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Did Kelly Rowland's Ex-Fiance Roy Williams CONFIRM The Abuser She Was REALLY Talking About On "Dirty Laundry"?

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After yesterday's heartfelt release of her new single "Dirty Laundry" hit the net, folks have been puzzled about who exactly Kelly Rowland was speaking of when she confessed about her abusive past with an ex.


The first person that came to most people's minds was her ex-fiancee, former Cowboy baller Roy Williams.  But he says today it wasn't him, and he revealed who the abuser very well could have been....

Kelly Rowland exposed her heart and her past yesterday on her newest track "Dirty Laundry."  For the first time, her fans heard her story about her bittersweet "envy" of her sis Beyonce's career taking off, as well as the abusive relationship she suffered from.

This verse made everyone take notice:

I was battered, he hit in a window like it was me until it shattered/He pulled me out, he said, ‘Don’t nobody love you but me, not your mama, not your daddy, and especially not B.’

Who was she speaking of?  Most people thought Roy Williams, her former NFL fiancee.  Remember when they were in Modern Bride magazine taking pics like this like, forever ago:

 photo kelly-roy_zps755a1771.jpg

The two called off their wedding around the same time this issue came out.  But Roy tweeted today their break up was not because of abuse.  Because he IS NOT the culprit.  He said:

So Kelly has a new song. Called #DirtyLaundry.. & what ever she's saying in it ppl thinks it's me. #wow #imnottheonlypersonshedated #wasntme

And in response to someone tweeting him saying they thought it was actually her other ex, Cuda Love, Roy said:

#bingo but thats not my place to speak on it.. #somanystoriespeoplejustdontknowaboutRT

Hmmm. Sounds like a confirmation to us.  As for Cuda (pictured below in the middle), you'll remember him from the late 90's and early 2000's when he was getting shouted out on every other song by Mase.  He also managed both Mase and Cam'Ron

 photo d2d3062ecadb11e18e3c22000a1e8b97_7_zps470d3a51.jpg

Cuda hasn't put out any public statement confirming or denying the accusation.  Neither has Kelly. 

For now, she's simply letting her music speak for itself and has gotten things off her chest.  And we applaud her for it.

Kel's album Talk A Good Game is in stores June 18th.


Photos: Kliv27's Instagram/Modern Bride/FAME


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People are retarded to think

People are retarded to think that Kelly is jealous of Beyonce! Even after listening to the song retards still think she was jealous.. IDIOTS need to listen and stop twisting truth into total crap.

I thought keeping it real was

I thought keeping it real was a good thing but......Rick James would say "they shoulda never told you Dopes about the Internet"

It took alot of courage to

It took alot of courage to write that song AND release it....God bless her.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

I just CAN'T right now with

I just CAN'T right now with Kelly! Just like I thought it would be yesterday after checking my email trending was "KELLY ROWLAND IS JEALOUS OF BEYONCE AS SHE REVEALS IN HER ANGRY NEW SONG! Why Kelly Why! Somethings don't need to be brought out in PUBLIC, because the media has a way for changing and DISTORTING the TRUTH! Some dirty laundy needs to be dealt with in some SHRINKS OFFICE SOMEWHERE PRIVATELY! Again WHY?
Shay's picture

Here we go with this light

Here we go with this light vs dark game b******* dark skin women looking at Kelly Rowland like a superhero. let's blame Beyonce daddy because Kelly got beat up by her boyfriend etc.. f*** out of here "Dark Skin" women please "Don't Start"! Kelly Rowland is just trying to sell an album by using and prying on your insecurities .... Can't we all just get along (Damnn!) by the way the "SONG" sucks but kudos to her for getting out of that bad relationship...
REd™'s picture

My ex tried that abuse shit

My ex tried that abuse shit and my daddy followed him home let him see his face then fired a warning shot right into his windshield inches from his head. I take after father and have a zero tolerance for that shit. I'm gonna go find this song and have a listen.
SadieJade's picture

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xvbdhfd356's picture

that song is deep! .i cant

that song is deep! .i cant believe that nelly was involved in kelly rowland's abusive relationship..i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

@Jesus H. . . ~ that and

@Jesus H. . . ~ that and having a bunch of brothers and/or the goon squad get in fisty's a$$.
GetUrLife's picture

Kelly was brainwashed, thanks

Kelly was brainwashed, thanks to Matthew and Mama Knowles, to think that Beyonce was the chosen one and the beautiful one because she's light etc. It's the same ish that's been going on for centuries..house negroes were light, darkies were field hands..it's modern day slavery. Thankfully LeToya and LaTavia were able to be deprogrammed and make it out okay. Kelly please stop coming off as WEAK. It's not attractive and you are too beautiful for that!
PacificGirl's picture

Kerry is a stronger woman

Kerry is a stronger woman than me, cuz I hold stuff in, and let it boil over. Either he would have been in jail, or I would have flipped out, and the police would have been charging me with assault. The minute a person verbally abuse you, that's the only cue you need to walk away from that situation. Kelly is a strong woman, and Bless her, hopefully she has a man in her life that treats her like a Queen.

Most of you guys don't get

Most of you guys don't get it. Selling music is synonymous as selling yourself, your life story. People buy into your music because they buy into you or relate to you hence your music. That's the price you pay for fame. Her marketing people/PR said Kelly "People don't know much about you, you got to connect with an audience to sell more records" Now people tongues are wagging because no one knew this stuff about Kelly. I appreciate her more because she's open up more. Plus this: IF YOU ARE A DARK SKIN GIRL/WOMAN & YOU'VE NEVER FELT a LITTLE INSECURE about the way music, TV and pop culture glorify lighter skin women then you a DAMM Lie!! Plus she was adopted living with princess B & their rich ass family,of course you gonna feel some type of way. This woman revealed herself, so what if its to help sell her music that's what she got to do. Beyonce miscarried, she got an illegitimate brother & Jayz used to sell crack, look like a camel, but he don't care, he's rich. So y'all stop hating.

Glad she made it out

Glad she made it out
Sunshine's picture

As fine as Kelly Rowland is

As fine as Kelly Rowland is IM STARTING TO HATE HER. Like goddamn sista , instead of making music ya ass should've gotten into modeling or some shit, GO TO CHURCH LIKE MICHELLE or something. You says beyonce name EVERY GODDAMN INTERVIEW, you states that it took a light skin mixed creole to make you feel good about being dark skin, now ya saying you were jealous of beyonce , what's next sista you gonna say you want to bleach ya damn skin so you can look like her too?? DAMN KELLY!!! Im gonna say it like a great brotha said it today this chick is the female version of ray j, just can't make good music for shittttttttttt and need shock value in order to sell some records AND EVEN THAT DOESN'T WORK!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

It's 2013 she knows her

It's 2013 she knows her audience. People need for her to come out of her shell if she wants to stay in the music industry and that is exactly what she did. Then there are idiots like you who spew negativity with the intelligence of a 0 and the knowledge of nothing. It's easy to breakdown a character, but harder to lift someone up--whether you know them or not. If you can take the time to be negative towards someone you don't know, I can take the time to be positive.
Greatness77's picture

For the First time i agree

For the First time i agree with you Lol...
REd™'s picture

I just knew you would be on

I just knew you would be on this topic but was relieved it wasnt the same race rant you usually do..however sometimes when music is all you know its usually what u stick to! She is a lil dumb in the sense that both she and Brandy should tap into all the big magazines to do modelling or at least a shoot for her stories cos europe and easten people love black girls who look like this..i say it all the time..they realy cant think outside the box and just not compete in the same league..beyonce is actually famous because she works hard but shes nooo model!!!

Wow!! I have never agreed

Wow!! I have never agreed with anything you've said but... today I do! Come on now Kelly! Get it together!
Mama Mia's picture

Is Kelly doing this to sell

Is Kelly doing this to sell albums?? She's always so private and now all of a sudden she's singing about Beyonce and an abusive boyfriend. Of course Roy wants to clear his name! Everyone's automatically going to think it's him.
Mama Mia's picture

Agree..it's taken her how

Agree..it's taken her how many albums before now!!!!!

In my opinion, Roy Williams

In my opinion, Roy Williams had absolutely every right to spill the tea since Kelly didn't say no names about the abuser which left people assuming it was him and possibly ruining his name.

whomever Kelly was dating

whomever Kelly was dating circa 2003-2004 is the culprit for the abuse. Hence, the song "Girl" and she mentioned it was post survivor.
marylou's picture

I personally think Kelly is

I personally think Kelly is obsessed with Beyonce. Just read most of her interviews. She says Beyonce's name 1000 times in damn near all her interviews. Beyonce RARELY talks about Kelly in hers. So, Kelly has been building Beyonce's brand for years while not building hers at all. SMH
shylibra's picture

What did she expect. they

What did she expect. they want thug love. i don't know why women go out with black ballers and rappers especially these new school rappers they're the ignorant generation.
xedos's picture

Thats why Jesus keeps a

Thats why Jesus keeps a loaded Revolver in his purse
Jesus H. Christ's picture


Awwwww Shucks's picture

Say his name Kelly...what you

Say his name Kelly...what you scared of?
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

*singing* ...."say his name,

*singing* ...."say his name, say his name.......*
Jesus H. Christ's picture

well Beyonce is always going

well Beyonce is always going to be better,more famous, more money, better mogal husband and then there is Kelly and well Michelle
lola69's picture

According to your theory,

According to your theory, that would definitely make Beyonce better than you too. #thingsuglypeoplesay #goddontlikeugly
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

Agreed with memoirs. U ugly

Agreed with memoirs. U ugly

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