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VIDEO: Ciara's "Body Party" VIDEO Starring Future

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Ciara revealed the visual for hit her single "Body Party" today and her boyfriend Future stars as her leading man.  Watch the clip inside...


Ciara dropped the visual for her "Body Party" video today.  Produced by Mike WiLL Made It and written by Future, Cici's boyfriend, the video tells the story of how they met.  While wearing a sleeveless t-shirt with the word "Ballin" on it, harem pants and black sunglasses, Ciara, backed by a group of dancers,  uses her sexy movements to start a "body party" and catch Future's eye from across the room. 

Future throws CiCi a smooth line and predicts that they will become a couple....because he can see the "future".

While talking about the video, which pays homage to the Atlanta house party scene, she said"It’s been so many years since I’ve done a video in Atlanta.  That alone was refreshing, but went beyond that. We captured the spirit of the song and the feeling of having a body party. It’s the perfect combination."

The video features cameos from Ludacris, Trinidad James, and Jazze Pha.

"Body Party" will appear on Ciara's upcoming album Ciara (July 9th).


Watch the video here:




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OMFG there is so many fuckin

OMFG there is so many fuckin haters commenting on here! That video was hot so yall no talent muthafuckers can stfu. Get a fuckin life!
Sweet T's picture

video was dope "he reads" lol

video was dope "he reads" lol super cute vid love the vibe

I agree with some of you.

I agree with some of you. This video does have a 90s feel to it. I likes!
brownlace's picture

SORRY!!! The song is whack

SORRY!!! The song is whack and i couldn't watch past 10 seconds on the video. Moving along.......

Lawd I had to watch this

Lawd I had to watch this video with the sound off cause it sounds like 10 cats being drag thru gravel by they tails, then she eats them all and they crying out in her throat.

Rihanna's PAID haters stay on

Rihanna's PAID haters stay on the internet hating. Ciara will always be better than her, happier than her, and more beautifu and talented than her, and there is nothing she can do about it, but hate until she goes completely insane. She's almost there now. That's why she keeps canceling concerts. If Ciara had even half as much promotion as her, she'd get all the way to the top where she once was, and will be again, if LA Reid spends the money. Right now I want to preorder Ciara's CD but itunes says that I have to have an iphone or ipad device, and that is hurting her sells. Do your job LA Reid
cassandra29's picture

Love this! has a 90's feel.

Love this! has a 90's feel. Of course her dancing is always amazing.
KENNEDY78's picture

BORING!!!!!! Ciara does the

BORING!!!!!! Ciara does the same old stripper moves and that is not dancing IMO! she cannot sing worth a crap!! this video looks like something she has done before. I have not bought Ciara CD and will not buy this one. Love Sex and Magic with Timberlake was good but it went nowhere. Ciara is not a superstar.
sweetpea1989's picture

Exactly..same tired gyrating

Exactly..same tired gyrating moves assimilating sex...We get it Ciara, now do something else. The fk?
PacificGirl's picture

LOL!! Ciara cannot do

LOL!! Ciara cannot do anything else but that hoochie type of dancing we all know her singing voice sounds like a cat choking on a hair ball. LOL!!
sweetpea1989's picture

Assimilating? LMAO go back to

Assimilating? LMAO go back to school....
KENNEDY78's picture

It's a nice song and the

It's a nice song and the video was ok. Lol at the Steebie and Joseline "cameo" though!
luvlanda's picture

hot, steamy, sensual but not

hot, steamy, sensual but not over the top, nastalgic, melting, chemistry, future looks good for the first time in my eyes, sick body, ciara at her best, finally she gets it right, back on track, cameos of joseline and stebbie, trinidad, luda and jazze reminds me of her old videos..A town love, song does something to me, omg, i could watch this all day... in other words, i'm on board CC

The fluidity of her body

The fluidity of her body movements is ridiculous!!!!
holmesa925's picture


NOT BAD CiCi!! OK, Im onboard!! Im rooting for her to make it this time. The only thing I did not like about this video is that her boothang was in it. That was so expected. And I also want to say that if Beyonce did this video AFTER this, everyone would have been claiming that she was biting off Ciara with the "Dance 4 U" scene....but I'll let it rest
BooLuv's picture

I gotta say that I like this.

I gotta say that I like this. The video made me like the song. She looked so damn pretty to those beauty shoots were on point. Her body is the truth. The speaking parts were to long for my taste but other than that I liked it.
Perhaps's picture


OMGGGGGGG STOP THE HATING!!!!!!!!!! This is the shit- Ciara did that!!!!!!!!Really the song is amazing love the throw back to "my boo", she is beautiful, her body is on point and she is a talented dancer...I love this!!!!I am pleasantly surprised...I thought this next single was going to be wack but so in love with this song!! Now as for Future and the skit I must concur but the song is still dope!!!!!
Crystalalonso's picture

The same ole Ciara

The same ole Ciara video,humping the air,grinding on the floor...she can dance but its the same dances...but she can't sing at all,lord please don't let her try to sing&dance at the same damn time,"Terrible"...another boyfriend,another song&video together but still ain't help....
Ms770magnolia's picture

Have always been a fan. I

Have always been a fan. I guess because I so love "dance" music, her music always get me. I also love her as a person. Go Cici! I don't usually buy albums but I think this time around I will support.
belle noire's picture

I liked it except for the

I liked it except for the speaking parts. It's funny how Ciara dances so sexually suggestive with ease, yet in the bedroom scene where that kind of dancing is appropriate, she just looked stiff and choreographed.
g.r.i.t.s's picture

Ok...Its obvious CiCi is not

Ok...Its obvious CiCi is not a powerhouse singer. Aaliyah wasn't, Mya wasn't, Rihanna isn't, and the list goes on. She definitely has every other quality. So take it for what it is. I like the vibe of the video and the song.
Classic87's picture

All of those singers you

All of those singers you named could sing without their voice being completely propped up electronically. Like you can scarcely hear Ciara's voice in there. You may not like Rih's voice, but she uses it and can sing live because we're used to hearing it the way it is. Aaliyah had a light voice like Janet, Diana Ross and Josephine Baker, but all of them can hold a note. I don't know why you included Mya. She has a strong voice. Ciara is not in their category. She's in Cassie's category based on what is done in the studio to fill out her voice. Let us hear what she's working with. Don't give us totally artificial vocals.
Bird's picture

I agree that on this song her

I agree that on this song her vocals sound like she's straining. However, the video of her singing it live in her hotel....she was getting it (for what her voice is worth). And Rihanna sounds 10 million times better on her album compared to live.
Classic87's picture

I just so happen to see her

I just so happen to see her premiere her video on 106th & Park today and I thought it was very ackward to see Bow Wow sitting interviewing his ex-girlfriend while her new boyfriend Future watched from upstairs! I'm so proud of her and how she handled herself, Bow Wow is clearly someone CiCi has left in the "Dust" and she was very unphased by him and their little past together. I liked her video and I hope this will help her sell albums, there is NO reason that only 2 black females are making in the music bizz because there is ROOM for all of them! We all know she dances circles around both of them! Go CiCi I'm still ROOTING for you!
Shay's picture

I like the song and the video

I like the song and the video is cute. I think the tlkng parts with her and future kinda corny, lol. But not too bad. But overall im a riri stan and i dont like how ciara b tlkng shit. So she really going have to WERK for my album purchase lol.
Supermodel01's picture

Ut Oh!!!Here's Another One

Ut Oh!!!Here's Another One That Needs Her "Last Rites Read" Cuz Here Singing Career Is Just About Dead. I Must Admit She's A Pretty Girl.
Keyths'Girl's picture

Meh...I'm sorry I wasn't

Meh...I'm sorry I wasn't really feeling anything in that video. I really want Ciara to win I think she's got a lot of talent. But this song and this video reminded me of something from 98. I thought that with this album and everything ridding on it that it would be something I've never heard her do. Meaning I thought she was going to be outside the box on this...maybe challenge herself and her vocals. I hope this single isn't a precursor to what to expect from the album. I thought it was cute that Future was in this...but that's it. We know that Ciara can dance her azz off. But does she have to dance in EVERY video? Does she have to dance the same way in EVERY video? Like I said I really want her to win, but as an artist, I see no growth in her sound and movement. I hope the second single is better :(
AnoniNYC12's picture

Her body is on point plus

Her body is on point plus they brought it back to the A!! Dope!! I was waiting for that Ghosttown DJ's breakdown (oh well they can speed it up on the remix).
Money First's picture

I am a Ciara Fan yet I have

I am a Ciara Fan yet I have to be honest and say that the video and the song in my view is complete and total crap. The lyrics of the song are pathetic and juvenile and Epic Records handling of Ciara's career and the dreadfully inept promotion of her new album has been from the moment she signed with the label last year until now and continues to be absolutely disgraceful.

I'm not a fan of

I'm not a fan of over-sexualized videos, but Ciara is obviously a natural dancer and I liked the vibe of the video. Kinda reminded me of the old Ciara, and love or hate her music, she always puts her all into a video so I respect that. Plus she sampled one of my favorite songs so it was cool. Enjoyed the "Boy you should know that..." Took me back for a minute. Miss the 90s.
CheyPie's picture

Love, Sex, Magic, if that had

Love, Sex, Magic, if that had been promoted the way it should have been it would have went platinum. It is hard for females to get air time these days. Most of what you hear on the radio is male rappers. I guess they pay the DJs a lot of money. In the clubs, that I go to, they play no one black unless they sound like a white pop star. That's why everyone who sings for blacks are having low sales. And the black community doesnt have the money it used to. AND I tried to pre-order Ciara's new CD and the itune guy said I have to have an I-phone, Ipad or something like that, so I'll have to wait until the CD is out.
cassandra29's picture

So true about Love Sex and

So true about Love Sex and Magic, one of my favorites from her.
belle noire's picture

I am not a lesbian but Ciara

I am not a lesbian but Ciara is sexy and the way she dances is amazing and she cant sing but she has star quality
shaneice225's picture

I hope this video helps her

I hope this video helps her sell her album. It was a nice video.

The fake vocals leave much to

The fake vocals leave much to be desired, but I like the video. The fact that Future is her real boyfriend makes it even hotter for me. I also like that Jazzy Pha is in the video. Of course I still won't be buying her music, but the video is on point.
Bird's picture

Wow! it was so hot. They are

Wow! it was so hot. They are a HOT couple. Cant wait for the entire CD to drop.
cassandra29's picture

I'm loving it..... the song,

I'm loving it..... the song, the video, the relationship and the dancing especially!
BeautifullyTaelored's picture

Yes!!! this video was spicy

Yes!!! this video was spicy and had a 90's vibe to it!! Cici did that!!! nothing like a confident women embracing her sex appeal and dancing for her man. Ciara got a great body and knows how to werk it!!! I see you Cici!!
sexybrownpyt's picture

I love it!!!!! And I'm not

I love it!!!!! And I'm not just saying that, this is the best since she first came out...to me! I love it girl and you and Future are so cute together yaay! I will be supporting and wish you much success!!!
A new fan of Ciara's picture

Ciara always works her body

Ciara always works her body it WERKS

(rolls eyes and sighs)

(rolls eyes and sighs) NEEEEEEXT!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

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