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Halle Berry ROCKS INTERVIEW MAGAZINE With a 'Fro & Vintage Glam + Mommy Halle Takes Nahla To A Slumber Party!

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Halle Berry is rocking the new November 2012 covers of INTERVIEW magazine.  And she's gone full on 70's vintage glam for the occasion.  Check out the gorgeous pics inside, plus Halle bringing her cutie daughter Nahla to a slumber party...


To promote her new movie Cloud Atlas, Halle's rocking double covers of Interview Magazine's November issue.  One is black and white and one is full color.  And she looks insanely fabulous on both.



The 46-year-old actress is rocking platform heels and a sexy blue blouse and shades for inside the issue.  And she dishes on her versatile style, being a mom, and her post-Oscar career.


Meanwhile, Halle was also spotted on mommy duty yesterday in L.A.:



She brought the cuteness that is Nahla to a slumber party at a friend's house.


How cute are those pink PJ's!


Halle has been around the world promoting Cloud Atlas with her co-star Tom Hanks.  Looking fab still.

Interview PHOTOGRAPHY by Sean & Seng


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hooklookping's picture

Halle looks amazing!! I love

Halle looks amazing!! I love her in the 'fro
Shelley's picture

Go Halle!!!

Go Halle!!!
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tom101's picture

Lovely.. I really like the

Lovely.. I really like the first pic it gives off a really warm and pretty glow!
Like Really's picture

The 6th picture with the

The 6th picture with the white woman in the background looks TOTALLY photoshopped!
tinytexan's picture

At first glance, that 3rd pic

At first glance, that 3rd pic looks like Solange.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Halle and her mini me are

Halle and her mini me are gorg. Effortless beauties. True beauty is when you can rock a t-shirt and flip flops and still look good. If you know/follow the basics (i.e. cleaning your skin and body from the inside out) the rest will follow. Tired of seeing these other broads - regular & celebrities with caked up make-up and nasty looking skin. Dettol soap does wonders.
GetUrLife's picture

whoa! Dettol is strong as

whoa! Dettol is strong as hell....lol....better off using that to scrub the floor and kill the flu virus in your laundry. unless you have ringworm I cant see why anyone would apply that to their delicate skin. even diluted, its way too harsh. even dr. bronners needs to be watered down. pears is slightly better but still, the skin on our faces doesnt need to be abused.
shuga's picture

@shuga ~ Dettol soap not the

@shuga ~ Dettol soap not the brown liquid (which you're right Should be diluted with a little bit of water). Dettol soap is antibacterial, but it also comes in liquid body wash - original, skincare and cool. Can be found in health food stores and local beauty supply stores (urban or mostly in the hood) ~ Holla!!! The bar soap is milder and similar to Dr. Bronner's Peppermint soap. ;-)
GetUrLife's picture

We all know Halle is a

We all know Halle is a Beautiful woman. That's a given, but is she even A list anymore? I can't help but think about all that mess w/ Gabriel over Nahla. I think all that has tainted her image a bit. Still like her, still support her, but I am a little over her now.
Shay's picture

wish I could see the

wish I could see the black/white platforms in full view. those sunglasses are the business. love the fabric and the shoulder pads on the blue dress. nice!
shuga's picture

Halle is so gorgeous...I love

Halle is so gorgeous...I love her with the short hair....I heard Cloud Atlas wasn't that great.
Ethel Mertz's picture

Not really a fan, But I

Not really a fan, But I absolutley Love these pics, especially with the Blue and those Fly Ass Shades!
star's picture

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