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Kanye West Demands Photo Site To REMOVE Photos Of Him In Leather Kilt? + Allen Iverson LOSES Georgia Mansion

 photo KanyeWest121212ConcertBenefitingRobinx0NtF6IR60Hl_zps7362477d.jpg

And the drama continues with semi-known rapper Lord Jamar (hence, why we didn't post his foolery originally) going off in a song about Kanye West and other rappers promoting "feminism of hip hop" and "gayness in hip hop."  Sources report 'Ye's trying to get his skirt/kilt pics removed from a major photo site.


Deets inside, plus former baller Allen Iverson officially loses his home....

All of a sudden, Kanye West reportedly wants pics from his 12-12-12 concert snatched down from photo agency sites.  Why?  Well here's a little back story that may or may not explain.

Lord Jamar, formerly of the 90's rap group Brand Nubian and acted in the HBO show "Oz", has an issue with Kanye's leather skirt/kilt he rocked back in December at the Hurricane Sandy 12-12-12 charity event at MSG.  And he is blasting him for being "gay" because of it.  We guess he didn't notice that Kanye wore it throughout his entire Watch The Throne tour last year as well.

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-06at114928AM_zps404c4928.png

Jamar (pictured above) spoke out about his hatred for rappers in skirts first a few weeks ago, with a tweet of a random man in a skirt and said: "Y'all Cee where the Kanye shit is takin us right? #halfafag."

And because we care what anyone who spells "see" that way has to say, he followed up with a song yesterday (check it out at Gawker if you'd like).  Here are some lines from it:

Somebody mad at my hashtag
Black man lookin' half a fag
With a blazer and vest
I'm just amazed at the mess
Pioneer of this queer shit is Kanye West
He introduced the skinny jeans to the rap scene
Then he wore a fucking skirt on the video screen
Then he wore it again at a memorial
I can't pretend that this shit ain't deplorable
I bet this nigga thinkin' he looking adorable
Your music's good but your ego is horrible

Oh, but there's more ignorance:

I rebuke all this gay shit
Some are scared to say shit
You might lay and take this
But I'm not to be played with

This Lord Jamar person explained his song to SOHH.com saying, in part:

First of all, it's not just jabs at Kanye West. It's anybody promoting the feminization — of the Black man in hip-hop culture. Anybody that I see out there, rocking dresses and all of that type of shit, I might shoot a jab at. But Kanye is one of the ones right now that's representing that movement. He's one of the first ones that you see in a skirt.

Um, ok.  You were so upset by men in kilts that you needed to write an entire poetic song about it?  Interesting.

Gawker also stated that Getty Images confirmed they were asked to remove the Kanye images from that concert.  Y'all know Kanye does NOT like bad press....and is a little sensitive:

Getty confirmed that they were asked to scrub their site of the several shots of Kanye from the 12-12-12 show they hosted. They wouldn't say why. If this somehow came from Kanye, and the mockery he faced afterward made him ashamed of his bold move (clearly made with the knowledge that strong reactions like Jamar's, however backward, were possible), that makes him weaker than any skirt possibly could suggest.




 photo allen6_zps1a482dd2.jpg


In other news, Allen Iverson, who was just called the worst dad ever by a judge last week, has lost his home in Georgia that we previously reported would be hitting the auction block.  He tried to get it removed from auction, but it didn't work. His bank purchased the $4.5 mill mansion yesterday for $2.5 million, according to TMZ

The home was on the auction block after A.I. defaulted on a $1.2 mill loan.  Guess he should have taken that NBA D-League offer Dallas made him recently.  Oh wells.




Lmao @ "I bet this nigga

Lmao @ "I bet this nigga thinking he looking adorable". I agree with dude, din't no REAL man be seen in public with no damn dress or skirt on. I ain't with the fag shit either and all this promoting feminism amongst men. Glad a REAL man finally spoke up and was heard. I disagree that AI is the "worst dad ever". A lot if guys trump him in that department...trust me on that. He should've stayed his ass in Memphis. Well, there's still hope and may God make a way out of no way for him. I'm hoping for the best for him because he's a good dude.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Dammmn with all the marriage,

Dammmn with all the marriage, money worries & bad father declarations, AI still fine AF!!
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tom101's picture

Sorry, but I agree with

Sorry, but I agree with Jamar. As a matter of fact I'm not sorry. I know fashion changes every 5, 10, 20, years but when is it okay for a black man to wear a kilt. He's not Scottish so it's just gay. That's not fashionable ask yourselves would you allow your son to wear one before you judge what Jamar said. I'm tired of all these people trying to be politically correct just to get ahead (Natasha). Soon the whole world will be full of faggot aids ridden men if we don't draw the line.
ibetite26's picture

Yep! Being "politically

Yep! Being "politically correct" is such a cop out! Don't drink the kool-aid cause 9 times out of 10, whatever the majority goes along with is WRONG!!! Rule of thumb, life lesson, run forest run, that's wassup!
thikkums's picture

yes!! everything you said is

yes!! everything you said is spot on...
KeepITsimpleSTOOPID's picture

I must say there has been a

I must say there has been a lot of questionable things in the hip hop scene in the past decade or so....
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Dude has a right to his

Dude has a right to his opinion.
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kimbasinger123's picture

Not sure why YBF is throwing

Not sure why YBF is throwing shade at what Lord whatever said cause he is right...there is too much feminism being thrown into hip-hop and not just there in the black community period. Kanye has been on some weird stuff and Im not feeling it.. but honestly he hasnt been right ever since his mother died, which is understandable but deal with that stuff and stop running around here acting a fool!

Lord whoever is absolutely

Lord whoever is absolutely right. Maybe once your son comes home asking for brand-new skirt you will see you PS this website is foolishness.
Djtruthie's picture


Djtruthie's picture

Sorry but I believe Kayne

Sorry but I believe Kayne is/Was ready to come out of the closet but the industry just wont allow it...OAN heard his main squeeze is an Asian transsexual

Poor Iverson. I hope he knows

Poor Iverson. I hope he knows he has Jesus. As for Kanye and the skirt....it's called shade tactics to keep your name on people's minds. Kanye is clearly doing him and living his life so why is Lord Jamal a played out 80's third string rapper riding this nigga's nuts?
Marketing Gimmicks's picture

Lord Jamal is from the group

Lord Jamal is from the group Brand Nubian...Is hash tag half a fag had me rolling....he use to be nice in his hay day......

White folks divide and

White folks divide and conquer got us in a deathgrip chokehold.
Marketing Gimmicks's picture

Wait who is Lord Jamar?

Wait who is Lord Jamar? Besides a Hypocrite...he is also a struggling artist who acted on HBO's OZ and if my memory serves me correct he did a Full Frontal Shower Scene for the Gays, I mean the show. Now, before you speak on someone else you should always take a trip down MEMORY LANE. Muah…
SomethingDifferentNow13's picture

He said in HIP HOP. Not tv.

He said in HIP HOP. Not tv. Pay attention
Djtruthie's picture


Djtruthie's picture

Lord Jamar is a true old

Lord Jamar is a true old school MC. He spoke the truth IMO. Ye is a fruity foolish coon mess.
JJFad's picture

Clearly his arrogant ass was

Clearly his arrogant ass was looking for attention by putting the skirt on in the first place, so he get what he gets.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Fuck that coon kanye. Him and

Fuck that coon kanye. Him and his plastic whore. I wish they would BOTH just get hit by a fucking bus!
sianna1's picture

I so not like Kanye. I always

I so not like Kanye. I always thought that fashionthing that he was trying to pull was so wannabeeish and now that i know that his ass can't even stand behind his own fashionstatements because someone made a song about it, he is officially a fake to me.
Tannygirl's picture

FYI - He is a 5 percenter

FYI - He is a 5 percenter (Nation of Gods & Earths) which is why he spelled "cee" that way. It was done on purpose. Look it up...
K.o.G.'s picture

Oh and I think he spelled see

Oh and I think he spelled see "Cee" in honor of the married (to a woman) NYC DJ Mister Cee who got caught by po po on more than one occasion partaking of the services of male prostitutes.
Bird's picture

Lord Jamar was expressing his

Lord Jamar was expressing his opinion just like many of us have concerning Kanye's often feminine attire. I guess he may be less known to the younger generation, but I know who he is and respect him for his rapping and acting. I ain't mad at his manhood either. Meanwhile Kanye trying to wife up every stone cold ho he can get his hands on. Sorry, but his manhood ain't where is should be.
Bird's picture

Wow, that hashtag was out of

Wow, that hashtag was out of pocket. Why can't people have the freedom to wear what they want to wear without being considered gay or the like? We've got to do better people! *Steps down off soap box.* Would you like to start a business for free? Check out this offer https://statement.kitsylane.com/offer/kKl7X5w

"People" Can wear what they

"People" Can wear what they want. But when you're a public figure and you're setting impressions and examples for children your held to a higher standard!get it.
Djtruthie's picture

Kanye of all people should

Kanye of all people should know that this retraction is a fashion DON'T¡! A Famine for Fashion!¡ A Famine for Fashion!¡ (2 snaps) Shouldn't of worn it if you were gonna feel some type of way l8r. ~ Dumba$$. BTW ~ PLEASE give Consequence his due ~ I'm tired of hearing Hot 97 - Funk Flex, Cyper Sounds & Rosenberg clips on this panty man nonsense.
GetUrLife's picture

He shouldnt have worn one

He shouldnt have worn one then. And ol dude was probably prison bait.
Classic87's picture

We already knew Allen lost

We already knew Allen lost his mansion it was posted months ago! Kanye, D ugly Wade w/ the black toe nail polish, who's next? I personally think Kanye is just doing all this for attention, because he has been thrown OUT OF THE CIRCLE! Jay Z don't want him around any more, because of the Kim K relationship. Any other time Kanye would have been right w/ Jay Z and Bey at the SuperBowl. Jay told Kanye that Kim is not allowed to be around him and his family, so Kanye has been OFFICIALLY DUMPED just like JAY Z DUMPED DAMEN DASH! Kanye has SEALED HIS COFFIN w/ getting Kim K pregger's. IT'S OVER! HE CAN DRESS IN FULL DRAG IF HE WANTS BUT HE IS CUT OFF FROM THE CARTER'S! BELIEVE THAT!
Shay's picture

A Scottish Kilt is hot!!!!!

A Scottish Kilt is hot!!!!! Anywho, Allen Iverson handed out Tens of Millions to his "friends" and they lived his lifestyle for 15 years (lets see if they step up to help him???????)
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

I like the rap and DIDN'T

I like the rap and DIDN'T like Kanye until recently. If he doesn't want any pics of him wearing a kilt to be seen, he shouldn't have worn the freakin' thing to begin with!!!
Happy Lady's picture

Allen Iverson has made his

Allen Iverson has made his bed and now has to lie in it. I do feel somewhat sorry for him. I hope he humbles himself, dusts himself off and find a new money making venture in order to get his life back in order.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Who are you to judge someone

Who are you to judge someone else's servant? To his own master he stands or falls. And he will stand, for the Lord is able to make him stand Romans 14:4 Since everyone decides to use the bible to their defense. Whatever another person does, to you he/she does not answer. I don't care if you wear your thongs over your skinny jeans, I have my own faults how can I point out another person's?
marylou's picture

He's a person with an

He's a person with an opinion. Stop using the Bible to justify you judging him.
Djtruthie's picture

Let's not forget the french

Let's not forget the french manicure Snoop was displaying a couple of weeks ago - yes shit is getting outta hand - I for one an't feelin all this feminine bullshit...I want a man to look like a man as blackman are the finest creatures walking this earth....yes lord!
lifeisgood's picture

I think they want us to

I think they want us to believe that they can think out of the box because that's the latest cool thing to do i guess. I mean like is this a bad imitation of the whitemen or what?
Tannygirl's picture

Your definition of a man is

Your definition of a man is that of your own. But, there are men who would like us to wear natural hair, no make up, and ankle length skirts..Examine yourself. If it's not to your liking, don't go after it. It's ignorance/stupidity that makes a person believe everything has to fit into their little box or it's incorrect. What people don't understand they tear down...How foolish do you all look?
marylou's picture

The delivery may not have

The delivery may not have been the best, but I totally agree with the message. These men need to start being men. There are too many mitches out here. It's one thing to be homosexual, but why do you have to dress like a woman? It's too much...............
Miss T's picture

I concur..fashion, smashion.

I concur..fashion, smashion. You gotta draw the line somewhere. I don't care for men in skinny jeans either. That's not a kilt, thats a skirt. If I had a son, I wouldn't want him in a dress. I thought the rap was a hoot..To each his own. But this is just a grown woman's prospective.
rant's picture

I Love Kanye West but

I Love Kanye West but Honestly I began questioning his Sexuality when he came out w/ a clothing line named "PASTELS" I will always be a die hard fan but maybe Kim K is just a cover up...... HMMMMMMMMM! U never know!

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