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STILL TOGETHER: MiMi Faust & Nikko Cuddle Up At Black Celebrity Giving Event

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 photo BlackCelebrityGivingBCGHostsTheGivingBoutiqueaHomelessYouthShoppingExperience82013byCME3000__zps6844d653.jpg

MiMi Faust & her man Nikko are still together, and doing some good together.  Check out how they spent their charitable weekend together inside...

MiMi & Niko popped up at the Black Celebrity Giving (BCG) event in Atlanta on Saturday to help the non profit organization with their national Cause campaign that raises awareness for those in need in the Atlanta area.

Homeless teens and families were given the opportunity to partake in pop-up shopping boutiques to have a true "shopping experience," minus the price tags.  And MiMi, in neon Jimmy Choos, & Nikko were there to lend a hand as celebrity sales associates:

 photo BlackCelebrityGivingBCGHostsTheGivingBoutiqueaHomelessYouthShoppingExperience32013byCME3000__zps0f81287e.jpg  photo BlackCelebrityGivingBCGHostsTheGivingBoutiqueaHomelessYouthShoppingExperience22013byCME3000__zpsdb0061aa.jpg  photo BlackCelebrityGivingBCGHostsTheGivingBoutiqueaHomelessYouthShoppingExperience12013byCME3000__zps74faa4f8.jpg

We're only halfway surprised these two stayed together after al the "Love & Hip Hop: ATL" drama...


Photos: Chris Mitch/CME 3000


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Mimi is the poster child for

Mimi is the poster child for dis-functional relationships. No shade, no hate. Being abandoned by her mother has caused her to cling to people when she should kick them to the curb. When Nikko was verbally abusing her on an episode of "LOVE AND HIP HOP", she should have left him for good but since she is accustomed to dis-function from being with Stevie for years, she simply went back to him. She doesn't know how to set boundaries. She is desperate to be loved and it shows. Men should know that they don't have ONE time to disrespect you. When they see that she'll easily blow it off, it tells them that she will accept any kind of treatment. From the mouth of Maya Angelou...."you teach people how to treat you." Another golden nugget from Maya...."when people show you who they are - believe them." I hope from her daughter's sake that she gets some therapy and learns how to have a loving, nurturing relationship with someone who respects her ALL of the time otherwise her beautiful daughter, Eva, is destined to repeat the pattern/cycle when she grows up.
love7endures's picture

I LOVE your comments, they're

I LOVE your comments, they're always on point and positive :) I am glad Mimi left Stevie but I don't like Nikko either. Hopefully, they're relationship is better than what we've seen on TV.
Mrs_B_35's picture

MiMi And Erica Need Their Own

MiMi And Erica Need Their Own Show
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Peterss's picture

OH WOW, they actually look

OH WOW, they actually look good together.....That VH1 money must be nice. Go head Mimi & Nikko!
Naomi's picture

Mimi lost a lot of weight she

Mimi lost a lot of weight she looks good.
Babyjane's picture

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xcbrwywey357's picture

Why is she back with this

Why is she back with this opportunist! Damn you mimi. Be smarter than that gurl
Logan_12's picture

Nikko looks nice but there is

Nikko looks nice but there is just something about him that I don't like. But I'm glad Mimi moved on from Stevie, who thinks it's ok to stick his dick in a chick who used to be a prostitute. Disgusting! I'm not sure why people label Mimi the weak one, she actually left that situation with Stevie and Joseline. She got off the bus and Joseline is still on! Joseline was the one begging for Stevie's love, buying a ring, begging for marriage, and for him to move in with her. That's the definition of a weak bitch.
Mrs_B_35's picture

*posting as @litebrite*

*posting as @litebrite* ummmmok nikko. mimi's dress is cute but her shoulders are soooo broad
Anonymoustoo's picture

Why is Nikko wearing a jacket

Why is Nikko wearing a jacket in Atlanta in July????? That is all kinds of crazy. Mimi is sleeveless and wearing sandals (as she should) and this fool is dressed like it is snowing outside. WTF?
love7endures's picture

This is the best I've ever

This is the best I've ever seen Nikko look.
Synsation's picture



Mimi's hair does not look

Mimi's hair does not look laid like it usually does .. and she is SO DAMN WEAK. Cannot get over it. A man does not define you. Remember that 5th grade argument with K. Michelle "Well you don't even have a man" -- As soon as I heard that I was like, damn, she's weaker than I thought, for the first insult out of her mouth to be related to somebody having a man or not.
Girl's picture

Do that ninja really have a

Do that ninja really have a painted on beard and hairline - REALLY?????????

HEY--If u like it, I LOVE it,

HEY--If u like it, I LOVE it, Mimi!! Best of luck to you both.
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