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EXCLUSIVE CLIP: Ne-Yo Gives Inside Peek Into How He PENS HITS For Your Faves

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Ne-Yo is prepping to release his brand new album R.E.D. tomorrow (Nov. 6th).  And before the big day, he's giving an inside look into how he writes those songs that become #1 hits for most of the pop & R&B chicks in the game.  And how he still knows how to get himself some hits too.


Check out our exclusive video with Ne-Yo inside...

From inside the studio where he's made himself hefty amount of cash by writing some of the biggest hits in R&B these days, Ne-Yo is giving folks the secrets to hit writing.  At least how he sees them.

In between writing and chatting it up with folks on his phone, Ne-Yo gave folks what it takes to write a big hit for the likes of Rihanna ("Unfaithful", "Take A Bow", "Russian Roulette"), Beyonce ("Irreplaceable"), Jennifer Hudson ("Think Like A Man") and even himself;

I don't have much of a process. There's been some songs where the melody came first. there's been some songs where the track will lead me to a lyric. There's been songs where the hook will come first or verse. That's the cool thing about music...there's no wrong way to do it. Unless you're off key...

And how exactly he pushes out hits left and right for Rihanna:

In writing for another person, you have to take into consideration how well that person can reproduce what is is you're trying to give to them. And you have to write according to it. I write well for people I have the luxury of having a relationship and can actually ask them what's going on in their lives.

Rihanna's one of those people. I can call Rih and go, "How are you feeling today? I'm about to go in the studio with you is there anything specific you want to say?" Can't do that with everybody. In that I have that luxury, it definitely helps.

Peep TheYBF.com's exclusive full 3 minute clip below:

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tom008's picture

Talented dude and he has

Talented dude and he has every right to be confident based on his work. BTW in most cases The more you point out someone else's flaws, the more you emphasize your own.
Realist's picture

I don't know what it is about

I don't know what it is about this dude that makes ppl go so overboard with the NEGATIVE comments. DAMN!! And y'all know most of his songs are hot. I've always liked Neyo's music--his songs and what he's written/produced for others. Lazy Love is my jam. Neyo is a talented dude. SMH at the (uncalled for) h-a-t-e.

Big Yawn ~ ♪▼♪▼♫▼

Big Yawn ~ ♪▼♪▼♫▼
GetUrLife's picture

The key to writing successful

The key to writing successful hits for RHIOVER & others that are TONE DEAF is to DUMB DOWN the lyrics and keep the NOTES monotone! NO SECRET there NE-GRO!
tori's picture

Self-Hype again! He's no

Self-Hype again! He's no Babyface or R Kelly or even Robin Thicke in the song writing dept. Get over yourself these songs he wrote won't be remembered for the ages. Artist like Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys past albums, all wrote better songs on their OWN albums than he writes . SELF-HYPE,SELF-HYPE,SELF-HYPE! Note to Neo: Let other's tell you how good your talent is! THE DREAM GAVE BEYONCE HER BIGGEST HIT AND RIH'S BIGGEST HIT. HAVE A SEAT YOU ARROGANT REJECT!
Shay's picture

Dont care what anybody says

Dont care what anybody says about them but I love Neyo's talent and I love the passion and honesty of Rihanna's songs. She reminds me of Mary J. Blige, her singing isnt the best in the game by a long shot but people can relate to her songs. Jennifer Hudson has an amazing voice but I dont think anyone really gets her, her style or what she is supposed to represent. Something gets lost in translation with her despite her outstanding natural talent.
shuga's picture

LMMFAO...... Did you really

LMMFAO...... Did you really just say that Rihanna reminds you of Mary J. Blige? Shuga you must've put too much shuga in your kool-aid, because that statement sounds like you're in a diabetic coma. Mary J. Blige? Really? That's like comparing Beyonce's acting to Angela Bassett's. WOooooow. I am done.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

no, thats not what I said at

no, thats not what I said at all. so yeah, you really are done.
shuga's picture

I don't think it's that

I don't think it's that difficult to pen a song. All you need is a hot beat. Hell, I can pen a hit and I have like no experience.
Ethel Mertz's picture

Whatever NeYo. Your writing

Whatever NeYo. Your writing is not that awesome and you look like your feet smell like corn chips.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture


Synsation's picture

Uuuuum girlfriend, your

Uuuuum girlfriend, your avatar is that of a True Blood poster, (that shit CRAY) so you tell me how old are youuu? Hell, are you even black? You silly little girl you.
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