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T-Boz GOES IN On Nicki Minaj And Oversexed Pop Chicks, DISHES On Plans For New TLC Album

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TLC's T-Boz has blasted "American Idol" saying it's just a money machine and faults them for hiring a rapper (Nicki Minaj) to judge somebody's singing. Watch what she said inside and get deets on a new TLC disc in the works....

During a recent interview with ThisIsMax, TLC's T-Boz shared her thoughts on Nicki Minaj being cast as a judge on "American Idol".  And she didn't hold back on how she feels about folks purely selling sex & popularity.  T-Boz said, 

“I don’t respect half [of] the people I’ve seen lately. How the hell is she gon’ tell me what I should be doing when her azz can’t even sing. Why is she there? And then…now they’ve got rappers that don’t even sing judging? So, this is totally based off of popularity I guess. I mean, to each their own. Get your money, honey. All I’m saying is, I will never watch [your] shows again.”

Many Barbz were pissy about T-Boz comments and blasted her on social media to which T-Boz later tweeted, 

"I'm in this bizz. All this crap is fact & its based on bringing in numbers now and NOT really why it was originated . So get mad...scratch ya a**...take a picture I don't but Remb it I'll say what I want that doesn't mean I don't like or respect someone lol.

"I'll say what I think &always will I think it's funny the truth is the truth ha the name calling sh*t is hysterical cuz I don't wanna watch. I don't hv a problem w/ Nikki. I don't like what the shows stand for. Where's the lil yellow bus beep beep. Y'all don't think I'm mad or bothered, we're over here cracking up cuz they going off over the wrong things it's sad but funny."



And outside of causing controversy, T-Boz revealed to the BBC that she and Chilli are back in the studio work on a new TLC album.  She spoke of the new disc saying,

“We’re going to still sound like TLC, evolving to whatever level we need to be at this time,” T-Boz told Rolling Stone. She isn’t worried about the duo’s songs sounding dated: “We’ve always grown throughout the years and have always had our own sound… When that stops working, maybe we’ll hang up the towel, but that still works.”

Check the full interview here:


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Y'all bitches hating err

Y'all bitches hating err thang change thru yrs 90s r da best tbozis the bad bitch and barb nicki minaj big nasty fake looking ass she need to sit down and suck a dick tlc is da best and dats the point tboz is right and tboz got that voice nicki just trying to be like lefteye but bitch get a life rip Lisa love tlc
Justice1990's picture

actually tboz can still

actually tboz can still fucking sing she aint need to loose no damn pounds because she love herself for who she is she aint gotta cuss in every single song she makes now does she and let me tell u all something for u haters u better be happy left eye died cause if she didnt nicki manaj wouldnt have no damn coureer T-boz didnt even lip sing so I dont know what the hell you all talkin about and besides its her God damn opinion and she aint no looser she has a show on the TLC channel something a lot of u bombs on here cant do so shut the fuck up love you T- boz dont listen to them damn loosers
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hooklookping's picture

The haters on this site are

The haters on this site are just disgusting! most shameful of all is, they are ignorant as fuck! IF THE CAP FITS...WEAR IT!
Gabbie's picture

i dont understand why some of

i dont understand why some of y'all are bashing Tbone. She was asked a question and she gave her honest opinion. Nicki doesn't fit to be judge on American Idol at all! And I am sure most of y'all would agreed with that. Now, do i think Tbone have the perfect voice? No! But i do found her voice to be very unique. These women have made name for themselves. they are going down the music history book of one of the sucesssful female groups of all time!
Gabbie's picture

@Gabbie....Tbone as you call

@Gabbie....Tbone as you call her gave her "Honest Opinion" like we the "Haters" gave our "Honest Opinion". It just that its contrary to " Your Opinion". TBoz is like many on this site , wanna run their mouth but wanna cry and play victim when they are called out. She is not the only one with a unique voice, so does Macy Gary, Pink, Rihanna, Sade. But it all depends on who you riding with rite.
Kai's picture

Kai. .....Tori and I are not

Kai. .....Tori and I are not the same person... what caused you to turn on me?
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

@LisaRaye.....you know I luv

@LisaRaye.....you know I luv your brand of self deprecating humor but that coincidence was too weird. I reply to ur post and she replied but it came up as Tori. I dunno, still got luv for you tho but had to make sure y'all wasn't the same person cus I hate that bitch like Donald Trump hates Obama. Real Talk.
Kai's picture

If U put T-Boz wig & make-up

If U put T-Boz wig & make-up on Nelly <--- they would look the same
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Some of you BITCHES on this

Some of you BITCHES on this post are LAME!!! Attacking someone because of their financial problems and other irrelevant shit is DUMB. Why don't you go ahead and attack the woman for having lupus, swine flu, and a tumor since ya'll are taking cheap shots? And has been my ass! I always say it's better to be a has been than a NEVER WAS to begin with!! At least when she's dead and gone she will be remembered for doing something special in the music industry, what will some of you be remembered for??? NOT A DAMN THING!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Your avatar says it all so

Your avatar says it all so your overly emotional rant is almost apropo. When use to be famous bitches like Tboz gonna run her mouth she better be prepared for the backlash. She has too many damn issues financial and otherwise to be speaking ill of someone else who is trying to hustle in this tough day and age in the industry. She just salty cus she use to be famous and cant deal with being a blast from the past. She needs to get over herself, keep people's name outta her mouth, hit the gym, pay her damn mortgage( oops forgot her house was foreclose) and lose a ton of weight.
Kai's picture

t should shut up and manage

t should shut up and manage herself properly

Funny how all these forgotten

Funny how all these forgotten relics from the 90's are on this resurgence to be relevant again which is OK , but why must y'all vilify and criticize the young artist that are trying to do their thing. Tboz, baby lets not forget that you can barely sing your damn self. Please in the future leave such criticism to Mariah, Celine, Whitney or Aretha. Shouldn't you be more concern about being fat and broke.
Kai's picture

how the hell is TBOZ gonna

how the hell is TBOZ gonna say anyone is too sexually overexposed when TLC used to wear condoms hanging off their clothes?

T-Boz need to SIT HER OLD

T-Boz need to SIT HER OLD BUTT DOWN some where...How many music producers did Chilli sleep with? I rest my case. Chilli even had a child by Donta Austin. People are mad At Nicki's success and mad that they are broke. T-Boz should be asking herself how she was in the 3 rd biggest selling female group of all time and just had her Honda minivan repossed and had to file Bankruptcy. Nicki is not doing anything different than Madonna, Janet, or all of the other females who mixed sex into their act to sell music. TLC should have had perfumes, world tours, merchandise, etc. instead they are BIZZY-ROKE (broke). And I am not even a Nicki Minaj Fan. #getmoney
BEEMA's picture

Honey, no shade but I believe

Honey, no shade but I believe Chilli's son's father's name is DALLAS Austin. If you're gonna speak on it, you should atleast do your research. Just sayin'!
ParadigmN.Paradise's picture

Never use to like you but you

Never use to like you but you have been on point lately.......Finally someone who does not take sides but call shit the way it is regardless of who it is.
Kai's picture

100$ if you could tell me who

100$ if you could tell me who the hell is Donta Austin? Really? smh.....
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

ROTFLMAO...Put me down for a

ROTFLMAO...Put me down for a stack ma'am!
tori's picture

LOL.... This bitch trying to

LOL.... This bitch trying to go in on somebody and don't even know the proper information, talkin bout some Donta Austin. I'm like, try Dallas Austin you big dummy. lmao!!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

You go TBOZ SNAP SNAP!!! For

You go TBOZ SNAP SNAP!!! For those that say she doesn't have real talent can take several seats! Her voice was one of the reasons that made TLC so unique. TLC was revolutionary in their prime and made it possible for R&B acts that came afterwards to step outside of the box and be different. Just like Alicia Keys made it possible for female singers to come out singing behind the piano, TLC made it possible for girl groups to come out and talk trash, talk about real issues, be sexy and still maintain their tomboy personality. TLC was cool in the 90s and will forever be respected for their contribution to the music industry.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Hunny no shade but Alicia

Hunny no shade but Alicia Keys WAS NOT the first female singer to play the piano, TORI AMOS..SARAH MAGLACHLAN...NATALIE MERCHANT...honey try again.. #FAIL-INVALIDPOINT
BEEMA's picture

First of all who the hell are

First of all who the hell are those people you named?!! And did I say Alicia Keys did it first? NOOO! Reading comprehension honey! Alicia made a lane for artists like Norah Jones and Vanessa Carlton. Now that she did do, whether those artists looked up to her or not she made it easier for them to be accepted and transition into this industry. Other artists may have done it before her, obviously artists like Stevie Wonder duh! But she made it relevant again and more acceptable for female artists to do, instead of just shaking their ass on stage. This post isn't even about Alicia Keys it's about Tboz/ TLC! I was just making an analogy between what the two have contributed to the music industry. So you try again boo, MAJOR FAIL!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

In terms of R&B, not country.

In terms of R&B, not country. All them bitches get blown outta the water, cause Miss Franklin, Aretha if ya nasty puts all them bitches to shame. Aretha reigns Queen on them keys. AKeys brought it back to the limelight and made it cool. #FAIL

Firstly, the ladies listed

Firstly, the ladies listed are not country vocalists. Secondly. Nina Simone and Roberta Flack are accomplished pianists who enjoyed RnB and crossover success in the 70s.

She's telling the truth, but

She's telling the truth, but at the same time it's like, you really don't have talent your damn self, so yeah, that's not looking to good.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Chilli really looks young for

Chilli really looks young for 41 or 42 years olds. T-Boz NO SWEETHEART! You are no Whitney or Mariah Carey! Being that Left Eye was my fav and every one's favorite is clearly the reason you all can not come back out. I liked TLC but you guys made it off good songs not great vocals! I get what you are trying to convey but you are not the right one to speak on it!
Shay's picture

Tboz looks like Dr. Martin

Tboz looks like Dr. Martin Luther King in this picture. and wassup with that jenie in a bottle of struggle outfit? chile, bye. you cant sing either.
shuga's picture


star's picture

If T-Boz and Chilli are in

If T-Boz and Chilli are in the studio I hope they are doing separate projects...TLC is history...impossible to recreate the magic from the 90's (other than a reunion show doing old hits) ...time to move on...I would like to see them on shows like the Voice or Americas got talent.
Lola's picture

TLC is not the same w/o Left

TLC is not the same w/o Left Eye . That single they had after Left Eye passed was garbage, it needed Left Eye's sassyness. Left Eye brought that fierceness that both Chili and TBoz don't have.

I like T-Boz and agree with

I like T-Boz and agree with her with respect to AI casting Nicki as a judge.
Happy Lady's picture

Nicki Minaj should judge

Nicki Minaj should judge nobody!!

If you are a real singer

If you are a real singer yourself than you can comment...T-Boz is dope for what she does but by and far not a "real" singer in the sense of a Patti, Whitney, Mariah,etc so only judge "less ye' be judged!"
Money First's picture

"And I say

tori's picture

No offense, but I'm NOT going

No offense, but I'm NOT going to support T and Chili! The group is NOT the same without Lefteye (RIP) & I hear they plan on going on tour with a LEFTEYE HOLOGRAM, and I don't dig it! I'm in NO WAY a Nicki fan but I'm OVER people talkin about her on AI! I have no plans of watching the show so I don't care! Yes the show is a POPULARITY CONTEST for both the contestant & JUDGES! Nicki is "INTERESTING" & CONTROVERSIAL which is EXACTLY why the producers chose her! The more people TALK about it the more ATTENTION it brings to the show, which is EXACTLY the POINT!
tori's picture

These days, it's not about

These days, it's not about the talent. It's about the entertainment. If you like someone's musical performance then that's all that matters. LAWD KNOWS no one listened to TLC for their octave range!
BooLuv's picture

T-Boz makes a valid point but

T-Boz makes a valid point but taking such a nasty tone makes her sound like a bitter has-been. If they'd asked T-Boz to judge AI I bet she would've been ecstatic...and its not like she's a great singer either. We all know Nikki Minaj isn't 'talent judge' material but rants are unnecessary. Move on T-Boz!

I just love when these

I just love when these has-been pseudo celebs want to raise their career from the ashes by coming for the artists that are poppin right now. Shyne, DMX (I love X btw) and T Boz included. Especially the ones who were barely talented when they were poppin. Last time I checked, T Boz sing like someone raked her vocal chords with a fork. Don't be bitter, be better. Get money and stop hatin on the news cats.

T-Boz is right. Looking

T-Boz is right. Looking forward to what the T and C of TLC has in store. All of the past artists need to come out of hiding and bring back REAL MUSIC because this ish they have out now, is pure TRASH!!
Iridescent One's picture

How tall is Chili? She looks

How tall is Chili? She looks so itty bitty in this pic.
blynne23's picture

5'even. Lol. Chilli's 5'.

5'even. Lol. Chilli's 5'. Left Eye was 5'1 and T-Boz is 5'2. They're all short.
Iridescent One's picture

She only said what the rest

She only said what the rest of us wanted to say.
Jernero94's picture

as much as I used to love

as much as I used to love T-Boz.....no one from TLC can sing either...they stole money by lip-syncing. ..,..,,,,,,,,,,
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Huh? Every artist has lipped

Huh? Every artist has lipped once in a while. TLC sung live more than lipped. And it's not like they were lipping to anyone else's voices. And T-Boz can sing. She's no Beyonce, but she's far better than half of what we see in today's market.

Just because other groups do

Just because other groups do it...doesn't make it acceptable (Pearl Jam & Adele don't do it). People pay their hard earned money to see them perform....and HERE'S THE KICKER!!!!! They try to get the audience to sing the chorus FOR THEM (50% of the song).....which means...they are stealing money by Lip-Syncing & having the crowd sing HALF the Song for them
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

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