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FIRST LOOK: Alicia Keys' "Master Class" On OWN + Future Is Working With Jennifer Lopez On New Music

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Alicia Keys talks about her rise from the projects to the penthouse on an upcoming episode of "Oprah's Master Class".  Watch a first look inside and see which entertainment/fashion icon rapper Future hooked up with in the studio.  

Alicia Keys is ready to trek out on her official tour to support her chart-topping album Girl On Fire, tweeting, "Less than 2 weeks til we #SetTheWorldOnFire! ;-) Cheers to my fam at @BlackBerry official tour sponsor! #KeepMoving"

And as Blackberry's new global creative director, she's asking fans to submit photos of themselves that will be included in music videos she'll play when she sings her song "Hallelujah" during her concerts . And she's using BB's Keep Moving Hub to create a unique video for each city on the tour.  She'll have crooner Miguel opening for her during the tour.

And for fans who'd like to see how she made it out of New York's Hells Kitchen and onto the world stage, she's teaching Oprah's next installment of Master Class.  Here's a first look...


Tune on Sunday, March 3, at 10/9c.  The "Brand New Me" singer opens up about getting bit by the singing bug, following her passion, her marriage to Swizz Beatz, motherhood and more.



In other music news....

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Rapper Future may have a somewhat sketchy personal life and some baby momma drama, but his "future" seems to be coming along quite nicely as he's producing and working with some of the industry's top acts (including Rihanna) and has just added another high-profile name to his list.  He tweeted, "rt “@JLo: Back on the block!! Guess what's coming.."

"What's coming" is a collaboration with Jennifer Lopez, which should prove very entertaining.  Jenny from the block has a history of tapping some of rap's hottest acts to help add some street cred to her tracks.  

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-26at101301AM.png

We haven't been feeling her music lately, but maybe this one will work for her.

The mom of twins Max & Emme also posted a pic of her and Future with producer Cory Rooney, who's responsible for some of her biggest hits like "Ain't It Funny", "I'm Real" and "Jenny From The Block."


Photos via Instagram

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Alicia needs to throw sum SHADES on cuz that DEAD EYE is scary!
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Its chess out here not

Its chess out here not checkers...do your thing Future!
Money First's picture

Alicia Needs To Just Focus On

Alicia Needs To Just Focus On Givin Swizzy Some More Kids Because She Has Lost Her Touch When It Comes To Her Music. What's Up With Her Lately?
Keyths'Girl's picture

@marketing gimmicks, i agree

@marketing gimmicks, i agree that lighter skin gives women especially an advantage in the music biz cos they are seen as being more commercial..but i dont think u have to be just as black as night to be at a disadvantage, you have to be full black (to black parents) period. Just look at jennifer hudson, kelly rowland, brandi, ciara, to know that full black women in general dont make it globally in music. Its sad but true and i think many black men and women have realised this by the many mixed race kids being born
ava's picture

Ha, Alicia kills me! I

Ha, Alicia kills me! I cannot wait to watch! #Girlonfire
Beautyfulones's picture

i didn't know alicia keys

i didn't know alicia keys album was doing well good for her. i cannot stand that girl on fire track its extremely corny and sounds like the same ol beats shes been using lately in her songs. she's def not what she used to be......
litebrite's picture

Projects my ass boo. You

Projects my ass boo. You still bi-racial and benefit from light skin privilege so that's exactly why you can run from prostitutes and make it to the Oprah show. Cause if your ass was black as night no one would have given Alicia Keys a second fucking look. Damn with the right PR you a lie can be spun into the truth. I'm so sick and tired of these light skin privilege artists trying to act like they can relate to being fully black. You can't and never will so stop pretending for your fan base.
Marketing Gimmicks's picture

I hope that's not true! JLO

I hope that's not true! JLO is a joke in the music industry Alicia doesn't need her.
Twila's picture

J.Lo's best music has been

J.Lo's best music has been when she has that tinge of R&B/Hip-Hop. I was hoping she would take it back to the I'm Real//All I Have//Jenny From The Block days. I haven't been feeling her new music in recent years.
Elle's picture

It's a wrap for Alicia.

It's a wrap for Alicia.
Username's picture

When Alicia first came out

When Alicia first came out she was like a breath of fresh air. Clive Davis had created an image and was directing her career; there was no stopping Alicia, now she's reduced to hollering behind a piano. She's canceling shows do to poor ticket sales, SMH. I swear to God every time she hollers that 'Girl On Fire' song, I want to fockin scream.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

LOL its that Swizz D.

LOL its that Swizz D.
cutethatsall56's picture


BaddieBeyFans's picture

lol true

lol true
lilbit's picture

the thought of future, j. lo

the thought of future, j. lo or alicia singing anything makes my ears bleed. :-(
shuga's picture

Jenny always uses blacks in

Jenny always uses blacks in the industry once she falls down on her luck, but once she's back on she's snobby again. No Ma'am!
cutethatsall56's picture

I wish her luck but I think

I wish her luck but I think Jenny from the block has lost her mojo.
Ethel Mertz's picture

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