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TV FAB: Kenya Moore CLASHES With Cynthia Bailey On "RHOA" Premiere, Hosts Premiere Party + Nicki Minaj COMES CLEAN On "My Truth" (FULL EPISODES)

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BRAVO premiered the first episode of "RHOA" fifth season last night and already the claws are out between Kenya Moore and Cynthia Bailey.  And we've got pics from bot Cynthia & Porscha's premiere parties last night.  Watch the full episode inside as well as the first episode of Nicki Minaj's "My Truth"....

Last night was the highly anticipated premiere of season 5 of "RHOA." And while most of the time was used to catch fans up on the ladies' expanding brands and careers, many folks got their first taste of former Miss USA Kenya Moore.

The beauty queen clashed with Cynthia Bailey, fellow judge Q Parker, AND several staff of her staff members at a JET "Beauty of the Week" casting call, resulting in security being called to break the tension.  Even though Cynthia said Kenya calling for security was interesting...because there was none.  Kenya said since she's famous..she travels with her own. She says. "People are crazy."

The foolery was in full swing last night.  Watch the Season 5 opener here:

And more pics from Cynthia's premiere party/Rolling Out magazine cover at Bar One in ATL:


Elise Neal stopped by.



Tionna Smalls was there....


nd remember Cynthia's assistant who got into a catfight with Kenya?  Yeah..Carlton Morton was there too.


Q Parker, who appeared on the premiere, brought his fam.


And newbie Porsche Stewart, who didn't appear much in the premiere, hosted her own party at Aurum Lounge with her former NFL husband Kordell Stewart:

Photobucket  Photobucket

Chick loves her wet and wavy.

 Photobucket  Photobucket

Buckeey made an appearance in this houndstooth look.


And apparently Scrappy's Mama Dee has a boo she wanted to show off.  These stockings and this pic are just...


And on Nicki Minaj's reality show......


Last night, Barbz tuned into E! to watch the first episode of Nicki Minaj's "My Truth" reality series.  Providing a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to run the pink empire, Nicki shows how she recorded Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up, discusses her latest track "Freedom" and talks about Mariah Carey and working on "American Idol"

Watch the full episode above.

Premiere Pics: Paras Griffin

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Tionna ~ I think your a$$ is

Tionna ~ I think your a$$ is on backwards.
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hooklookping's picture

LOL @ some of these comments

LOL @ some of these comments especially about Scrappy's mom! LMBAO!!. Tionna Small breasts are too dam big and she should consider getting a breast reduction. I know her back is hurting her!!! Didn't she get married or engaged on Chill's reality show on VH! a year or two ago? I know some men light hught tits but DAM!!! Hell, I would never want to be that dam big!!! Kenya is pretty but she showed her true colors and yes she was hella of oily. She needs to work on her skin and take her medication daily!!!

It seems that Peter, Cynthia

It seems that Peter, Cynthia and Leon have a great understanding when it comes to raising Noel and co-existing period.. Ppl saying Peter should have not voice as far as Noels schooling are idiots.
Ayanna's picture

Cynthia No Ma'am to that

Cynthia No Ma'am to that dress and makeup!
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tom008's picture

WhatTheFauck does Cynthia

WhatTheFauck does Cynthia have on? It looks like she refashioned Gumby. And there’s nothing small about what Tionna has displayed. Makes my back hurt just looking at them.
Peace Silas's picture

Everyone I know with the last

Everyone I know with the last name Smalls - is large - lol. Why is she wearing that? ewww - I have no comment with respect to Mama Dee - she's not coming to kick my @$$ - LMAO!!! Kenya can #$%&&*^$!!! These folks (**&^%$% = NUFF SAID.
Happy Lady's picture

When I saw the preview with

When I saw the preview with Kenya spinning and saying 'gone with the wind fabulous, ok,' I knew she was going to be a hot ass mess.
Ayanna's picture


What a RATCHET PARTY! ATL is full w/ Ratchet Rejects! MOVING FORWARD I need to crown a new HOT CITY for well to do blacks to come live and congregate! Since Charlotte, NC broke records at the polls for black turnout reported by CNN we need to let Atl stay Ratchet and crown a new up & coming city for NON-RATCHET BLACKS! If I had to pick out of the 2 to live I would pick Charlotte all the way. They can have ATL I won't even visit fam or friends who live there.
Shay's picture

Nicki looks like her breath

Nicki looks like her breath stinks.
I Am Anonymous's picture

Buckeey looks like she's lost

Buckeey looks like she's lost some weight. Help me out... who is Tionna Smalls, and why isn't she embarrassed?
blynne23's picture

Cynthia let Kenya come to her

Cynthia let Kenya come to her agency and CLOWN her. Lost so much respect for her after last night's episode. I wish a bitch would come to my establishment and show her ass like Kenya did.
PacificGirl's picture

Welp there goes the classy

Welp there goes the classy Beauty queen...baha ATL done brought da D up out dat stuffed ARSE!! Baha...
Like Really's picture

Kenya calling Cynthia's

Kenya calling Cynthia's assistant a bitch and then yelling for him to be hauled off by her "security"... that gave me a little chuckle. So far, this show is not a good look at all for Kenya. She definitely comes off as being very conceited and disrespectful.
Say What Nah's picture

Why would Porscha have a

Why would Porscha have a premiere party for the 1st episode of RHOA when she WASN'T even in it? Kenya is the EPITOME of "PRETTTY GIRL/UGLY PERSONALITY!" Tionna need to put them BASKETBALLS away! I'm gonna need for Derek J or Lawrence to fix Elise Neal's bad kitchen weave! Mama Dee-Bo and José Hernandez must take the same hoarse steroids. Buckey and her "D.W." from Arthur lookin a$$ looks a mess in that 70's curtain lookin dress. Damn Alanta smh!
tori's picture

oh my god....she does look

oh my god....she does look like D.W. hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ethel Mertz's picture

I'm REALLY disappointed in

I'm REALLY disappointed in Kenya Moore. This is why being thirsty for a comeback on reality TV is NOT the move. You gotta act an ass just to be seen. She made herself look like an old fool. #TeamCynthia all day! She has class and never shows her ass like that, no matter the situation.
MsKizzy's picture

...AND I wish they'd get

...AND I wish they'd get Kim's wanna-be-reformed-whore-hating-wigged-out-white ass off the cast too. She has a spin-off right? _itch be gone!

Lawd most of these ppl look a

Lawd most of these ppl look a MESS. Kenya is pretty but her attitude is UGLY as hell. That's why I stopped watching RHOAa couple of seasons ago & I see no reason to go back to it. Porsche's hair looks BIG n FAKE! Tionna's boobs on full display like that is TRASHY...Buckeey seems to have a nice shape so I'm not understanding why she's trying so hard & posing like that. Scrappy's mom looks like a pre-op transsexual. SMH...

Wow, Kenya, Kenya, Kenya with

Wow, Kenya, Kenya, Kenya with her bad skin in all, SMH. KIM? Really? Talking all that shyt about Kandi's neighborhood, BITCH was sounding REAL JEALOUS. And ole Uncle Ben jumping in when Leon and Cynthia were discussing THEIR child's schooling situation.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

Cynthia makes Elise Neal look

Cynthia makes Elise Neal look like a TROLL. Buckeey looks nice. Tionna SMALLS Cup Size = Triple OMG. .....................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Kenya was disgusting last

Kenya was disgusting last night and I don't see how she could look back on that episode and not be embarrassed. This is why you joined the show, so that you can show your stupidity as well. DUMB BITCH!!!! By the way, she looks like she's apart of the altered ass committee.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

That ass is real like Kenya

That ass is real like Kenya is a good actress. NOT!
PacificGirl's picture

I was wondering whether or

I was wondering whether or not that was her real a$$. It looked very strange. Kenya came off as a raging b*tch on last night's episode though.
Ethel Mertz's picture

I agree with you all on the

I agree with you all on the "buttitude" Kenya was displaying. At one point she made a comment that her man like big butts, but if she has one of her own-why should she be worried that he would be looking at someone elses? I thought Kenya was going to bring some class but she just seemed stank and hoodrattish
GetAtMe's picture

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Tionna Smalls always got them

Tionna Smalls always got them jugs hanging out....ewww!
PhillyPhemale's picture

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