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Cam'Ron Exposes Adrienne Bosh's Past Groupie Behavior

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After Lil Wayne announced on stage Sunday night that he smashed Chris Bosh's wife Adrienne....another rapper is exposing her past groupie behavior.


Check it inside....

Lil Wayne has opened a can of worms.  It's no secret that Adrienne Bosh is well known for being on that groupie scene pretty hard--trying to get chose--a few years ago.  Chick lived in Atlanta's VIP-section nightlife and modeled for your favorite booty magazines, including Smooth.

But once she finally landed her prize--an NBA baller--she flipped her image into a perfect little Stepford Wife.

But she's not fooling folks like Cam'Ron who took Weezy's announcement and ran with it.  The Dipset member posted the above throwback pic of Ms. Adrienne--before she met Bosh--and blasted her for getting it in with his homie.

My man @britishthetitan been had bosh wifey under wing b4 Wayne. Lol she use to be pissy drunk in my club in da Cincinnati


Pic via Instagram



No doubt what lil wayne did

No doubt what lil wayne did was wrong but had she had a clean past then this would of never happened to her,and this is why a man or woman should know the person they are in a relationship with before they make a commitment. A dark past can always surface and ruin a good relationship at any time. And many women now in days lack self respect i am not saying what camron and wayne did was right but in the entertainment world anyone could of done what they did.

And who said you can't turn

And who said you can't turn no ho into a housewife¿?
GetUrLife's picture

Lil Wayne & Cameron are just

Lil Wayne & Cameron are just bytches with dicks!! They should both get together and just cancel each other out.
Realist's picture

Like tryna put lipstick on a

Like tryna put lipstick on a pig...you are what you are.
Denise2007's picture

I think it's hilarious that

I think it's hilarious that she has been able to keep this past a secret for as long as she has so far. I'm sure it must have been a running joke amongst some circles but to the public Adrienne has always pushed this cookie cutter, susie homemaker image. She also looks entirely different. In these old pics there is no butt or hips to speak of. I'm sure Chris loves her, but this is definitely a bit embarrassing.
Santi114's picture

I look at her completely

I look at her completely different now that I know she scammed Lil Wayne out of money by pretending to have cancer. Only a criminal or someone really desperate with low morals scams money like that . What you do in the dark will find its way to the light, whether you are a celebrity or not. All this ish going on with Miami Heat players is the reason why I am no longer a fan of the NBA. Those brothers may be wealthy and famous, but they are far from being role models. It is not just about how well you can shoot a basketball, but its about how you live your life. These brothers are messy.
BlessedandLoved's picture

This bird pretended to have

This bird pretended to have cancer to scam money there is not a damn thing you can tell me about her!! So what if she's a wife and mother. Look how she got there. Btw, a idiot can tell she quickly made sure she secured those statuses to guarantee her pockets were lined for years by an easy fool. A hoe is a hoe and you can't turn one into a housewife. Well you can, but then you end up being the neighborhood joke like Bosh is looking right now. She can look proper in all of Chris's money all she wants. But everyone now knows behind all that she is still a hoe. Black men back in the day knew better than to wife up loose women. Now all you gotta do is have a certain look, buy some designer gear, give up the coochie to everybody with $100 or more and booyah you got em. You can tell we are inundated with alot of hoeish women because all the hoes on here trying to validate with the we all have a past philosophy.
MsPrissyDiva's picture

maybe they have an

maybe they have an understanding, maybe she is his beard and in return she can live a fab life because Bosh looks like he got lots of sugar in his tank.
Goodgirlgonebad's picture

That's what I was thinking.

That's what I was thinking. I thought she was nothing more than a beard so who cares that she is a VIP hoe
Somerknight's picture

i bet they do have an

i bet they do have an understanding. because he is clearly gay.
lala109's picture

NEWSFLASH! We already knew

NEWSFLASH! We already knew Adrienne was a groupie by the way she TRIES to act OVERLY PROPER, but who gives a sh!t..she's MARRIED! #WINNING
tori's picture

co-sign ...with a kid, she

co-sign ...with a kid, she ain't looking back
Tren's picture

Men that gossip are worst

Men that gossip are worst that Bitches. UGH. Who cares? Everyone has a past. And she has definite upgraded and has more $$ than Cam'Ron. Jealous much?
PacificGirl's picture

I don't agree w/ Lil Wayne or

I don't agree w/ Lil Wayne or Cam'ron smashing and telling childish antic's but the TRUTH is still the TRUTH! This is exactly what Chris gets for marrying her! They had a whole thread on Adrienne Bosh before she meeting Chris, a while back on LIPSTICK ALLEY under a forum w/ her asking other groupie's about how to meet a baller, where to go and be to meet one, someone found all that info about this scheming hoe! Chris had the nerve to not wanna pay his ex enough child support and wanted to take the lil girl from her mom, meanwhile he married a GROUPIE GOLDDIGGER! These men are PATHETIC running from one groupie to the next. I don't care if she is a WIFE and MOTHER now she still is a GROUPIE WHORE who PLOTTED and SCHEMED her way to a baller, and I hope she continues to EMBARRASS the HELL out of Chris and more and more men tell the TRUTH about sleeping with this groupie whore. Perhaps the next time these STUPID men will do their HOMEWORK before MARRYING these passed around GROUPIE WHORES! Even before all of this w/ Lil Wayne and Camron this girl always had this look like she just won the "LOTTERY" instead of I just married my soulmate or the man I love! Chris is such a DUMB ASS! Who's the next rapper or baller to reveal that he's slept w/ Adrienne Bosh? This shit is HELLA EMBARRASSING!
Shay's picture

Damn, you sound jealous that

Damn, you sound jealous that you haven't landed a baller. I guess everyone can't be a "good" groupie, LOL!!
PinkRose's picture

Hoes be winning....

Hoes be winning....
allnatural's picture

lol...ironically the hoe that

lol...ironically the hoe that coined that term aint won a dam thing yet. chicks be smuttin on tuesday and then on thursday they be like "that was in the past!" people do change but not that much and not that soon. you.cannot.turn.a.hoe.into.a.housewife. it just dont work like that.
shuga's picture

I knew she was a

I knew she was a ho/groupie/jumpoff. Thirsty bitch.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

If she was black they would

If she was black they would be ripping her a new one even harder. Its amazing how black women are as racist as black men are towards them. @Keys I agree All the people screaming but its her past weren't like that with Evelyn.
JJFad's picture

Camron go control your

Camron go control your irritable bowel syndrome. Your irrelevant.
SkeeWee's picture


And There Ya Go's picture

This is what insecure and

This is what insecure and weak people do. They can't let go of the past and try to dig up old pics and dirt on someone who is now happy and in a good place in their life. Everybody has a past and old pictures to go along with it. Past does not mean present. Lil Wayne and Camron really trying to go in on The Bosh family because he got kicked out of the Heat game and the Heat players don't sweat him and want to be his friends, is really pathetic and sad for a grown men to behave this way, #Boi-Stop
Naomi's picture

1. I'm not an Adrienne

1. I'm not an Adrienne fan...but that's her past... 2. I'm sure her husband is not blind to this. 3. She has a child... stop being so darn low down.... the same idiots that are claiming to have screwed this woman...have multiple baby mamas and children & out of wedlock... stop finger pointing and turn your own pathetic life around losers!
VIRTUOUS1's picture

Not only that, how many women

Not only that, how many women did CB screw before he married her and no one here has said a damn thing about that!
PinkRose's picture


nico89's picture


MS_NONO's picture

Bosh's babymama is somewhere

Bosh's babymama is somewhere smiling right now!! lol
nikasosmo0th's picture

Please, no one cares . She's

Please, no one cares . She's a fair skinned big booty Latina hanging around rich black men. Clearly one was going to wife her. I don't blame her, she wanted a better life & she used her assets to get it. Better than doig that for hometown celebrities. Don't be ashamed Adrienne.

So Evelyn is dogged for being

So Evelyn is dogged for being a comeup groupie, but this girl does the same thing and some say "oh everyone has a past"??? Sure everyone has a past BUT everyone is not walking around flucking random dudes whether famous or not for money and the come up. And miss me with the soon-coming "don't judge" talk because that's done with all the celebs on here and everywhere. She is a groupie and getting put on blast just like all groupies do. Bosh just wanted exotical but wound up with a groupie. Oh well.
Keys's picture

When Evenlyn makes it to

When Evenlyn makes it to actually being a wife and stop acting like a caged animal from the BX then I will agree with you. Until then it's apples and oranges. Adrienne always conducts herself appropriately at functions. You don't see her jumping over tables and acting like a straight coon, unlike Evelyn.
PacificGirl's picture

Keys what's happenin

Keys what's happenin sista!!!!! hahahahahaha it's letsgetit. I agree with you sista keys, it seems as though alot of these women can relate to being a Adrienne. I mean me personally wouldn't trust the woman, but hey i wouldn't go saying ignorant shit about me smashin the woman wife or her being a groupy online especially when she's somebodies wife and mother. Niggas act like bitches. But you right all these women talking about "everybody has a past" failed to forget these women fucked for a come up. And i mean atleast the woman did it and came up were as other women do it aint don't get shit from it, but still the woman just want brothas for money, and sista KEYS YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE I FIND FUNNY, is that these WOMEN KNOW BLACK MEN WILL SIMP FOR SOME PUSSY AND WIFE THEY ASSES UP. They don't pull this type of shit with white men and other races of men, niggas will spit they seed in anything, they'll wife up anything, they'll have a relationship with anything. Which is why these bitches love black men, i mean the same happen to white men BUT THEY AINT HAVING A RELATIONSHIP WITH THEM OUTSIDE OF JUST FUCKING.
LetsGetIt's picture

Well I'll be damn this is the

Well I'll be damn this is the first time we have ever agreed from the first word to the last.
Keys's picture

Forreal sista keys you wont

Forreal sista keys you wont see these women anywhere in a white entertainer setting , because they know THEY AINT GETTING SHIT OUT OF THESE WHITE MAN BUT SOME DICK AND BUBBLE GUM. But niggas will spend they whole checkkkkkkkkk at a strip club or on some damn groupies. We gotta cut that shit out
LetsGetIt's picture

Wow! I'm finally seeing you

Wow! I'm finally seeing you spread the blame equally. That is shocking!
TrueT's picture

I always spread blame

I always spread blame equally. Yall just dont like when i talk about black women
LetsGetIt's picture

A hoe is a hoe and when

A hoe is a hoe and when people say "everyone has a past" they are thinking of their own lol agreed all of these groupie girls "careers" depend on being in the right place at the right time and you have to ride a lot of mattresses to do that.
Mouse's picture

danger! she smashed da

danger! she smashed da homies!!
shuga's picture

Who doesn't have a past?

Who doesn't have a past? She's married now and has obviously moved on. I think that is such a weak b!tch azz move by both Lil'Wayne and Cam'ron. And then you post a picture of her with a drink in her hand......like who hasn't had a drink in their hand and posed for a picture???? Get the effff out of here and make better music!!!
gregsean's picture

Everyone has a past and so

Everyone has a past and so what Chris' wife was a groupie whore. If she didn't groupie around, then someone else would have. Let her deal with her own past. At least she hasn't cheated on Chris.
Happy Lady's picture

I just couldn't trust a

I just couldn't trust a woman, that only go after ballers and entertainers. Yes a woman should want a man that can support her financially. But these niggas be wifing up bitches that only be in surroundings where brothas have alot of money , these women only want these brothas for they money. I mean if letsgetit was successful no way in hell would i date a chick that only be in entertainers/ballers surroundings. I'd rather take my chances with chicks that i can run into while shopping or sum shit. If a bitch know allllllllllll the basketball players names and jersey number leave her ass alone man. These women are groupies... But niggas like Camron are clowns, why try to expose the woman, just let these dumb ass negros wife they asses up, they the stupid ones. Aint no need to pull some bitch shit like exposing a brotha's wife. YES SHE MIGHT A GROUPIE, but be a man and let that shit ride dude. And brothas stop marrying these damn booty models GODDAMN MAN
LetsGetIt's picture

I Love Twitter...but it's out

I Love Twitter...but it's out of control Cray Cray. It's like The Wild West!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

SO what!!!!! Who the fuck

SO what!!!!! Who the fuck cares???? More than half of the women these industry and athlete people marry have past lives!! Shit, we all have past lives... We ain't doing that shit now, so it shouldn't matter. She's a wife and mother now... That happens in life you know!!! Pink cotton candy Cam would come out after the other Butt Buddy Wayne did!

Smh....Agreed my chocolate

Smh....Agreed my chocolate sista, but here is the problem, these women might be wives and have children but they still have the mindset of a DAMN GROUPIES. Photo ops every goddamn day. VIP every damn day. Out with the girls shopping spending money on some ugly ass high over priced cloths and bags EVERY DAMN DAY. All off the dime of some brotha who these women don't really give a damn about LETS JUST BE REAL!!!These women don't give a damn about these brothas, these dudes are just a get rich quick, without having to do a damn thing for the rest of your life for these women. I mean most of these women don't cook, clean, barely be around they damn children. And guess what after 6 or 7 years or sometimes earlier than that, they take everything your ass got, get on a show, and try live off your name. Now i dont agree with what Camron did , because that woman is somebodies wife, but hey u gotta watch these women
LetsGetIt's picture

No Doubt....my past was a

No Doubt....my past was a little rough
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Someone revealed to me

Someone revealed to me yesterday they use to hang with her a few years ago and she was very much an on the move groupie. I think she has pissed alot of people off because she is a complete snob now but got where she is by just being a whore.
JJFad's picture

So Adrienne isn't allowed to

So Adrienne isn't allowed to have a past? These dirty dixx ninjas are the same kind of ho she was, but they are still sticking their things in any random hole. She's not allowed to change? This is really ancient history and Camron is a punkarse for adding his two cents.
SweetDivaT's picture

Right! Men who have

Right! Men who have “questionable” behavior and shady pasts themselves kill me with that logic. Sorry but Wayne and Cam’ron is the definition of “hey pot meet kettle…” because you can’t throw shade at her without throwing shade at yourself. And Wayne can’t even talk with his 52000+ baby mamas and when was the last time Cam’ron been on…I’ll wait. Blasting a man’s wife no matter how shady her past was says more about YOU then her
binks's picture

Thank you! Cam'Ron is just

Thank you! Cam'Ron is just trying to be relevant right now and he's failed. He needs to stay hidden. She's moved forward and has changed for the better. Let it go.
IridescentMe..'s picture

Right. Everybody on this

Right. Everybody on this planet has a past. Every President past, present and future has a past. Kings and Queens have past. So what Adrienne was a groupie. I could careless what she did before she got with Chris. We need to start looking into the past of some these rap ninjas and I'll bet not all they shit is clean.

The most beautiful thing

The most beautiful thing about life is that we have the power to change and recreate ourselves to a "higher version" of what we want to be. That doesn't mean that the things we've done and said in the past should be swept under the rug or denied. It only means that we acknowledge it and move on and try to do actions that support the greater/better version of what we would like to be. With that said, I hope that Adrienne was forthcoming to her husband when they were dating about her history. That way he could have made a well rounded and informed decision on whether or not he could "build" a future with her. If she wasn't forthcoming (which is selfish) then she's caused a great embarrassment to him, their child, The Miami Heat, etc. People forget that there are other factors involved when they choose to deceive.
HNICCHICK's picture

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