really wish Tameka would

I really wish Tameka would stop posting pics of this boy on instagram and twitter. The boy is barely out of the hospital, sheesh!
nikki6's picture

I don't really care for

I don't really care for Tameka but all her kids are very striking! I tell people all the time it's not about complexion it's about facial features and with both of her husbands she has produced some very handsome boys! Usher and Tameka both need to be grateful about how their son's beautiful life was saved because thousands of kids die all the time from pools drowning's. They both need to let all this go especially Tameka. It's a reason why she does not have custody of any of her kids!
Shay's picture

Those boys are so cute! Thank

Those boys are so cute! Thank God he is ok! I am sure both parents, grandparents and family and friends are joyful!
JAEJINX's picture

I agree with most of you guys

I agree with most of you guys but im sorry, i dont believe either of these self loathing basTERDS want yall prayers!
SlowNeckBecky's picture

sorry I meant peace upon this

sorry I meant peace upon this family in HIS name
afua's picture

Yes upon this family in HIS

Yes upon this family in HIS name
afua's picture

hope usher & tameka come to

hope usher & tameka come to some peace

I wish they could find peace,

I wish they could find peace, but seeing that he is looking to lower her Child support payments from a measly $8k to nothing shows me his intentions for wanting custody. Usher is a small minded bastard. I understand that he doesn't probably have money anymore since falling off, but to mischaracterize his kids mother is disgusting. I used to really support his music and sub-par movies, these recent stunts have turned me off from him totally. Usher is looking to take these kids just to not have to pay child support. His lawyers took time out to lower her child support, Funny thing is I haven't seen her ask for a penny in support from him during all of these court proceedings. Usher really sucks as a man and I can't imagine dealing with not having FULL access to my daughters. He is trying to make her snap.
Birdfood's picture

If he has custody why is he

If he has custody why is he paying "child support"? If she does not have full custody why does she need $8k? 2nd: So he wanted custody to NOT pay to take care of them? So when you have custody everything is free?
JAEJINX's picture

Tameka's children are

Tameka's children are absolutely adorable! I hope she and Usher can come to an amicable agreement for the children's sake. Chris B......I'mma have to keep him lifted in prayer bc this makes me fear for his life. He definitely needs a long hiatus from the scene. Jay said it best, first they love you, then they hate you, then they love you again. I hope I don't read about him on an RIP tip. GWS Chris!
Betnotsay's picture

I hope Chris stops the

I hope Chris stops the bullshit & gets his life right. He is not how he use to be. Hopefully he starts doing things that makes him happy & stop worrying about negativity. Because most of the things he has done is his fault & he should know when you do something stupid and your Chris Brown you will get criticized x5.
Monae's picture

Team Cinco ALL day !!!!!

Team Cinco ALL day !!!!!
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@Chris Brown's Rep: THATS A

@Chris Brown's Rep: THATS A DAMN LIE!!!!

So true!

So true!
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