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VIDEO: Ray J's "I Hit It First" Featuring Bobby Brackins...And The Kim K. Look-A-Like

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The video for Ray J's hit single "I Hit It First" has arrived and as expected, it features a Kim Kardashian doppleganger.  See the visual inside...

Though he claimed the song "I Hit It FIrst" was not about his ex-girlfirend and "co-star" Kim Kardashian, viewers of the J.R. Saint-directed clip may have a hard time seeing a difference between the reality star and her video vixen doppleganger. 

Ray-J constantly told media the song isn't necessarily about her and we would be "surprised" to see who he puts in the video.  But um, we're so not surprised.  Everybody and their mama predicted this.

The funny vid seemingly documents the life of Kim K. including references to Kanye West (there's a shot of Insterstate 94 "West" in Chicago) and Kris Humphries (a look-alike who plays basketball). 

After a G-rated romp in a bedroom that looks very similar to the one we saw in their X-rated video (and we know you saw that ish!), the video ends with Ray J watching his "girlfriend" go on to paparazzi stardom.  Not sure who else this could be about but....OK Ray-J.


Watch the video below:





Ray J this is just stupid

Ray J this is just stupid (but hilarious at the same damn time) #smh and Kim is a whore but she definitely is not checking for Ray J any more... OMG that video!!! lol

Why is everybody so mad at

Why is everybody so mad at ray J?? I think this ish is hilarious! I mean we ARE talking about kim kardashian here. The girl ya'll made famous from screwing this dude. I mean he DID hit it first. Lol. I dont think its that deep. Let him make a little money off her name. She started her career off his. Shit really she started her career off Paris Hiltons. So why is he so wrong to make money off her name when HE is the reason she is where she is?? Why are people so pressed to support kim when she made herself a career from laying on her back? Anyone of ya'll beautiful girls posting on here can do the same thing and get famous. *shrugs*
Supermodel01's picture

Ray, please go play in the

Ray, please go play in the sandbox then proceed to 'timeout' and stay your ass in 'timeout' until you grow into a MATURE man. SMH.
SpeakingMyMind's picture

♪You're a loser you're a

♪You're a loser you're a loser you're a loser you're a loser you're a loser and a f**king jerk!♫
Peace Silas's picture

It's amazing how many people

It's amazing how many people are taking this seriously. It's CLEARLY a joke. He's not trying to sell CD's or go on tour. If you laughed, then he did his job. I laughed. He did fuuck her first. LOL!
Sabs4Prez's picture

Ray J is forever climbing up

Ray J is forever climbing up someone else's wall for 2.3 minutes of fame .. 2 point 3 not 23 people
PleaseTakeaSeat's picture

Kim K must have really put it

Kim K must have really put it on him because he's still crying over her...what a punk this dude is
Reign's picture

Ray J have several... Kim

Ray J have several... Kim ain't thinkin about yo ass
MsPisME's picture

This video made me laugh.

This video made me laugh. And what's more funny is how many hits it's gonna get. Not because it's a HIT, but because is kinda stupid. Lol
rant's picture

Awhhhh this is too cute! You

Awhhhh this is too cute! You can clearly tell Ray J misses Kim K.!!;) they were too cute together
Beseme_Ra's picture

Ayyyeeee * Sings "I hit it, I

Ayyyeeee * Sings "I hit it, I hit it, I hit it, I hit it, I hit it, I hit it first!" *
C2C's picture

Who gives a rats ass Ray J?

Who gives a rats ass Ray J? Let it go, move on and stop fucking lying, because we all know you hit Ms. NO WALLS, but you know good and damn well you ain't hit it first!! Fcking idiot.
Keonta's picture

This looks like a Mad TV

This looks like a Mad TV skit.
holmesa925's picture


shuga's picture

...and he's actually proud of

...and he's actually proud of this cheap-looking, low budget video.
wildlife's picture

I like Kim for purely

I like Kim for purely practical reasons. Why? she took her lemons and turned them into lemonade !

if you ever wanna see crazy,

if you ever wanna see crazy, let this clown make an I Hit It Last song about Whitty Hutton. Bobbi Kristina will go HAM!!! I know all the chix from For the Love of Ray J are like, "what about me? where's the song for me?" clearly Ray thinks Kim was his most important conquest ever.
shuga's picture

First OF All What Couples Do

First OF All What Couples Do In The Confines Of Their Bedroom Are Their Bidness. I Think It Was Dead Wrong For Brandy's Brother To Release The Tape. But In The End Kim Sued And Got Paid. This Is Really A Dig @Ye Because We All Know Brandy's Brother Is Not The First To Hit The Kooda-Kat. Check Kim's Roster. Smh...Brandy's Brother Is Not Just Showing Thirst....He Is Displaying Extreme Thirst By Having A Kim Looka-Like Chick In His Video. Kim. Don't. Want. You. No. Mo. Lil. Boi. Take. A. Seat. Then. Take. Several. Mo.Seats.
Keyths'Girl's picture

Ok let's state the obvious

Ok let's state the obvious (everyone has said it): This statement is a lie. You in fact did NOT hit it first (In my best Maury voice). When you did hit it, it was back in like 2005/2006. He then does interviews and says it's a light hearted song about all of his situations (not specifically the situation with Kim). First of all...let's not act like you were/are out there just taking virginity all up and down the west coast lol. All the chicks you've been alleged to having relations with are more than experienced - Kim, Lil Kim and Whitney (no shade to Whitney). I wonder if we are all looking at what he's saying wrong. Maybe "I Hit It First" is supposed to be direct shot to Kanye. More like "I Hit It Before You" and less of "I plant my D-flag here (one small step for a man, a giant leap for mankind). But why would he come out after aaalllll these years in such as distasteful manner? Like whatever he felt should have been resolved and over. Makes me wonder if they were still hooking up up until Kanye officially came into the pic. And now she turns up preggers with Kanye's baby. So here he is taking a shot at someone who is way more relevant than he is and trying to make money off of it. It's really #slimeballbehavior. Maybe he still feels some kind of way. Of course this is all speculation because for the life of me I can't figure out why he put so much negative energy in the form of a song/video and released it.
AnoniNYC12's picture

This is sooooooooo FUCKING

This is sooooooooo FUCKING pointless...stupid mother fucker.....Brandy come get ur dumb ass brother...
Sweetlips7's picture

Ray J. is a sad little boy.

Ray J. is a sad little boy. He's mad because he's NOT RELEVANT and spends all his time chasing the dream of one day becoming a star and an A-lister. He's pissy because Kim K. has the money and fame that he wishes he had. He's mad because the sex tape only made her a pseudo-celebrity and he got left in the shadows. She moved on to famous dude, after dude, after dude and never looked back and meanwhile, Ray J was still trying to become relevant. This s**t has probably been eating him up inside for years and he couldn't take it anymore. He needs to direct his energy somewhere else. Maybe he could try to get a deal with YMCMB as their official "hook singer". They're always looking for TALENTLESS, GIMMICKY, "sell your soul for a dollar" type. His feeble attempt for relevancy is making him look like he's "losing" and Kim K. like she's "winning".

Agreed. Kim is flying on

Agreed. Kim is flying on private planes, living in million dollar homes, appearing on the covers of magazines, and making making money from the reality shows. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, his broke ass has to resort to pulling punk ass antics to stay revelant. Brandy, please distance yourself from this fool.
SpeakingMyMind's picture

Who's the midget rapper?

Who's the midget rapper? .....this video and this negro are both whack
Grown Man Ish's picture

As Godiva said when you weigh

As Godiva said when you weigh who benefited most financially from the come-up sex tape Ray J should be in more embarrassed than in flaunting mode. But what else can you expect from a manchild who's always rode on his more successful sister's coattails.
Realist's picture

Ray-J needs to have a seat,

Ray-J needs to have a seat, why now mate, why now? This would have been funny years ago but now it's just sad..

This is funny and childish at

This is funny and childish at the same damn time!!!!!
monicaword's picture

Sooo, diddy had i need a girl

Sooo, diddy had i need a girl after his break up with jlo, justin timberlake had cry me ariver after his break up with Brittany Spears, Usher had let it burn after Chili, even bow wow even had outta my system after Ciara buti guess Ray J said Forget that! Yeah it has been a while so i'm gonna keep it real,Ha! Yall know Brandy brother think he too smoove for wining over anyway, only thing he shoulda did this a looooong time ago! Nice hook tho!
kp29's picture

this story is tired, Ray J is

this story is tired, Ray J is tired, and I'm tired of hearing people talk about it. Move on to something else please.
Miss D's picture

I can tell its a bunch of

I can tell its a bunch of young chicks actually defending Kim Kardashian...smh..because any educated successful woman cant stand that chick...How can a woman defend a chick who laid on her back to become famous...lol...you guys just look like idiots tearing down RayJ....instead tear down the dumb chick who you defending who making money off yall ding dong chicks....wow...#clueless
Bigswole1's picture

Girl you know it. PREACH! It

Girl you know it. PREACH! It aint nothing but little youngins that made kim k famous. Falling for her lies, and warped by her manufactured beauty. All the 25 and up crowd, including 30 something kim k, came up in a time of morals and standards and having respect for yourself and reputation. Kim k played on the "dont hate on me" card so everybody feels sorry for her instead of holding a standard for whose careers they choose to fund. You have to be youngins bc you dont understand the value of your money and power of your voice yet. And that certain people are famous because you put them there. While people of morals and values praise and uplift others who do something beneficial to society, like michelle obama and oprah types etc, these younging coming up praise and uplift reality show stars, strippers, and people like kim k whose desperate attempts at fame lead them to posing nude for playboy and making sex tapes. Oh the power of the internet.
Supermodel01's picture

If somebody can't stand Kim,

If somebody can't stand Kim, they're probably just mad cuz they aren't where she is. It's pointless to "hate" or "can't stand" someone that a.) don't give a damn about you and b.) still gettin money. Period.
MsPisME's picture

You sound like a complete

You sound like a complete idiot. Who's defending Kim Kardashian? She didn't lay on her back to become famous, what she did was made a sex tape with her boyfriend (which is something many black women have done), Ray J put the fucking tape out. People are tearing down Ray J because he is an asshole. Got that . . . an asshole. Kim Kardashian isn't making money off of black chicks, she hasn't created or marketed her products to any particular demographic. The only comment from a "ding dong" chick on this post is yours.
jgraves58's picture

Um get your facts staright.

Um get your facts staright. It has been well known to those of us who say kim k in the midst of her coming out, that SHE and her camp released that tape, sold it to vivid and capitalized off the wole thing. NOT Ray J. This is the same chick who has gone on the pose nude for several publications, and has been linked to countless black rappers and athletes. Lets start with the early onez....the games, pharell, fabulous...and the list goes onnnnn. I remember seeing and reading aout kim when she first came out in like 2004 and she had a reputation as a slut linked to paris hilton, and THEN came her sex tape. Sooo get our facts straight she IS indeed making money off BLACK people (ahem black athletes, rappers, big booty, twitter followers, youtube tutorials of blk girls doing makeup and hair like her) and she IS a whore, and she IS the mastermind behind the whole sex tape scandal being released. She took a note from paris hilton. Hello! Duh
Supermodel01's picture

The world is run by whores

The world is run by whores and those who love them @BIGSWOLE1 you sound surprised. KimK is the spokesperson for whores. She gave them a voice. This is their favorite line: " I have a past but only God can judge me." Thats when you know you're dealing with a buss down. I guess they don't remember the Norwood family going on Tyra and RayJ basically saying he never even had the tape in his possession. Brandy's mom them became furious and said "my child (RayJ) was offered several opportunities related to this tape but we declined, my child is not the one capitalizing from this, that girl is! so we all know who wanted this most!" Which is true, he basically disappeared after the release of that tape. If he were truly looking for attention why didn't he accept any of the opportunities offered? Its really sad to see Black women defend her and then question why black men dump you for them...very sad...
KENNEDY78's picture

Well, I guess we all should

Well, I guess we all should be mad at everyone in Hollywood because half of them got famous laying on their backs!
Yvette41's picture

You damn right, from cameron

You damn right, from cameron diaz drew barrymore n sweet ole taylor swift they all have numerous and countless boyfriends, only difference they didnt allow a sleazy pathetic loser bf like ray j tape them having sex
lolo's picture

Drew Barrymore? No

Drew Barrymore? No sweetheart, she was a child actress and her family are legends in Hollywood.
Suga Bear's picture

I think it's just pathetic.

I think it's just pathetic. This sex tape/them dating was YEARS ago. All I see is a thirsty little boy that's run out of tricks to hold on to his fame that expired years ago. He better hope none of them sue his ass because they will WIN. Dumb, dumb, DUMB.
Desi's picture

I don't think they will waste

I don't think they will waste their time in suing him because what are they going to win??Brandy's money?? This dude is just sad. Rode Whitney's coattails until her early demise (RIP Whitney) and now BACK on this tired video. Anyone who wanted to see it has so it does not have any value..lol.. I still question how in the h3ll did she make a million dollar plus career and he is making wack ass tracks with a KK wannabe in the video??? Go away RayJ
Missy's picture

I could not agree with you

I could not agree with you more....
Illustrious08's picture

seems like their brother hit

seems like their brother hit it first. that family is nasty
cassandra29's picture

who gives a fuck if he wasnt

who gives a fuck if he wasnt really the first to hit! he was the first to recorded it and put the shit out and made this bitch who she is today! all these spins and shit fake ass wedding he did alll that shit! and yall wanna come to kim kartrashian defense? fuck that!
BritJackson's picture

If he made her, then let him

If he made her, then let him make another one. *shrugs*
Suga Bear's picture

What has she done that no one

What has she done that no one else in Hollywood has done? He Rhianna no singing butt, sleeps around, drinks, smokes and has no class, but no one is commenting on that. Hell half of the entertainment industry is making sex tapes. Why the hell ain't no one talking about Pam Anderson's sex tape. Ray J was her boyfriend and he put it out there, not her.
Yvette41's picture

Paris Hilton, Pam Anderson

Paris Hilton, Pam Anderson they all have sex tapes but no one talks abt it, Kim refuses to allow setape to slow her down, i guess folks wud hv loved it if she killed herself
lolo's picture

Funny video, but let it go

Funny video, but let it go Ray-J. Now you just looking like a jealous hater. That was several years and many penises ago.
Jesus Take the Wheel.....before I crash's picture


VAL's picture

That was hilarious!

That was hilarious! hahahahaha
C2C's picture



Brandy's lil

Brandy's lil brother----->PLEASE GO AWAY, no one is even checking for you!
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