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Tamar Braxton Is On PREGGERS WATCH....As She & Vince Herbert PLAY LOVE GAMES On "106 & Park"

 photo VINC1.jpg

Tamar Braxton and her husband Vince Herbert stopped by "106 & Park" yesterday where they played love games and discussed her forthcoming album Love and War.   Watch the interview inside....and why we're putting Mrs. Braxton Herbert on Preggers Watch...


 photo vince3.jpg

YBF chick Tamar Braxton appeared on "106 & Park" yesterday where she talked about her upcoming album Love and War and discussed what it's like to work with her husband Vince. 

The stylish diva thrilled her Tamartians in a Matthew Williamson jumpsuit and Giuseppe Zanotti shoes.  And the look is HOT.


We noticed she did lots of side poses, wore a baggier outfit than normal, and audience members tell us her stylist constantly adjusted the waistband on the jumpsuit as if they were trying to hide something.  And with that pic above...of a seemingly round belly....we're officially putting Tamar on Preggers Watch.

We're not making any declarations or anything...just Watching....

 photo vince8.jpg

 photo vince6.jpg

 photo vince7.jpg

When asked about working with her husband, the "Love & War" singer said, "It's a whole lot.com." But also added that Vince is very romantic and she's the one who wants to talk about work all the time....not him.

   photo vince4.jpg

She said she doesn't have an answer for when the album Love and War will come out because Vince pushed it back. But added that if it were up to her, she would have leaked it by now.

 photo vince2.jpg

And don't expect any features on the album. She said, "It's all Tay Tay."


Before she performed, she and Vince played a love game called "Know Your Boo." Watch Tamar and Vince's interview here:



Tamar Braxton explains how to win a woman's heart with the small things in life.


If Tay Tay makes a pregnancy announcement soon....you know who called it first!

Photos via Getty Images/Courtesy of BET Networks




I tried but couldn't deal

I tried but couldn't deal with those mc hammer pants!
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tom101's picture

Tamar SHOULDN'T have a child

Tamar SHOULDN'T have a child in 2013, becuz this yr will be ALL about KimYe's child, followed by that SCHOOL BUS Amber Rose will pop out any day now!
tori's picture

Ew just thought of “Vince

Ew just thought of “Vince Naked” he Probably smells like old Cabbage water, Tamar comes off as a “Superficial Narcissistic” BITCH! And a Wannabe Beyonce , I been over her……….
REd™'s picture

I haven't watched 106th in a

I haven't watched 106th in a while and am unfamiliar with the new hosts (except Bow Wow), but the girl who is interviewing Tamar! What in the world!!!!! Every other word is "like"! How did she (like) get a (like) job (like) in the (like) communications business? Who (like) in the world (like) did she have to (like) sleep with (like) to get on that (like) show?
Santi114's picture

Not surprised by these

Not surprised by these Undereducated and Overpaid Morons.....LMAO
star's picture

OMG Yes ! I think thats

OMG Yes ! I think thats (like) the only word she knows (like) lol .. They need to just cancel 106 ,come up with something new..
REd™'s picture

Chile u ain't no Beyonce. No

Chile u ain't no Beyonce. No one cares if that industrial refrigerator impregnated you. And with all that extra material you stole from Wal-Mart's fabric section, them white ladies MUST be real heated right now. #LessIsMore
TrueThinker's picture


BWAHHAHHAHAHAHA "industrial refridgerator" ....that made my day!
tori's picture

I've said for a minute now

I've said for a minute now she look preggers we will see & I like her and Vince

@holmesa925 (Madame from Mr.

@holmesa925 (Madame from Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood) & @Naomi (black female "Joker") +1 LMAO! PRICELESS.
gogreen's picture

Thanks! I had to pat myself

Thanks! I had to pat myself on the back with that one!! LOL!! No...seriously, as soon as I looked at Tamar I saw Madame. The cheekbones are identical!!
holmesa925's picture

her stylist should be fired

her stylist should be fired

Well I hope so ~ maybe Big

Well I hope so ~ maybe Big Sexy (Not¡!) found his d*ck.
GetUrLife's picture

Tamar better stop with the

Tamar better stop with the plastic surgery. She's starting to look like Madame from Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, especially in that first pic.
holmesa925's picture

LOL!..Madame in the

LOL!..Madame in the flesh..I'll be damned! smhlolz..
Like Really's picture

Tamartians, Beyhive, Rihanna

Tamartians, Beyhive, Rihanna Navy, Barbs......... Just Stop! So ridiculous!!! (rolls eyes) Anywho, watch Bey's "ANYTHING YOU CAN DO, I CAN DO IT BETTER" ass try to match Tamar's Love and War. She don't want nobody else to shine but her..... Just Watch.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Beyonce doesn't compete with

Beyonce doesn't compete with Tamar. There is no competition.
SkeeWee's picture

Don't forget Khloe

Don't forget Khloe Kardashian's followers...khlovers (clovers)!!! Yes, the cult names are a bit much.
holmesa925's picture

Her too? I didn't know that.

Her too? I didn't know that. One more added to the ridiculousness. smh
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

they got a new season coming

they got a new season coming so i guess we will here about it soon.

Whats wrong with her

Whats wrong with her cheeks...She looks like a black female "Joker"
Naomi's picture

She looks like a muppet and

She looks like a muppet and he looks like a burnt Shrek. I can't wait to see their baby.
WoolyBlunt's picture

Burnt Shrek. LMAO!!

Burnt Shrek. LMAO!!
Iridescent One's picture

Zzzzz!! Tamar still looks

Zzzzz!! Tamar still looks clownish in the face!!!
sweetpea1989's picture

wow. can she even go a whole

wow. can she even go a whole 9-10 months without getting more surgery?? cute shoes though.
shuga's picture

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