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Beyonce's Promo Pic LEAKS For "The Mrs. Carter Show" WORLD TOUR?

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 photo 63b47389-8d8d-d29d-da5e-5064b4ffc7ba_zps49b29c35.jpg

Grab your lacefronts plus an extra in honor of Blue Ivy Carter.  Because, according to a leaked promo pic on LiveNation's UK ticketing site, Beyonce Knowles Carter is about to head out on her fifth world tour.


Deets inside....

Looks like the year of Beyonce is officially in full swing.  And we're only in the second month.  With only a little ovr a day left till her big Superbowl Halftime show, LiveNation UK just leaked a teaser pic of what seems to be an upcoming tour.

There are no details on the website yet, but the promo pic (which was just a small pic on the site) reads, "The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour."

And could this also be the name of her new album she's reportedly been in the studio working on?  Reports have revealed that the "End of Time" singer is working with folks like Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, and Azealia Banks.  We love it already. 

And the pic also looks like it could be part of this mystery shoot posted recently as well.

 photo BCCVRfDCAAAIP5zjpg_large_zps4b0da0d3.jpg

Bey hinted that some type of tour announcement would be made soon, but not necessarily this soon.  When asked at Thursday's Superbowl press conference, she responded:

"I may have an announcement after the performance -- fans should just stay tuned to see."

Looks like the cat may be out the bag just a little early.

And check out her cute interview with the NFL network during Thursday's post-press conference media junket. She showed host Deion Sanders she's a true Texas girl by doing his famous "Must Be The Money" dance.  And she revealed baby Blue Ivy is starting to talk--and she already knows the "Single Ladies" dance and sings "Uh Oh".  Loves it!


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Go Beyonce - do you!

Go Beyonce - do you!
Happy Lady's picture

I see Beyonce got a lot of

I see Beyonce got a lot of hating ass bitches press. Bitches always hating.

Good thing she can halfway

Good thing she can halfway sing and dance because communications verbally is not her talent. Hope you do well tomorrow Beyonce. After the Super Bowl you should not tour but take some higher education classes. No hate no shade.
TeaNicole's picture

I love it.

I love it.
TheMrs's picture

I know she's mad, she wanted

I know she's mad, she wanted to announce her tour during her show tomorrow. How/why all of a sudden, everything she's involved with gets leaked? For all we know this was intentional. Beyonce will go to great lengths to keep people talking about her, good or bad. I'm convinced of that.
Username's picture


Classic87's picture

Bey don't do it, you will

Bey don't do it, you will regret naming your album Mrs. carter. Just do you boo boo.
TeaNicole's picture

NEWS to me since when did

NEWS to me since when did RIHANNA'S Stylist MARIEL HAENAN stop seeing KID CUDDY I'm all for new "TEA" but CORRECT" NEW TEA"! If it comes from MTO it's never CORRECT Info!
Shay's picture

@SirBumBitch Can you tell us

@SirBumBitch Can you tell us more about this Mariel Haenn/Jay Z connection.
Aries G.'s picture

Mariel Haenn???...Don't stop

Mariel Haenn???...Don't stop there gon and tell us about it.
Aries G.'s picture

Please say this is a joke and

Please say this is a joke and not the name of her Tour? I am all for loving your man and showing ADORATION for him but this is RIDICULOUS to say the least! The minute you go putting someone on a "PEDALSTAL" is when they show out on you, and will do something to EMBARRASS you! This chick went from one controlling men in her father to even more controlling man in her husband. It will be a RAP for me if she brings her CARMEL MAN on the stage w/ her, then that will be the proof that CARMEL has the lil BRAINS she has under his COMPLETE CONTROL! Since when is it WRONG to be a married woman, love your man but still have your OWN IDENTITY? I
Shay's picture

And I don't like the name of

And I don't like the name of the tour, I hope that's just a rumor. She's never went by Beyonce Carter. when she released 4, her name was still legally Beyonce Knowles, not Knowles-Carter like people like to call her.
Username's picture

bey is so hood i love

bey is so hood i love it...but she know damn well she doesn't know a thing about football. i wonder if she knows who is playing sunday lol forreal
litebrite's picture

Where is the new music? None

Where is the new music? None of this will matter if that album is shitty.
Username's picture

B, please go back to school.

B, please go back to school. love you!
lewis3k's picture


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romance2013's picture

Awesome ! Can't wait , shine

Awesome ! Can't wait , shine on Bey, you work hard for your success. As for all you jealous, ignorant gnats, you all need to shut up with the nonsensical brain dead comments you spew about this beautiful, talented, rich black woman. For every negativity you spew fort into the universe, just know you are damaging your own aura and its all coming back to you and your families. God hates ugly.
Empress's picture

Amen and amen. What you put

Amen and amen. What you put out comes back and people don't even realize that hiding behind a screen doesn't stop the karma from coming their way.
Marketing Gimmicks's picture

This creole sista face is

This creole sista face is being shown everywhere!!! Beyonce is sexy, but she sound like a southern hood belle . But ya just cant help but smile when she does, a beautiful woman
LetsGetIt's picture

So Bey are u nervous at all

So Bey are u nervous at all about the show? I-I-I..Um-um Huh..Well I-I-I jus try to be Bootiful! *hehehe) So What makes Bey happy? I-I-I..Uh-uh..Huh?..oh yes my goal is alwayz Bootylicious! So Bey Can we expect any other appearances? I-I-I..Uh-uh-h..Huh? Oh Deion I-I-I'm the only Beautiful one! *hehehe) Good God talk About being her own best friend huh? Me, myself, and Dumb!... *sigh
Like Really's picture


TrueThinker's picture

The moderator on this site

The moderator on this site needs to do his/her job. I'm shocked at how mean you allow your posters to be to one another on here. It's shameful that you allow posters to be so cruel to one another with no blocking/removal of posts. I've only recently started commenting but have been a loyal reader since your inception and am appalled at how this site has deteriorated.
Santi114's picture

I sent them an email about

I sent them an email about that last week and got no response....smh
Classic87's picture

I agree 100% with the back

I agree 100% with the back and forth ignorance (Beema), but also the ever present SPAM, SMH. I don't think this site is moderated.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

I don't think it is either. I

I don't think it is either. I guess they get paid well enough for allowing the spam.
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hooklookping's picture

1. That can't be the name of

1. That can't be the name of the tour. 2. Can somebody please tell this girl once and for all that she's not the queen of anything(except..........you guessed it), so please redo that picture and stop trying to force the media to take notice and start calling you that(I see right through you). 3. Her hip/buttpads are in full force at the 6:56 mark on the right side when she straightens out her dress (I peeped that you unbootylicious imposter) 4. Spoiler Alert..... There's gonna be a fan, uncontrollable grunting, a few forced tears, 3 obese background singers, smoke, stolen routines from across the globe and a partridge in a pear tree..... the usual. THE END!!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Yessss baddiebey!!!! she did

Yessss baddiebey!!!! she did well in that interview despite Deion Sanders drooling in awe over her #flips.hair.that.is.all
sexybrownpyt's picture


star's picture


KING BEY HAS RETURED TO TAKE HER CROWN!! Y not ?? Inauguration, Super Bowl, hbo documentary, Tour !! She 's gonna go gett that $$$ & then relax with her family

"....then relax with her

"....then relax with her family" ...NO she WON'T...b/c she WORSHIPS MONEY (as stated on Oprah just before she met Jay-Z). And obviously she cannot "Relax" around Blu b/c she's spending 24/7 hiding her. She can't "relax" around Camel b/c he CHEATS ON HER Non-Stop. So then Batty Bey gets all Nutty and starts writing songs about it!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Relax" is something her money can NEVER BUY.....lol
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

the name of the tour is so

the name of the tour is so tacky but i love me some Bey and i'm getting a ticket. never seen her live
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

Some of you irrevelant

Some of you irrevelant bitches need to stop hating. Beyonce don't want attention. They just give it to her.Beyonce is the queen and you dumb wasp will stay hating. And someone say something about her age and daughter? Cause last time i check beyonce don't have to act like a old woman like you bitches.


Gwuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrl.....YOU are Cray Cray...calm down Sista Friend
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

I am a boy. dumb fuck. Shut

I am a boy. dumb fuck. Shut the hell up

she's truly overexposed and

she's truly overexposed and working our nerves but this wasn't a bad interview. she came off a little real and human.
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And in other pussy popping,

And in other pussy popping, thirsty hoe news, have any of you seen K Michelle's promo pic for her upcoming album? My Lawd. These females, are they selling music or are they selling AZZ?! ...And they're in their 30's and are somebody's MAMA too. How embarassing! And I ain't even said NOTHING about nasty ass, attention seeking hoe #3...Draya What-Tha-Hell who was pictured in a pair of nude stockings...heels and a baby t-shirt at her recent birthday bash. Y'all...What is wrong with these hoes in 2013?! Their music and talent ain't shit, so it takes ALL OF THAT ass clapping and showing to sell their shit. That's so sad. I can't IMAGINE my mama EVA showing her ass and popping her stuff all over the place in public in pictures or otherwise just for a check and attention.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Hey Carmen glad u back girl..

Hey Carmen glad u back girl.. But yes I concur it hasnt been about "Real" talent for sum time! I swear 2.O will go down in history as The ERA of HOES, including Bey arse! Smdhlolz...*sigh
Like Really's picture

like really , i see you

like really , i see you sista, i see you. *evil smirk* i like ya pic to hehehe
LetsGetIt's picture

Are you ready for some

Are you ready for some football? Are you ready for some unnecessary pussy popping? Well, America's favorite two pastimes - football and strippers - are about to collide. Not even Sprite could quinch this baby teeth camel-ett's thirst. Her and Blue probably share the same toothbrush. I wonder if baby toothbrushes were included on that long ass NFL Rider she allegedly demanded? Another tour to showcase the same mediocre bullshit...and that same two tone wig. Ugh. *vomit*
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Jay can't wait till his

Jay can't wait till his "bitch".....I mean Bitches <--- if u count Blue.....go on this long tour. Don't be surprised if he's spotted with Rihanna while Bey is out. ..............
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Ok Queen Bey, we get

Ok Queen Bey, we get it...SUPERBOWL, NEW ALBUM, NEW TOUR, HBO DOCUMENTARY, you're BACK! Still waitin on Blue's SIP & SEE (record scratches)!
tori's picture

Oh boy.....all of Bey-Z's

Oh boy.....all of Bey-Z's bootlicking (p)sycophants are finger-banging themselves retarded right now with this news!!!!!!! Lil' Green Algae will be TWERKING in a G-String diaper by the end of the Tour. Let's see if Bey takes Blue on tour....this will be a VERY interesting decision by Batty Bey???????????????
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

LMBO completely DEAD @ Lil

LMBO completely DEAD @ Lil Green Algae twerking in a g-string diaper!!!!!! You stay having me rollin girl!!!
Abri's picture

Awe....thanks:) Every now &

Awe....thanks:) Every now & then...i think of something good
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Teaching her baby to pussy

Teaching her baby to pussy pop at 1 and thinking it's cute...how classy. "Incredible"..."Beautiful"...Does her dumb ass know any other words? Her dumb ass probably has someone coaching her low IQ ass on what to say in that ear piece...smh...sickening.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Man I am in straight

Man I am in straight AWE....#admiration
Classic87's picture

You better worrrrrk B!

You better worrrrrk B!
cutethatsall56's picture

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