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Keyshia Cole Gets Surprised By FREE On "106 & Park"!

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It was all smiles and surprises on yesterday's "106 & Park".  Keyshia Cole hit the show to talk about her brand new album Woman To Woman on shelves now.  And original '106' host Free stopped by to say wassup to the newbies.


Check the pics and video inside...

Rocking leather Current Elliot pants, a green printed Mary Katrantzou jacket and black & white Louboutins, Keyshia Cole rolled to "106 & Park" to push her new album.  She chatted up hosts Miss Mykie & Bow Wow before Free came out to surprise everybody.


Loves it.  BET exec Stephen Hill got in on the love.


So did host Paigion who just returned from Rihanna's 7-7-7 tour and her man & co-host Shorty Da Prince.




One thing about Keyshia, she knows how to turn on the gorgeous factor.  If only her reputation and attitude matched.

Check out Key Key dishing about her new LP below:

Photo Credit: John Ricard/BET

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I used to be so down with

I used to be so down with this chick UNTIL I watched a couple espisodes of her reality show, now not so much. I agree this hair looks good on her though.
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hooklookping's picture

Free is just so damn pretty.

Free is just so damn pretty.
sianna1's picture

There are BY FAR, 2 MANY DAMN

There are BY FAR, 2 MANY DAMN PEOPLE sharing that ITTY BITTY STAGE, for me too give a damn about who they are! PIGEON & KEYSHIA look like they went ROADKILL HUNTING 2getha & SEWED the carcasses to their heads! I don't know who Keyshia's father is (& neither does she) so I won't comment on her race!
tori's picture

A person can have a test done

A person can have a test done to state if they're bi racial. So maybe she had that done because I know she just didn't go on Frankis's word alone.
Dee's picture

Omg That thing on Peaches

Omg That thing on Peaches head is sooo fucking disturbing..I mean it's bigger than her entire body and looks like it weighs a Ton.. I'm amazed she's actually able to balance that shit while hosting!! Ugh
Like Really's picture

@Like Really Is her name

@Like Really Is her name Peaches? I really did not know what her name was. I do hate that mess on her head though! It reminds me of an old MATTED HEAD RAGGEDY ANN DOLL I had as a child. I hope she knows she would look a 100x better if she got a new hair style. They might even let Paigon go because she's BUSTED , it does not matter how her hair looks she's Hopeless in the LOOKS DEPT! Do you notice how Pagion tries hard to sound like Free!
Shay's picture

LMAO@ Ah Matted Raggedy

LMAO@ Ah Matted Raggedy Ann..girl u crazy!! I don't know what her name is either but she look like a Peaches and ratchet one at that! I also noticed that about her personality but nobody has every came close to Free!! I dont know if its the new formula or what but Back then The Park appealed to the young as well as grown..and I think alot more people wud probably still be watching!
Like Really's picture

the interview was awkard...

the interview was awkard...
EbonitaApplebum's picture

I agree with Shay, I don't

I agree with Shay, I don't think the bi-racial comment was relevant to the discussion. Just weird. LOL!
Saphistocation's picture

Thank-You! It was weird. Oh

Thank-You! It was weird. Oh by the way I'm Biracial, like you said not even relevant! Seems a little DESPERATE to me.
Shay's picture

I Love Keyshia Cole. Why are

I Love Keyshia Cole. Why are all yall fucking haters hating

Keyshia, you are a beautiful

Keyshia, you are a beautiful girl! But you do not even know your father LoL! And you need a speech therapist..NEXT!
Beautyfulones's picture

Don't Hate UGLYONE! I guess

Don't Hate UGLYONE! I guess I'm rare my mom and dad were married and neither were on CRACK LIKE YOURS as @ Tori would say...Womp!
Shay's picture

LOL ;)

LOL ;)
tori's picture

Since when is Keyshia

Since when is Keyshia biracial? Why are all these chicks suddenly biracial, first Rih now Keyshia. Last I knew, Keyshia did not even know who her father was, just because your mom who was on CRACK, told you she THINKS the man she slept with was an Italian man don't make it the TRUTH! If she is that's fine BUT when she stated on 106th and Park that's she's biracial it was totally stupid, and it had nothing to do w/ what the topic they were talking about. I hope she don't think saying she's biracial will some how give her GREAT album sells & bring in new fans! NOT!Smh. After watching her show last night Keyshia seems disturbed and bitter that her career has gone backswards and seems to sometimes take it out on her husband, but he also has issues too. Both of these 2 bring their own drama to the table. Keyshia looks like K Michelle to me anyway, K Michelle has a better sounding voice than she does. If she's Biracial she's in that Tameka Tiny catagory of people. People you try to root for but are DEFINITELY NO HOMECOMING QUEENS!
Shay's picture

Only loved Keyshia's outfit

Only loved Keyshia's outfit and hair. Everyone else looked like road kill
Mieshalove's picture

Paigon's "hair" looks like

Paigon's "hair" looks like roadkill. Like a hedgehog just jumped on her head, laid down and gave up the ghost. Love KC's look but I have no idea how she rocks those skinny high ass heels. Thats talent!
shuga's picture

LMAO @ gave up the ghost

LMAO @ gave up the ghost
Candace's picture

Keisha looks great head to

Keisha looks great head to toe!!!
Happy Lady's picture

The blond hair looks pretty

The blond hair looks pretty on keisha.
star's picture

Who won the $32,000.00 dollar

Who won the $32,000.00 dollar Jeep that you've been promising for 6 MONTHS (Solange Knowles Hair Company that Crayonce' pays for...................)?????????????
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

I love Keisha's look!

I love Keisha's look!
K.o.G.'s picture

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